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“Didn’t you awake blood magic with such a powerful potential?”

Lin Wanlan frowned slightly and said, “What a pity! People with powerful blood magic can go further in cultivation. Moreover, it can save your life at critical moments.”

As core members of Huaxia College, they knew a lot about blood magic. Some of the heavyweights could awaken such ability. For example, the Omega Supreme Fatty awakened belonged to very precious Supernatural Martial Arts.

When listening to their explanation, Su Yan was shocked. He could feel the power of his blood, but couldn’t awaken it. Was it blood magic?

“There is magic in the blood!” Su Yan felt a twinge of inconceivability.

Fatty chuckled and said, “May be some of the ancestors in my family were t.i.tans. It is said that there is not only magic but also cultivation method in bloodline. Therefore, my teacher reckoned that it relates to the ancient ancestor. It’s likely that my ancestors were omnipotent and left powerful inheritance in the bloodline.”

Su Yan was surprised and even thought it was possible. Or else where did the magic of blood come from?

“You are both in Huaixa College, so you must know a lot about ancient matters, don’t you?” Su Yan asked with curiosity.

“What we know is limited.” Lin Wanlan answered, “Our answers are all from ancient ruins. G.o.d & Devil Civilization indeed appeared. But with the current strength of overmatches in Huaxia Alliance, it would be impossible to find out the secrets of ancient times. It’s hard to imagine how mighty the ancient people were!”

“They must be so intelligent and formidable; blood inheritance is the perfect answer.”

The Fatty said with excitement, “Maybe we can get to the level of those ancestors, traveling to the s.p.a.ce to leave my splendid footprints.”

“Hoho…” Lin Wanlan teased ruthless. “Vast and boundless as the universe is, perhaps in some regions, some mysterious countries or galaxies exists extremely prosperous cultivation civilization and unrivaled talents. Do you think we still have something to compare with them?”

Fatty took a blow too deep for tears, and then talked to Su Yan who now looked extremely bewildered. “Huaxia College’s teachers have decoded some ancient books and records and learned some legends about G.o.d & Devil Civilization. Many of incredible things were found.”

“Speak specifically.” Su Yan was all ears.

“I once read a book that wrote formidable overmatches can cross the universe by their own bodies.”

“But the universe is so magnificent that it was unlikely to transverse it with even tens of thousands of years, because the extent of its size cannot be measured. It is said that, somewhere in the universe, there are ancient stars where exist extremely prosperous cultivation civilization and all kinds of unbeatable talents overlooking the stars.”

Both Su Yan and Lin Wanlan looked forward to it. What era would that be? It was such a horrific time that when we thought of it, it would make our blood boiling.

“It is also said that the first level of Awakening Realm is Incipient Realm. That’s how the ancient people called it.”

Fatty said in amazement, “Legend has it that 1,000 horsepower was not much of a big miracle, because some immemorial beasts’ cubs had inborn power that was incredibly strong. It was not uncommon to have 1,000 horsepower. And there were some horrible and amazing corporeity that was the king body, possessing immeasurable and incredible power. I can’t imagine how powerful they are!”

“All right, Fatty, shut up.”

Lin Wanlan shook her head and said, “It’s the beginning of our age. How can we compare with them even if what written in the books really exists? It’s said that many cultivators in super cultivation world have all kinds of divine treasures to squander from childhood, rare ore liquids to refine their bodies, and various primitive monsters’ blood to cleanse their flesh. Their resources are so abundant that we can’t compete with them.”

“Yeah, I agreed with you.” Fatty signed. “The more you cultivate the grander of universe you can feel. I really want to have a look at this universe one day.”

Su Yan’s faced was filled with antic.i.p.ation. Who didn’t want to see whether a cultivation civilization really existed.

“That’s right. Haven’t asked you what college you are in?” Lin Wanlin looked at Su Yan with curiosity. He should not be a n.o.body with such an amazing power.

“Oh, I am the student of Frozen College.” Su Yan said.

“Frozen College!”

Lin Wanlan and Fatty were both surprised. They were both not unfamiliar with this college. However, based on Su Yan’s talent, he should have long been enrolled to a better college.

“You know our college?” Su Yan was amazed.

“Of course we do,” Lin Wanlan said with adoring expression. “The dean of this college is truly the female asura, one of the top ten overmatches in Huaxia Alliance.”

“What?” Su Yan was shocked again. The mysterious dean who brought him to this college three years ago was one of the top ten overmatches in Huaixa Alliance.

She was Lin Wanlan’s idol and also the only female in these ten. Some said that she was extremely beautiful while others rumored that she was utterly ugly.

On account of no one had seen her face, so they could just imagine by their own. As for why she was called female asura was that she had ma.s.sacred a beast-inhabited mountain, killing millions of beasts overnight and shocking the world.

Su Yan asked about the origin of her; unluckily, they both didn’t know. Su Yan felt frustrated for he didn’t know the relations.h.i.+p between female asura and himself.

“Bro, you are so strong, so you’ll definitely be accepted by Huaxia College to be a core member of them.”

“By that time, I would not feel lonely in the college, Aha.” The Fatty said, rubbing his hands together.

“Huaxai College is the best choice for you. Although other college is also not bad, Huaxia College is the true hope of future. After all, Huaxia College has the most ancient relics and various methods of cultivation. You can get the strongest cultivation method with your talent.”

“And, if you’re lucky, you might encounter the Zu Yan warlord. Maybe he will give you some advice about cultivating martial arts.”

The Fatty smiled and said, “In the whole Huaxia Alliance, the richest is probably Zu Yan warlord. It is said that he knows all about the past and present. Many of the teachers in the college take orders from him.”

Su Yan felt a great pressure. He didn’t want to meet Zu Yan, but he had to go to Huaxia College.

