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Day 6: 4:20 P.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 1 hour and 40 minutes left


(??? View)

I quietly flick my machete out. After the last one was killed, I quickly checked if anyone resembles to my current target. But alas, this infected is also not the one. I shook my head in frustration. It has been 2 days since that betrayal of that guy in our brotherhood and killed a few members which ended our group. Still, even though my former comrades are dead, I still have to move and find that guy. Its my responsibility as a higher ups to avenge them. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Still, this world changed drastically and even our business have been hit by the outbreak. Since most people have been killed by the outbreak and turned into mindless eating monsters, our business were also down. You also add that I was the only man left in our brotherhood, it was like I was doomed to die. The meat I even brought with me from the fridge supply of our last hideout already got spoiled and big maggots devoured it. What is worse, my other food were obviously spoiled and I can’t risk eating them if those maggots are devouring my remaining food. I was only able to save a single can of pork and beans from my food supply. I am saving that food for dinner later and I was even enduring the pain in my stomach that I have been feeling right now due to the hunger.

These monsters were all dangerous. I can even see that it was almost six. That strange phenomenon of the undead that gets wild and run so fast like feral monsters starts at six. I need to be quick and find a temporary base for now. I also avoid some bases that the others have already deployed. Many of them are backstabbing, devious people which I want to avoid as long as possible. I might be confident to defend myself but I have made a vow to myself to never kill an innocent but whoever tried to attack without reason, I will not hesitate to kill. But for now, my only target is that guy. He is a roaming danger and I can’t let anyone experience what occurred to my brotherhood. The only thing is, where will I be able to find this guy?


Day 6: 4:20 P.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 1 hour and 40 minutes left

Current a.r.s.enal:

Melee: Kukri, Bra.s.s Knuckles, Balisong

Gun: AR15, Colt 45

AR15 Ammunition: 10 box

Colt 45 Ammunition: 3 box

Grenades: 10 pieces

(Kyosei’s View)

This man is a lesser priority right now. I marked him into my map in my phone. Thanks to Nanami’s tinkering without my permission, my own phone can do things like follow a person as a target. She quite knew that in the Outbreak, many people might seek trouble sooner or later. With that in mind, Nanami made this function which is very high tech. I have no idea how she did it. There is only one thing that changed, my smartphone is much heavier than usual. However, I don’t really care, as this tool is useful to me. That guy is a potential ally. Though I still don’t know him if he is trustworthy or not, adding him to my crew of ragtag group can heighten the security of our group. Now that he is marked, let’s go to the main priority which is food. I made my way to the intersection. There are a few u dead but these guys are nothing to me and I just killed them off, one by one. After killing them, I took samples of their blood one by one. To Chie, earning samples are necessary to study if I am really infected. With limited knowledge on Virus Galea and the mysterious infected blood of mine, I have to do this. I also need to know if I can still be called as a human. If I am the same as these monsters that now roamed the surface.

Many might get to puke if they saw a rotten face like these guys have but I am not that easily swayed by gore. Still, I can’t still believe that I have to do this. I sighed in dejection. Human mentalities have changed a lot this days. Though it was still less than a week, with original knowledge about what to do during apocalypse, many already got their minds mature enough.

After the small business, I began looking around some of the buildings. Though I am looking practically for food, it was hard to specifically find food with all this houses, condominiums and stalls broken. I have no idea where to find a good food.

That is when I remembered something.

Just around the area where that guy is going is a huge supermarket. I know that supermarket these days are mostly looted or just infested by the undead, but it is worth a try if I managed to find a good food for everyone. A supermarket basically have their own warehouse where stocks are being stored. I doubt anyone has the initiative to loot the warehouse where many boxes and things are there accompanied with the undead that seems to be ‘guarding’ it. I quickly looked at the map. It was near here in my location and I can reach that place around 10 minutes run and walk while traversing the streets. Nanami chimed into my headphones, cutting through the music I have been listening to. I dot why but she seemed like she was nervous as usual.

“Kyosei! Run away from there! Go to the nearby supermarket!” Nanami’s voice were certainly panicked right now but she still managed to gather her words up.

“What? Why the h.e.l.l do you want me to run?” I asked.

