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The beasts retreated from wherever Su Yan approached to! Why were the beasts so afraid of him? Was it because the mysterious potency awakened in him?

Now he didn’t have the luxury to brood over these questions. The beasts might be scared of Su Yan, but it didn’t mean that they would be scared of Ma Zhoushan. Therefore, he pa.s.sed quickly through these crowds of beasts to buy himself some crucial time.

Ma Zhoushan was indeed resourceful and powerful. With concrete armor as protection, the fierce beasts could not take any advantage of him. He killed and swooped his way to catch up with Su Yan. As Su Yan drew closer to his destination, Ma Zhoushan noticed something wrong and put on a furious look. It was only a couple miles to the territory of the beast king.

“d.a.m.n it! Stop right now!” Ma Zhoushan shouted, his fury pouring out from his every pore like a growling river with ma.s.sive energy to bury Su Yan alive. His fury was so strong that it transferred into a storm swirling the gravels above ground, sending leaves flying all over the place, even the old trees snapped.

Under the effect, Su Yan stumbled, and nearly fell to the ground. His vocal cord rumbling, the Incipient Scripture started to lead his qi and blood to his feet. By the enormous strength he gained he stamped on the earth which was sunk and split immediately, the crevices looking like spider webs.

Su Yan ran frantically forward like a barbaric beast ready to attack, his dragon totem burning.

“Son of a b.i.t.c.h!” Ma Zhoushan’s eyes reddened with discomfiture. He roared: “There’s the Beast King! You’ll get yourself killed!”

“As long as not being killed by you!”

Laughing hysterically, Su Yan dashed to the cliff edge from which he saw a pool where the dragon totem had led him to find the mountain treasure!

The pool was like a furnace with qi and blood looming out. Inside of it lurked a huge monster with a formidable aura that frightened away all animals within several square miles.


Its pale golden eyes opened in the water conveying danger and hostility to Su Yan who stood by the cliff.

When the creature was about to break out of the surface, the potency was awakened again by Su Yan’s intention. The beast King trembled out of fear and withheld its action.

“You are afraid!”

Su Yan gritted his teeth and turned his head to look at Ma Zhoushan who was cursing madly, then he looked back at the pool spouting his last indignation, “If I make it alive, I’ll come back and kill you myself, Tao Tianhua!”


Su Yan bent his knees and jumped off the cliff.

“f.u.c.k!” Ma Zhoushan went ballistic, his eye filled with blood while his hideous face crooked. No doubt it would cost him his life with that ferocious monster in the pool! But at the same time suspicions arose in his heart, “Could it be the treasure that the beast king was so afraid of? Is it why Su Yan dare to jumped?” If so, the treasure would be truly dreadful. And he would have to inform Tao Tianhua. There was no way that he could rob of that treasure alone.

As Ma Zhoushan reached for his communicator and dialed to Tao Tianhua, a raging and earth-shaking howl burst from the pool, the cliff quaking as if it would explode. Along with the sound was the strong scent of fresh blood steaming to the sky.

Everything within 500 square meters was jolted.

“How is it going?” Tao Tianhua said.

“He is dead. That bloke jumped into the flood dragon pool!” Ma Zhoushan said in a daze.

It would be impossible for Su Yan to actually endure a flood dragon’s wrath.

Tao Tianhua burst into rage after hearing this and he shouted, “Idiot! I can’t believe that you can’t catch a guy weaker than you. I don’t want a dead body!”

Tao Tianhua smashed the communicator in his fury. Without a chance to explain, Ma Zhoushan forced a smile. He couldn’t take the risk to stay here longer. He could definitely feel the flood dragon’s great rage which could turn over the cliffs.

The beast roared with fury under the cliffs.

Su Yan fell into the poll. He was completely stupefied when he saw a dull red snake. No, it wasn’t a snake, to be honest; it was a giant snake with two red horns on its forehead and even claws on its body.

This was the legendary beast. This snake had not evolved yet, but the monster which was half snake and half dragon was absolutely the top beast king.

Compared with the power of the beast, Su Yan was too weak. It was like facing a tremendous Qi and blood furnace.

Its pail-like body was near thirty meters long, which was extremely fierce. Although the dragon howled angrily, it was too frightened to rush over.

“Is this the Mountain Treasure?”

Su Yan had found the Mountain Treasure hidden in the bottom of the pool. What surprised him was that it was unidentified beams of light.

