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Everything in the vast wilderness was trembling.

First of all, the starry sky wave from Formation of Starry Sky had been scattered completely.

Instead were some powerful shadows standing in the huge Formation, just like ten invincible warlords coming to the earth from other stars!

Their cold and formidable breath seemed to sweep the earth completely, which had made mountains fall apart and big cracks spread all around as soon as they just arrived here.

The top ten strong, wearing ancient robes and holding ancient spears and swords, were looking down around coldly.


But at this moment, the top ten strong were trembling because of the extremely horrible pressure from the earth. The pressure, which might be awaken from the will of the earth, could almost destroy the G.o.d.

The scene shocked them. How could pressure of the earth be so strong? The pressure was many times stronger than other ordinary planets.

What’s more, the top ten strong had been all injured before, so their power was suppressed so hard when they encountered the earth pressure, which almost made them disintegrate and die.

The top ten strong were roaring and fighting against pressure together with their hair floating disorderly in the air.

“All Demons Formation!”

Tie Baocai brandished All Demons Flag with many fierce beasts coming along at the moment when billowing demon spirit was released. For a moment, the demon spirit of all beasts was too numerous to mention, so devastating that it nearly shattered the firmament!

“It’s the national treasure!”

“Tie Baocai, you are my idol if you can kill them!”

Residents of Huaxia Alliance were all excited as Tie Baocai took the initiative to muster the earth’s strongest mobile force to start the All Demons Formation.

For a moment, surgent demon spirits poured down towards the top ten strong and incurred horrifying pressure upon them.


All of a sudden, Huaxia No.1 was activated to its extreme under the power of Xia Ze and rushed straight to the top ten strong!

At this moment, magic weapons and ancient array flags of all kinds were driven by their masters to attack the top ten strong, which generated the power so terrifying that even caused a large abyss of hundreds of miles deep, and the destructive currents bursting from the abyss could almost tear the sky apart!

“Bang! Bang!”

All were very nervous and panic-stricken with their hearts beating violently. They were afraid of failure and afraid that the whole Huaxia Alliance would be exterminated this day!

Dust and smoke filled the air of hundreds of miles. Many huge cracks traversed far away across the lands and brought countless mountains to sink. Raging from the origin of the cracks were the boiling sources of devastating power!

Time was pa.s.sing very slowly.

All gasped anxiously for air with every second pa.s.sing by. Gradually, the surgent power from where the cracks originated quieted down, which relaxed their frayed nerves.

And just as everyone really wanted to see what had happened, the sky changed and seemed to be crying. The vast territory was also trembling along. It seemed that a super-strong earthquake had just occurred!


There was a loud bang along with the explosion. Thousands of miles of land was shaking with layers of ground rising and pieces of gravel rampaging in the air!

At this moment, the animals were roaring, the mountains were shaking, the sky and the earth were turned upside down!

Endless killing light was sweeping across the sky and the wilderness region, slaughtering such a large number of fierce beasts that their blood spurted and sprayed like big waterfalls which nearly dyed the sky red!

All were chilled to their bone as they could see blood-stained shadows standing between the sky and earth, some of whom had no arms, some no legs, and some’s skull was even torn off!

However, none of the ten strong had perished. They looked down on the crowd with their cruel and scary eyes!

“How dare you nonent.i.ties hurt me!”

Only one of the top ten strong was intact. He was standing in the air, wearing a golden robe as if he was in a kingdom of G.o.d. There were nine holy-level doors in his body, which combined as a whole and decorated him as a demon in the terrible atmosphere!

Xia Ze’s fist was clenched tight. From what he could see, the person’s cultivation was far beyond Taoist Door Realm because his realm had been suppressed by the earth!

“Kill, all of them!”

Zu Hong said in a cold voice. How dare a small aboriginal planet attack them, even making four of them die on the way coming!

This was a great shame, so they must sacrifice the whole earth to demonstrate their power!

“Kill now!”

The chilling breath of the remaining nine strong was running through all way around. They were ready to slaughter everybody.

The top nine strong all displayed nine doors, among which heaven-level was the weakest!

Most of the doors were heaven-level, and some even opened eight heaven-level doors and one holy-level door.

‘They are still so strong in the case that the earth has suppressed their realm. Otherwise, just one of them could sweep the whole earth,’ thought Tie Baocai!


The top nine strong exerted their full might and wielded deadly weapons to go killing!

On the earth, a planet that had just awakened for a hundred years, the top ten strong were launching a b.l.o.o.d.y ma.s.sacre to the crowd like nine invincible G.o.ds of war with horrible power rus.h.i.+ng to all directions!


Masters of Taoist Door Realm were screaming because of fear. Those, who were strong enough to open magic-level Taoist Doors, were just weak as ants in front of the top ten strong. Too vulnerable to even take a single blow!

“You a group of ants are wasting my time!”

A cold young man, one of the top ten strong, pierced a young woman’s chest with a spear and lifted up her body. He said cruelly: “I hope the earth wouldn’t let me down, at least we can dig up some treasures!”