“Just run! 50 or more fast moving objects are moving towards your location! According to the markings, they are undead but what I saw in the camera is…” Nanami did not finish what she was a bout to say when I heard a growl not too far away and a few barking sounds.


Soon, I realized what it is. Dogs, but no longer similar to Laika, in other words, an undead. I saw a pack of them, running straight ahead which means my direction.


I quickly run away from my direction. If my intuition is correct, this is a new type of variation of the undead. What is more, dogs? For effing sake, they are fast runners! This surprising thing is too d.a.m.nation! My legs kept on running and despite knowing that I have reached my own limit, I did not care. These dogs are trouble and sooner or later, I will be caught up by their tremendous speed! I pull out a grenade and the Colt 45, pull out the pin and throws it from behind while still on the run.

I can sense that a dog was very near my leg so I quickly tilt on side, and aimed my gun before shooting.



A soft, gelatinous sound was produced after the gun’s bullet escaped the muzzle. An explosion can be heard not too far, I have been running to far that the place where I dropped the grenade was already far. I still continued running without looking back to look for the explosion before turning to the right corner and kicking the female undead that is blocking my way before rus.h.i.+ng to the alley. There is a wall at the end. For normal people, it was dead end, but for me, this is safe haven!

My heart is pounding but I still made my decision, scale the wall via parkour style. The place I am running is narrow but enough for a person to move. The wall is high but no person can climb that wall unless you practiced parkour. With the narrow place, with wall on both sides and a horde of deadly dogs following you, no normal person can think rationally. Even me who already experienced being besieged by the dead in Kiris.h.i.+ma High School and gets to a deadly fight against the Juggernaut, I still got nervous. This is just plain dangerous and suicidal. A single failure can spell death.

When I was almost near the dead end wall, I quickly made a mad dash and scaled the left wall. After feeling the inertia on my shoes, I quickly made an ejecting move to eject myself to the right wall before ejecting myself again to grab the edge of the wall. I quickly balanced myself and before the infected dog could get to bite me, I pulled myself up and settled on top of the wall.

“F*ck… I made it…” I huffed as I looked below where the dogs are baring their fangs at me with those red eyes and dripping salivas. Ready to grab and kill me if they got the chance.


h.e.l.lo guys! Author Kyosei- Sensei is here! Sorry for the always late update but now I am going to keep it up more for all of you. Since we are on Arc 3 now, the undead corner is back! Since I have not previously explained those danger levels when introducing the undead, I will be explaining them here.

Level 1: Anyone who are knowledgeable to beat up anyone can also deal with it!

Level 2: Similar to your average thug on the street with a knife on his hands. Still dangerous but not much. A self defense is sufficient.

Level 3: Let’s get serious, normal people who are ignorant or just plain stupid will surely die. Its no longer a joke.

Level 4: Imagine a rabid dog with rabies chasing you on the streets without stopping? That is level 4.

Level 5: You need skills to survive. Either with good weapons and companions or with your own skills.

Level 6: Body Endurance is needed now. Ready the body for a severe battle.

Level 7: Inhumane danger. Without skills, consider yourself dead.

Level 8: Very deadly. Will rip you to tiny bits of cubes of meat in seconds.

Level 9: Dangerous to the extreme. Elites can only survive this. There is 99.99% chance that you won’t see the next sunrise.

Level 10: Maximum danger level. Similar to G.o.dzilla. Can kill a whole nation within a day.

Anyways, let’s go to the new undead! Another Undead Trivia again here! This time around, let’s introduce the newly covered enemy that first appeared on Chapter 104.

Danger Level:

Single: Level 2

Horde: Level 3

Night Rage Single: Level 6

Night Rage Horde: Level 8

Weakness: Sunlight or any source of light.

Individuals before they became this creature: Shut-ins

Description: Hairless humanoid creature walking on all four limbs. Has abnormal long arms and long legs, deep and black colored eyes, with saw- like teeth and long tongue. Can be seen in the morning but rarely comes out whenever the sun s.h.i.+nes. Most active at night and will sometimes hunt as a group. Whenever they saw a target, they won’t approach the target yet and will stalk the target until they caught the target defenseless. Sluggish in the morning and a cheetah in the evening. Killing it is a must. One notable weakness of them is being seen in using flashlights or having the sunlight s.h.i.+nes on them. Sunlight burns them and lights like flashlight blinds them.


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