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Chapter 296: Little Luo’er, you have got an awful lot of guts

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The devil cla.s.s training was no simpler than the freshmen training from the two instructors.

Especially for the preparation work entering the Heavenly training forest for actual combat training two weeks later, Qiao Jin was tormenting everyone using various methods.

In the next few days, Ye Qing Luo would have to report to the freshmen training grounds before the dawn breaks and accept the increasing torments of the instructors.

By the time they returned to the dormitory from the training venue, it was already close to five in the evening.

She would take a quick shower and nap for half an hour, at most an hour before Qi Qi would wake her up so she would have enough time to rush over and partic.i.p.ate the devil cla.s.s training.

Although her body was extremely exhausted, but after these days of training, the inner quality of her body was getting better.

In time to come, it was absolutely possible to strengthen this physical quality to the strongest foundation.


In these few days, there was a thing that left Ye Qing Luo frustrated and heartache, but she was trying to accept it slowly.

That was—

Ye Qing Luo was completely drained and fell onto her bed as her hand reached under her pillow for the medicine bottle.

But all she had was an empty touch.

Could it be that someone had entered her room?

It’s not right……

If someone had sneaked into her room, she was bound to find some clues.

It was a habit that she had formed in her previous life to remember where the items in her own turf were placed.

Should someone had touched and s.h.i.+fted it by an inch, she would be able to detect it incisively.

When Ye Qing Luo lie on the bed, she did not notice any traces of the pillow or quilt being s.h.i.+fted.

If no one had entered the room, then who had taken away her medicine bottle?

Just as Ye Qing Luo was figuring out her thoughts, there was a soft knock on her slightly opened window.

Instantly, a sandalwood scent filled the air in the room.

The man’s mellow and intoxicating voice spoke casually: “Is Little Luo’er looking for these two things?”

Ye Qing Luo sat up straight and saw a long, straight figure standing by the window.

His rich purple robe embroidered with golden threads along the sleeves were reflecting against the light, enhancing on his charms further.

His silky black hair was fixed by a purple golden crown, drooping down his shoulders, lazy yet n.o.ble.

The handsome looking face had a sinister arc on his lips.

That pair of dazzling black iris was glimmering like obsidian.

His hand held two jade bottles.

Weren’t those the bottles that Ye Qing Luo was searching for?

“Why are my medicine bottles with you?” Ye Qing Luo stared at Di Mo Xuan.

This man had sneaked into her room without her knowledge again.

True enough, no one in this world would be able to enter her room without getting found out except for Di Mo Xuan.

“Are you sure these pills belong to you?” Di Mo Xuan raised his brow, the sly smile of his mouth was deepened.

Ye Qing Luo’s pink lips trembled and instantly she understood the reason why he took the bottles away.

“You dare to keep other man’s things? And dare to use it?” Seeing Ye Qing Luo had kept her silence, Di Mo Xuan was direct in his questioning.

He shook the jade bottles and snorted: “Little Luo’er, you have got an awful lot of guts.”

“I…. don’t know who the person who gave me the medicine is!” Hearing Di Mo Xuan’s interrogation, Ye Qing Luo who was with a clear conscience suddenly felt a tint of guilt.

It was a fact that she was using the medicinal herbs sent by other men are used.

She didn’t think too much at that time.

Because in Ye Qing Luo’s eyes, regardless of male or female…… she had treated all of them equally except for Di Mo Xuan.

“Don’t know and you still dare to take?” The smile on Di Mo Xuan’s lips extended, “You forgot about the previous round when the attacks you? What if it is poison?”


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