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Chapter 343: The Discourse

Translator: Tatienne Editor: Fish Creek

The Sun had just rose, draping down soft and faint light that bathed the entire forest.

The wind blew softly as the bamboo leaves left the small branches and danced alongside the gentle wind.

Over hundreds of Zi Yang descendants stood tall and peered at the cottage. Their gazes were full of antic.i.p.ation and excitement.

Without a doubt, they were waiting for Ling Xian.

Yesterday, Zi Hua Shang had told everyone about Ling Xian’s plan to share his knowledge. Afterwards, these people were so excited they stayed up all night. They knew very well about Ling Xian’s powerfulness and were well aware of the fact that he was a Favorite’s Favorite who arrived at the completion level after becoming a foundational cultivator in the foundational level. They knew he was experienced in both levels.

Therefore, they were highly antic.i.p.ating this and converged inside the Forest of the Purple Bamboo since early morning.

Even though they had been waiting for an hour, they were not at all impatient. They stood there, as if rooted, with their backs straight.

Even the descendants who were raised wealthily were not complaining. There was only antic.i.p.ation on their faces.

They were waiting for their savior, who stepped out to save them despite danger, who was a heaven defying monster!

After they waited for a while, the door of the cottage flung open. A man wearing white walked out slowly in a heavenly manner.

The way he moved was rhythmic. His aura was profound and difficult to read.

“Master Ling is here!”

Someone screamed out loud as everyone was staring at Ling Xian. Their gazes were heated and pa.s.sionate.

“Good, everyone is here.”

Ling Xian’s lips curled up as he stared at the excited crowd. He nodded satisfyingly. Then, his silhouette flashed and he reappeared on top of a single bamboo. He tapped the leaf of the bamboo lightly with his foot.

Then, Ling Xian sat in a lotus position on top of the giant bamboo leaf. He did not use any technique to suspend in thin air. However, the bamboo leaf carried his weight and did not bend even a little bit.

It was as if it wasn’t a human sitting on top, but a weightless feather.

This strange scene widened everyone’s eyes as they yelled in shock.

“How’s that possible? How could he be sitting on top of a bamboo leaf without using a technique?”

“Yeah. I saw it clearly. He is not manipulating his spiritual energy. This is unbelievable!”

“Haha, Master Ling himself is a heaven defying monster. How can we read him like he’s normal?”

“That’s right. Even though I don’t really understand, I do not find it strange that something hard to believe is happening to Master Ling. His existence is already hard to believe.”

Everyone chimed in their opinions as they drowned in shock at the scene before them. However, they had already been desensitized from his past achievements. This small move was no longer that hard to accept.

“He really did arrive at the completion stage…”

Zi Hua Shang smiled brightly, remembering that Zi Dong Lai had done the same thing. She explained, “Once one reaches this stage, one is in communication with heaven and earth. They have the ability to suspend in midair without using any spiritual energy.”

“Also, the way he moved has surpa.s.sed my father.” Zi Hua Shang’s eyes shone as she muttered, “He entered the completion level as a victor after all. He has exceeded my father’s abilities.”

The soft golden light draped down and reflected off the white robe Ling Xian was wearing, making him look even more celestial. Between every blink floated a mysterious aura.

He sat on the bamboo leaf in a lotus position and his white robe swayed in the wind. He appeared just like an immortal with a temperament that was divine.

The color sky, the spiritual forest, the graceful movement, the three aspects created a beautiful painting.

The scenery of this was extraordinary.

“Since everyone is here now, then we shall begin.” Ling Xian faintly smiled and everyone below him became silent. He then parted his lips to speak, “Today, I want to talk about my experience in the meditational and foundational levels.”

“As you all know, the meditational level is the beginning of the journey, the fundamental of Taoism.”

“Only with a strong foundation, can one march further on this treacherous road.”

“In this level, the real undefeatable realm is not the ninth level, but the tenth. Only once one reaches the real perfect realm, can one acquire the ability to fend oneself in the face of future tides and waves.”

“You might think that only real Heaven’s Favorites can achieve the perfect realm. Therefore, when some of you realize that you were not born ultra-talented, you have given up on getting to that level. However, in reality, it does require a lot to reach the perfect realm.”

