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Episode 57 Their Power

「This girl, she is amazing」

Said Aruna, gripping her katana with both hands.

「Well, she is our hidden card」

Seiya attacked with the Hollins again, Aruna dodged sideways and casted a spell.

「『Fire Slash』」

Aruna swung her katana that was clad in fire. Against the katana, Seiya wrapped the Hollins in mana and accepted the blow.

The Hollins was wrapped not in the light mana but in the water mana. The two weapons collided.

「Since there was no chant, does that mean that you have a support toll too?」
「Correct. In my case, it is here, on my katana」

Aruna pointed at the part of the blade. This part was red, unlike the others. It seems that she merged the katana with a magic stone.

「I see. It is different from the last year」

Seiya suddenly smiled. Aruna was surprised for a moment, but quickly concentrated on the battle.

She further increased the firepower, the whole blade became red.

「Did you see the footage from the last year?」
「Kind of」

When Seiya went to Nari, he looked through the materials on the last year’s finalists.

Amongst them was Aruna’s team and her fight last year. Last year, Aruna’s team lost in the first match of the final block.

By the way, their opponent was the student council.

Last year, Aruna was a vanguard and Glenn was in the middle. This year, Aruna and Glenn are both vanguards.

Because of that, their battle style changed, Seiya had no idea about it. However, he could still plan the countermeasures against their personal fighting styles.

「Compared to the last year, Connie became much stronger, and Glenn switched to the vanguard, right?」

Towards his statement, Aruna a.s.sumed a “defeated” expression.

「That’s right. This time, we will get our revenge against the student council. Also, this year’s tournament is quite exciting」

Aruna slashed with the red katana again and again. Seiya, of course deflects them with the Hollins, but in the next moment, something happened to the Hollins.

The mana of the water attribute, wrapped around the Hollins, disappeared every time they collided.

「Evaporation, huh」

As he said, by pouring fire-attributed mana into the blade and increasing the temperature to the maximum, she was able to vaporize the water-attributed mana.

Aruna looked at the mana evaporating and attacked again.

「This katana can easily melt weapons that aren’t clad in mana」

Aruna attacked repeatedly.

Seiya somehow received the attack, retaining a thin layer of mana. However, Seiya, who didn’t have an apt.i.tude for the water attribute, was no match for Aruna, who had an apt.i.tude for the fire attribute.

「Can’t help it」

Seiya gave up on the water attribute and used the light attribute.

「Is this the light? As I thought, Seiya-kun is not proficient with the water attribute」
「So that means that your dash in the beginning was utilizing the light attribute」
「Who knows」

Aruna came up with a theory that could explain their acceleration in the beginning, but Seiya didn’t answer.

He slashed with the Hollins wrapped in the light attribute mana.

At this time, Seiya poured the mana of the light attribute into his arms and drastically increased their speed.

Aruna’s defense was slightly slower.

「By the way, what did you mean by “exciting”?」

Seiya, who had made a breather, asked about her previous statement. She didn’t have much leeway to answer, but to divert his attention, at least a little, she did.

「Look at the VIP area above us」

Seiya did as she said and looked up. There, the p
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「Are you talking about the」
「Wrong, to the right of him」

Seiya looked toward the room on the right side of the

All this time, even while being distracted, he was attacking Aruna with the same intensity. Aruna was barely holding her ground.

「This is…..I see」
「You do not look too surprised」
「Kind of」

In the room to the right of the, there was a man with the beautiful long silver hair. That man was always looking at Seiya through the window.

That man was Bagil Eight. Affiliated with the holy church, number eight of the thirteen apostles.

「Why is this guy here?」

Perplexed, he addressed this question to Aruna, but she had no idea.

「Seiya-kun, don’t call an apostle “this guy”…..I don’t know the reason though. We need to show our best before the apostle」
「I see. We don’t really need to appeal to him, but I won’t hand over the victory」

With a fearless smile, Seiya came at Aruna. The speed further increased, and an attack, that Aruna wasn’t able to react to, was born.

Aruna protected her vital parts, and prepared to defend with the resolve to suffer some wounds.

Actually, he could guess to a certain extent about the reason Bagil came to the tournament.

Most likely, he came to confirm that Seiya wouldn’t use the dark attribute magic.

「As expected of Seiya」

Aruna looked at Seiya with the sweat n her forehead. Aruna’s breathing was rough and she was considerable worn out. On the other hand, Seiya’s breathing was steady and had some leeway.

Seiya removed his gaze from such Aruna and looked towards Glenn and Yua.

「It seems your comrade is at his limit too」

Seiya pointed behind Aruna’s back.


There was a figure of Glenn embedded in the stadium’s wall, after being blown away by Yua.

Even in this condition, he was launching『Wind Fang』at Yua repeatedly, but the Yuriel deflected them all.

Glenn casted it again and, using the opening when she was deflecting it, he took some distance.

Such was a situation of Glenn, Aruna before him and Connie who was defending against Lily in the back.

「Apparently, it is about to end very soon」

Said Seiya to Aruna, who had one of her knees on the ground.

However, there was no trace of defeat on her face.

「I wanted to conceal it until the final match, but it won’t be of any use if we lose here. Connie, I will leave that to you. Glenn, let’s go」

The two nodded, hearing her shout.

Glenn lifted his ax and came at Yua, but she repelled it the Yuriel.

However, Glenn, propelled by the force, landed in front of Aruna.

「What are you planning?」
「I’m going to unleash our secret weapon」

Aruna and Glenn lifted their weapons while grinning. It was then. The wind suddenly became stronger. No, it started blowing towards Connie.

In the center of the winds, he opened the magic book. Lily tried to disrupt him, but the wind prevented her attack.

Connie’s book radiated a brilliant light.

It almost looked like some kind of a ritual. Seiya immediately understood that whatever he was trying to do, it was definitely dangerous.

Seiya threw the Hollins in his right hand at Connie.

「d.a.m.n, make it in time」

The Hollins was blown away by the wind in a different direction and didn’t reach him.

At the same time, the magic book shined white. That light released a bright flash and the book burned in the white flames.

「『Silent World』」

However, the spell itself had succeeded. Following his last words, the sound vanished from the barrier. Audience’s voices, the sounds of wind, everything.



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