“Does Zu Yan live in Huaxia College too?” Su Yan calmly asked.

Lin Wanlan shook her head and said, “No, warlord Zu Yan has not appeared for three years. Few people know where he lives. It is said that an action was organized three years ago. Many of the masters of Huaxia Alliance were a.s.sembled. The casualties were serious.”

“What action?” Su Yan’s heart was restless. What happened three years ago?

“It is said to open up an ancient relic!”

Lin Wanlan knew a lot of gossip. She stroked her hair then said, “It was very dangerous to open ancient ruins, but that action three years ago was the deadliest. It was a matter of top secret. But what exactly has been opened up is unclear.”

“Zu Yan, What’s your secret?”

Su Yan took a deep breath, and then asked them why they came here. After hearing that they were looking for the mountain treasure, he smiled in his heart because it had already been a.s.similated by him.

Su Yan talked with them for a whole day and learned a lot about all kinds of events.

The Fatty smiled and said, “Don’t break through this stage for now. If there’s a top notch marital art to a.s.sist you, it can get twice the result with half the effort. And if you join Huaxia College, many available resources can be used. With your potential, you are likely to win the champions.h.i.+p.”

“Champion?” Su Yan was startled. Su Yan had never thought about it.

Lin Wanlan rolled her eyes and sneered, “How is that possible? Even though Huaxia College attaches great importance to Awakening Realm, they won’t let the awoken get the t.i.tle of champion. And as far as I know, there’s a pervert who’s probably better than Su Yan.”

“What? Is there anyone better than my brother?” The Fatty was in a daze.

“As far as I know, an Innate Thunder Body has appeared this year.” Lin Wanlan said with a solemn look. “It is said that he is very powerful and can control the lightning. It would be extremely horrible when he reaches Destiny Spring Realm.”

Su Yan was stunned and looked up into the sky. He could control the lightning. Wasn’t it the power of a G.o.d?

Lin Wanlan felt that Su Yan was also very strong, but it was not enough to compare with the Thunder Body. Moreover, Huaxia College attached great importance to special physique, especially people who could control lightning. The masters at Huaxia College would definitely want to accept him as a disciple.

“Right, I just noticed that you used the martial art Form-Intention Boxing?” Lin Wanlan said.

Su Yan nod to say, “Yes, you know this martial art?”

“Of course, I’ve seen people use it. This martial art is especially powerful. The Underground Chamber of Commerce has its manual to sell. It’s still very expensive.”

Su Yan was surprised with a longing in his eyes. He practiced Form-Intention Boxing all by himself. And it would be of great help if he could get the experience developed by the strong.

Martial arts were too important for martial artists.

At this time, Lin Wanlan looked at the skin of the flood dragon. She glared at Su Yan and said, “I won’t let you off the hook if next time you’re so reckless.”

Su Yan smiled embarra.s.sedly, but Lin Wanlan was not a person who only considered small things and didn’t take care of the overall situation. She was always generous and unrestrained, even though she looked quite exquisite, tall and s.e.xy, or she wouldn’t have helped Su Yan.

“This Flood Dragon’s horn belongs to me. I can use it as medicine.”

“Let’s sort this matter out. The beast king was killed by the three of us. Su Yan, although you did little, you saved our lives. You can get more of this.” Lin Wanlan said seriously.

“No, I ate a lot of the beast’s meat and used a lot of Innate Liquid. I don’t want the beast king. You two can take it all.” Su Yan said.

Patting on Su Yan’s shoulder, Fatty said, “Come on, buddy, say no more of this. One of the most contentious aspects of wild adventure is resource allocation. So just let Miss Lin a.s.sign it to us. We still have a lot of opportunities to cooperate in the future.”

Lin Wanlan gave a snort of satisfaction and said, “Flood dragon horn is the most valuable. I’m not taking advantages. I’ll give each of you 100 million Huaxia Coins. And the snakeskin can be sold in a minute as I’ve already contacted a buyer.”

“100 million!” Su Yan was astonished. He underestimated the value of the beast king.

“The beast king’s minimum price is billions of Huaxia coins. I have taken advantages of flood dragon horn. Therefore, you two can split the money of selling the snake’s skin.”

“And, Su Yan, do you need the ill.u.s.tration of Form-Intention Boxing? I can have the members of Underground Chamber of Commerce bring it here.”

“Yes, please.” Su Yan nodded without hesitation. Then he frowned, “How much is it?”

Lin Wanlan thought for a little while and said, “It takes about 800 million Huaxia Coins to buy a set.” It made Su Yan’s face twitch. 800 million Huaxia Coins. Where the h.e.l.l could he get so much money?

“I estimate the snakeskin could sell for 600 million Huaxia Coins. And you’ll a half, namely 300 million. Plus that 100 million Huaxia Coins I give to you, then you’ll have 400 million Huaxia Coins.”

Lin Wanlan said deceitfully with her canine teeth revealed, “Shall I lend you 400 million Huaxia Coins?”

Fatty shuddered. He was about to speak when he saw Lin Wanlan’s terrible sight. Then he stopped talking immediately.

“You, you’re…” Su Yan didn’t know what to say.

“Opportunity knocks only once.” Lin Wanlan leisurely said. “I asked, there is only one copy left in the Underground Chamber of Commerce. It is not easy to make another copy of Form-intention Boxing which requires the essence blood of the cultivator and will take at least a few months.”

“All right, I’ll borrow yours and pay you back soon!”

Su Yan had a decision. If he could practice Form-Intention Boxing to an advanced degre, he should be able to deal with masters like Ma Zhoushan.

If Tao Tianhua knew he was alive, he would come to him again. Su Yan felt a great sense of urgency and he must get stronger as soon as possible.


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