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Day 7: 5:00 A.M

Osaka Streets: Streets to Namba

Duration of the Night Rage: 1 hour left.


Melee: Bolo, Pocket Knife

Gun: AK47(Scope and Suppressor attached), Glock17(Suppressor Attached)

9mm Ammunition: 5 box left

5.56 ammunition: 10 boxes left
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Grenade: 5 pcs.

Current Team: Shu, Okabe and Nejima


(Souichi’s View)

Our plan is dangerous and lethal. We might have killed the horde on the streets but not really effective to kill all of them. In fact, we might end up attracting a bigger horde if we failed.

There are countless of stores that holds gas tanks for cooking. We are quite sure that these gas tanks are still containing flammable gas that we can use to combust the horde once we throw them. To avoid the explosions, we had to climb to one of the establishment’s rooftops. Thankfully, most of the buildings here have rooftops and a building just adjacent to the streets filled with the squirming undead.

Shu was the one a.s.signed to be a sniper. Since Shu has a proficiency of Sniper Rifles, he is the one tasked to snipe the gas tanks that will be used later.

Okabe, Nejima and I started gathering the gas tanks one by one. We carefully select which gas tanks would do damage to he horde. With so many stores, we are not in a shortage of it. We take all of the gas tanks to the rooftop adjacent to the streets. Across the building is Shu who is preparing all the equipment for the sniping session for later.

The gas tanks are now prepared properly to be used. Since we have no radio to use, we decided to use signs to throw it.

Nejima and Okabe are the one who will throw off the gas tanks while my job is to pinpoint which area is the best to throw the gas tank.

“Alright, ready everyone, we won’t be having any trouble once we kill all those wriggling monsters down,” I said ad carefully looked around the horde that is getting too hard to look at. Just staring at the moving horde, you will surely feel that your body will feel gooseb.u.mps. Being attacked and ripped apart by this horde is an absolute nightmare and besides, they are still under the influence of Night Rage, you are not just going to disappear in existence, you will also be ripped apart in seconds.

I looked across the building and saw that Shu is waiting for my signal.

“Okabe, Nejima, go and throw the first gas tank on that area,” I said and pointed on a place where the dead are quite many while not too far from the building itself.

Okabe and Nejima nodded and picked up the gas tank and hurl it down into the horde. The tank fell faster than expected and it fell on the horde, a few unlucky undead were killed after being smashed by the heavy ma.s.s of the gas tank. When the dead got smashed, the others who are just trying to pa.s.s on the crowd saw a sprawled and smashed brethren, ready to eat body on the ground. As soon as the gas tank was stopped by the horde, the whole were soon surrounded by growls and moans as type enter festive mode. Just looking at it feels so disgusting. I look again to Shu and signals him to shoot.

Shu nodded and started to scope the gas tank. He didn’t shoot away and just scopes out carefully. Around 30 seconds later, I saw Shu breathe in a mouthful of air and scoped he place. I know that this method is to maintain the stability of the scope and as soon as he did that, he slowly pointed the muzzle and pulled the trigger.


Since Shu’s rifle has an attached suppressor, the bullet didn’t produce a loud gunshot but a small ‘pew’ sound only. And before we can react…


A strong explosion occurred. Our ears go buzzing all of a sudden and since we did not cover our ears, the explosion came as a surprise.

“Sh*t, that was a strong explosion!” Okabe struggled to stand, he must be dizzy like me.

The explosion was strong than the explosion grenades do. We are already used to the explosions during the time we throw grenade but the explosion this time is rather strong than the grenades. Also, when we look down, a huge damage was seen. The undead in the vicinity were killed and after the explosion, many of the dead were left crippled and became stragglers. Shu took care of the crawlers but the horde is still not yet dispersed.

The horde is still there and although a few were burned to death, the streets is still not a considerable safe area yet. Another explosion is needed.

“Go, throw the next gas tank!” I ordered and pointed into the direction not too far from the explosion.

Since the bodies littered the ground, the gas tank won’t roll down into the streets. Like the first one, the two hurled the gas tank with strength. The gas tank fell but unlike the first one, this one acted like a grenade.


Another explosion occurred and Shu was not yet shooting the gas tank. We didn’t get to prepare ad the explosion once again made us dizzy once more. Nejima was forced to vomit when he can’t last the dizziness anymore.

I forgot that once a gas tank is damaged enough, it would explode. And earlier, the gas tank that Nejima and Okabe hurled is slightly dented. Maybe the fall pushed it to explode.

The smoke cleated, flames blazes on the ground as the remaining dead are now left to the ground, sprawling after being incapacitated by the explosion. Shu did his work of sniping the stragglers left behind by the explosion.

I signalled Shu to go and reunite with us after killing the remaining stragglers. The horde on the streets were quite many but we managed to clear it without much bullets used.

We meet up into he streets and gave a high five to each other after a job well done. After doing so, we didn’t waste any time and decided to pa.s.s through the road.

The burning ground is already scorched black and the remains of the gas tank is already scattered from different area. The smell of gas permeated in the area alongside with the burnt smell. Burned bodies were scattered into the ground. We strike the heads of the burned bodies in case they still survive. They are quite tenacious and if we ended up being grabbed by them, we might end up being bitten and infected.

Before we can finish our job, I suddenly hear a sound in one of the rooms of the apartment that the horde were struggling to get in.

“Hey, guys. Did you hear that?” I said to them and redirect their attention to the sound.

“What was that?” Shu’s face started to look confused.

Nejima listened a bit before his face looked both surprised and confused.

“Its the sound of someone playing a game,” Nejima frowned.

What? I shook my head before I decided to let us investigate the source. The room 303 on the second floor has the sound m.u.f.fled but it was quite loud. I don’t know what it was but when we get near, we heard someone screaming and was like celebrating.

“Woo! How is that motherf.u.c.ka? I finally beat you final boss after thirty retries! I can’t believe I can finally see the ending!”

I frowned. Hearing the familiar sound of retro soundtrack, I can’t believe that the horde was attracted to the sound coming to this room! We almost died because someone is luring the horde!

With annoyance, I kicked the door but found out that the door seemed barricaded as it was like it was stuck.

“Allow me,” Shu said and pulls out his hatchet before striking the hinges of the door and the doork.n.o.b in succession.


When the door fell, we saw a young man with a terrified expression in his face. He raised his hands and the controller in his hands fell into the floor and look at us with terrified and begging expression.

“FBI, is that you?”


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