Every light was surrounded by rosy rays, which was fantastic. Su Yan felt that every light had a vast essence of life. It was like a divine light surrounded by mysterious power.

Once Su Yan approached the mysterious power the beast howled angrily.

Su Yan didn’t even dare to breathe. If the beast overcame its fear, it would definitely kill him without hesitation.

Every second was like a year. Cold sweats broke out on his forehead. Su Yan started getting weak, even the awakening door was closing.

“Fight it out. I will die if I don’t give it a try.”

Su Yan’s eyes were full of rage and there was no way back.


His body was glowing. The Incipient Scripture was starting to work, swallowing every divine beam of lights. The divine power contained in the lights was led to his body by Incipient Scripture.

At this moment, Su Yan seemed that he had taken an invigorator and the weak awakening door was burning to the extreme.

“Horrible! It is even more terrifying than Essence Stone.”

Su Yan was shocked. The beast king which was half snake and half dragon couldn’t help to kill Su Yan, and it also couldn’t understand why Su Yan could absorb its treasure, but it itself couldn’t do it.

“d.a.m.n it!”

The power of the beast was so astonis.h.i.+ng that Su Yan was about to explode. He let out a roar and began to awaken the utmost power. His flesh and blood were s.h.i.+ning brightly, surrounded by the blurred golden shadow.

The golden shadow contained a terrible deterrent. Su Yan seemed to disappear and turned into a golden supernatural being, emitting waves that could make all beasts crawl.

The beast was shaking. The world had changed; a giant G.o.d was staring at it.

The flood dragon was frightened and ran away quickly, which made Su Yan dumbfounded, what power did his body contain? He couldn’t believe that he made the flood dragon run away fearfully.

“The power I have awakened contains a mysterious energy which can even frighten away beast kings. Is it because there is something special in my body?”

Su Yan went silent and recalled some incomplete pieces in his mind when he awakened. He kept asking himself whether he had been some special places, how he leave Mount Qomolangma and what secret the dragon coffin in snow mountain held.

While Su Yan was thinking, the awakening power was increasing continuously, which made his body heated as if a furnace was burning.

“Keep cultivating! I would make out everything when I become mighty!”

Su Yan took a deep breath and meditated the universe. He served his body as a stove to develop his potential.

No one could deny how strong the power of Mountain Treasure was. Under the guidance of the Incipient Scripture, nine holy lights revolved around Su Yan as if there were nine dragons surrounding and protecting him.

Su Yan’s body turned into a burning stove. While he was breathing, the nine beams were giving out divine power to his body so that the speed of his awakening was accelerated.


The awakening potential was increasing gradually but also slowly. Maybe it was because Mountain Treasure wasn’t strong enough or the potential of Su’s body was too deviant.

After a whole day, Su Yan was still awakening. However, the aura around him had changed. There was holy golden glory clouding his body which seemed wild and savage, just like the most ancient physique was slowly reviving.

Even his blood was boiling and the mysterious power it contained was also awakening!

“There is something special in my blood.”

It hadn’t been recorded that the body awakened and the blood vessels strengthened at the same time. Even much power of Mountain Treasure was absorbed by blood vessels.

As his body grew stronger, the pace at which the blood absorbed the power of Mountain Treasure was also accelerated.

“I don’t know how long I can awaken completely. It usually takes one day.”

Su Yan was immersed in absorbing the power of Mountain Treasure. Three days later, the strong power of Mountain Treasure was consumed more than a half, but Su’s body had become much stronger.

The golden glory pervaded at the bottom of the pool, the source of which sat Su Yan, who was like an ancient golden deity.

It was amazing that the rocks at the bottom of the pool were all cracked due to the strong breath of Su. Every breath of him emanated such a devastating power.

Ultimately, on the fifth day, Mountain Treasure was nearly depleted.

Su’s blood vessels finally roared and became extremely magnificent like a waved golden ocean after absorbing enough power.

Endless mysteries and great power were conveyed by his blood.

His heart, the source of vital energy, rumbled as if it revived, which made the whole pool shaking!

One after another, the heartbeats were like thunders, which was very shocking. Su Yan thought that there was a horrible power hidden in the vessels and when it came out, something frightening must happen!

However, Su still thought it was enough to awaken the spirit in vessels.

It couldn’t be denied that the potential of human’s body was unpredictable.


After six full days, Su Yan’s body shone with dazzling brilliance, releasing the awakening power so devastating that it made ferocious waves surge in the pool.


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