The spear was glowing, and the young woman, who had been overwhelmed with pain, was destroyed!

So b.l.o.o.d.y and ferocious!

Even the older generation who had been through the doomsday era were trembling. The top ten strong were so unprecedentedly cruel and their means were so shockingly sinister that all on earth had never seen anything like this even in the toughest days!

They saw one of the top ten strong take out a tripod, imprison numerous cultivators with it, and spit out a fire to turn them into ashes. Yet he then shook his head disdainfully: “These people are so weak that there are few human medicines in their bodies. Not even worth the bother to refine them!”

Another one of the top ten strong used a long chain to impale the cultivators who were trying to escape. Holding the chain in hand, he was grinning hideously like a demon rus.h.i.+ng from h.e.l.l.

“You beasts!”

“Devils, they are purely devils!”

Some were running away in terror, but they could not get out!

The area within thousands of miles had become their territory where they could act unscrupulously and kill at their will!


Using Heaven-suppressing Bell, Xia Ze could barely block one of the top ten strong with all his fighting power; and the worst part he knew was these aliens would recover in a short while!

Yi Yuan, Su Yan’s mentor, was the most powerful among people. He joined the fight with his formidable roars which could almost smash the river and mountains. He was strong enough to fight with one of the injured top ten strong!

Liu Chengtian and his mates were so furious that the corner of their eyes almost bled. They hated their own uselessness for not being powerful enough to protect the earth!

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, come over here!” Tie Baocai occasionally turned around to curse the top ten strong as he was running wildly.

One of the top ten strong was interested in Tie Baocai and wanted to suppress him. The strong’s eyes were blazing with craze. Tie Baocai could open the Half-sacred Door, so he must be a big treasurer. ‘If I can catch this panda and sell it at auction, I would surely get a shockingly high price,” thought the strong.

Three of the top nine strong had been held back in fight, but other six of them were still killing cultivators around.

For a time, the entire wilderness area was stained with blood!

It was worse than h.e.l.l on earth, bloodier and crueler than any doomsday. These relentless cultivators from other planet treated people on earth as ants, slaying, humiliating and trampling them arbitrarily.


From a corner of Huaxia City there came a roar of anger, which shocked cultivators in the city and stirred their internal energy that they almost fell down to the ground.

“Look! It’s Su Yan, Warlord Su Yan!”

People became excited as they saw Su Yan bursting out from the crack of chaos and roaring in fury!

“You d.a.m.n brutes!”

Su Yan bristled with anger and rushed up in madness to stop these executioners.

Though Su Yan was rus.h.i.+ng as quickly as a flash, it still took him quite a while to reach where the real fights were going on.

During the time, more people were brutally killed, most of whom were the beast army summoned by Tie Baocai.

Thousands of miles had been dyed to b.l.o.o.d.y red and piled by corpses!

“Look, such a stunning prey!”

A young man with a cold face smiled grimly. There was a tripod floating over his head, in which several pretty women were imprisoned.

Zu Guanyu licked his lips with a cold smile. He was attracted by Su Bingshuang and could not wait to imprison her!

“It is so surprising that she even opens the holy-level door. Hahaha, such a stunning prey will be worth millions of Essence Stones in the auction!” said Zu Guanyu in excitement as fervent greed flashed under his eyes.

All of a sudden, he pressed toward her eagerly with nine Taoist Doors rotating around him. The nine Taoist Doors began to release overwhelming breath which could go through more than ten miles!


Su Bingshuang was so painful that she fell down heavily, her eyes filled with fear. Looking at Zu Guanyu who was rus.h.i.+ng toward her, she clenched her teeth tight and took out a silver knife with determination, ready to commit suicide.

Su Bingshuang did not hesitate, because it would be much worse once she was caught by him!

“Beauty, you are not allowed to die in front of me!”

Zu Guanyu was laughing in excitement. Su Bingshuang’s look when she tried to end her own life made him feel like he had encountered a peerless treasure. He said with a wicked smile, “You are such a stunning prey. It’s so worth to be here today, hahahaha!”

He had already come over. One hand pinching Su Bingshuang’s wrist and the other hand grabbing her neck, Zu Guanyu smiled grimly, “Relax, baby. I will be gentle and would never sell you to others. You are so precious, how can I bear to lose you!”

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, stop!”

Suddenly some bright beams of light arose at the end of horizon. A powerful shadow was coming near when countless qi of the earth vein boiled.

“What?” Zu Guanyu looked at Su Yan with cold and disdain in his eyes. “How could he not be afraid of us? It turns out this planet is not all waste. I can suppress him as a servant!”

“Brother, leave!” Su Bingshuang was frightened. These people were so horrible that the consequence would be unimaginable once they got fully recovered.

Zu Guanyu had the relevant experience about ruling an aboriginal planet. He had to kill a group of people with cruel means first to let them know their places, so that people would be willing to become his slaves!

“I will kill you!” Su Yan looked murderous with his eyes full of anger and killing intent.

He came near straight across, the breath of his coming having made the whole world tremble!


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