“But, I am here to tell you today that, while talent is important, hard work is just as important. You will need to make up for the lack of natural talent with hard work.”

Ling Xian’s expression was calm. Noticing that everyone was looking rather confused, he smiled faintly, “You must all be thinking that I am saying useless things.”

Hearing this, everyone awkwardly beamed. They really did think that Ling Xian was spewing useless things.

Who, in the entire Taoism world, didn’t know about the importance of talent? Without talent, it was too difficult to achieve anything.

Though everyone said working hard is important too, it was only targeted towards normal cultivation. How could someone reach the undefeatable realm with mere hard work?

This was a widely known facts. Only the talented could reach the undefeatable!

Now, Ling Xian was standing before everyone telling them to achieve that with hard work. Naturally, they did not believe him.

Ling Xian shook his head in the face of everyone’s disbelief. “Now, I will tell you the method I discovered. Believe it or not, it’s up to you.”

“There is nothing wrong about the agreed upon rules in this community. The undefeatable realm is a place only the talented can get too. In other words, to reach the realm, you need to awaken the potential in your bodies. What I meant by hard work, is how to awaken your potential. Even though it’s a bit like pulling onto the gra.s.s to make it grow taller, it is the only way.”

“Exploit, exploit all the energy you have. Once that happens, you can reach the undefeatable realm and build a great foundation in this realm.”

Hearing this, everyone frowned as they chewed on what Ling Xian had said. There was some truth in it.

“I dare ask, I wonder how you plan to bring out our potential?” w.a.n.g Xia suddenly spoke, his gaze full of heat.

Many people were like him, their gazes were pa.s.sionate.

The undefeatable realm was a dream-like state to them. However, they knew very well that with the talent they were born with, there was no way they could get there. This was why many of them gave up this thought.

But before them was a man who said all of them had potential. How could they not be excited.

“Potential is something that is hidden internally. After you explore it, again and again, more and more energy will be released. For example, facing a life or death situation, your instinct to survive will grow and you will perform far better than normal.”

Ling Xian faintly smiled. He continued to speak of his discoveries.

Everyone fell silent and listened intently. After a while, only the leaves rustling in the wind could be heard alongside his gentle voice.

There were no double rainbows, no lotuses thrusting through the soil, no scriptures being read out loud. Despite the lack of natural phenomenon, everyone listened intensely as if drunk. Their faces appeared enlightened.

Strictly speaking, Ling Xian was simply translating his own experience to these people, not giving a discourse.

A discourse, in the Taoism community, is to converse about the laws of cultivation. It is something only those high above dare to speak about. During the discourse, there are often natural phenomenon that occurs.

Usually the listeners would fall into a state of enlightenment as they work to understand what the lecturer speaks of.

Ling Xian’s current understanding about Heaven and Earth does not qualify him to do so. However, his experience in meditational and foundational levels are top notch and do not lack next to anyone!

Therefore, he was merely pa.s.sing down his experience. Despite this, everyone was still very drunk off his speech as they chewed on his every word.

After half an hour, Ling Xian had finished speaking about his own experience and he stopped.

However, everyone’s facial expression appeared that they were still enjoying what he was saying and could not snap out of the knowledge he had pa.s.sed down.

Though there was no natural phenomenon happening, his words were enough to get everyone else drunk. This proved one thing.

Ling Xian’s first discourse was successful!

After a long moment, everyone finally snapped back to reality. The way they looked at Ling Xian was full of excitement and appreciation.

It was obvious. They had understood the message Ling Xian was trying to pa.s.s on!

To put it bluntly, what Ling Xian did today opened the door for them. A door that led them to a bright future!

Though the door was now ajar, it did not mean everyone could push it open and get to the other side. However, the existence of door had given them a target and a goal to work towards!

“Good. It appears that you now understand.” Ling Xian smiled faintly, his eyes flashed with pride. He believed that his efforts were not wasted.

If only one person, out of this group of people, could step onto the bright road, his actions today would be deemed worthy.

“Okay. I have opened the door for you. As for how far you can go, depends on your efforts.” Ling Xian grinned. He then stood up slowly and peered into the southeast direction.

It was the direction of the other two political forces.

The discourse had finished. It was time for him to leave and do one last thing for these people.


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