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Read Overlord, Love Me Tender 499 Why Did We Establish A Mercenary Group?

Overlord, Love Me Tender is a web novel completed by 邹墨.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Overlord, Love Me Tender 499 Why Did We Establish A Mercenary Group?

“Go! Why aren’t we going!”

Under the silence, Tong Zi Qing’s slender brows were tightly knitted as her beautiful cold face was filled with determination, “We are members of The World group and in the future we will become the number one mercenary group, The World group members. It’s just a mere mission, are we scared of this and that?”

Her tone held a tinge of impatience, “Didn’t we agreed that all of us must remain united and work hard to the top? Why is it that once we’ve met with danger, all of you have become so timid like a tortoise.”

After Tong Zi Qing finished her sentence, those youngsters raised their heads as they were feeling complicated.

“I, I agree with what Sister Zi Qing said.”

Ni Ruo Pan who was standing at the last corner in the group took a small forward step.

Her pair of gentle eyes stared at Ye Qing Luo without batting as she spoke in a serious tone, “We are students of devil cla.s.s, members of The World group. If a mission scare us to the extent that we stop in our footsteps, then there’s no meaning for us to establish The World group.”

All of the youngsters looked at each other in dismay as bright lights sparkled in their eyes.

Their gazes subconsciously fell onto Qiao Jin and the others.

Used to having the four cla.s.s committee members making decisions for them, this kind of habit ran deep into their bones.

But Qiao Jin and the rest didn’t say a single word.

Qiao Jin and the others just stood there, as though this matter had nothing to do with them.

Their hearts then started pumping apprehensively.

Seeing the eager looks in these youngsters’ eyes, Qiao Jin and the others finally understood the reason as to why Ye Qing Luo intentionally made these youngsters made their own decision.

As devil cla.s.s’ students, as members of The World group.

Complying with group leader’s orders, listening obediently was indeed a good thing.


They were all human, individual people, everyone’s brothers.

They didn’t know how to decide for themselves and only knew how to obey the commands, relying on them to make decisions for them.

If this continued on, The World group would only become a tool, a tool to complete missions.

There would be no life force and pa.s.sion from the youngsters.

At this moment, Qiao Jin couldn’t help but sigh with emotion on Ye Qing Luo.

Just in a short span of one month, she had dug out all the problems which they had not been able to find in the past few years, using the simplest and most brutal way to rectify these problems.

In the courtyard, a deadly silence remained.

Ye Qing Luo loosened Di Mo Xuan’s hand as he slowly walked towards the youngsters.

Her charming eyes seemed as though it was decorated by stars, extremely dazzling.

This l.u.s.trous brilliance was like a sharp blade, cutting deeply into the depths of their enemies in the innermost part of their hearts.

Following that a melodious cold voice rang within the entire courtyard, “During this holiday, we didn’t go home but gathered here to establish a mercenary group, so why did we do this for?”

The youngsters looked at each other mutually.

After some time, one young man spoke with a quivering voice, “It’s… for actual combat training.”

As someone started the ball rolling, more and more people responded.

“For the intercla.s.s compet.i.tions which will be held eight months later, establis.h.i.+ng a mercenary group to accept missions to enrich ourselves with battle experience.”

“To make ourselves stronger so that we can get first place in the intercla.s.s compet.i.tions eight months later.”


As they were speaking, the expressions on their faces started to turn from the initial apprehension to complication.

Slowly, silence emerged.

It was until the last youngster had quietened down when a faint smile surfaced on Ye Qing Luo’s face as she nodded.

“That’s right, for actual combat training, for enriching ourselves with experience and to make you guys stronger.”

Her smile was obviously very faint.

Her tone was obviously very mild.

Her expression was obviously emotionless.

But in her words, there was an obvious smirk of ridicule and taunting.


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