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Read Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 841 – Meeting Ru Yu Again

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Chapter 841: Meeting Ru Yu Again

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

“Enter Tianzhou?”

After hearing Ru Yu’s simple words, Ling Xian frowned slightly, “The entire Tianzhou is guarded by a heavenly array that disallows anyone from entering.”

“I know that.”

Ru Yu was not at all surprised. Suddenly, she remembered something and snickered, “I know. You cannot enter can you?”

Hearing this, Ling Xian felt a little awkward, “That is normal. If you try to enter, you will be stopped as well.”

“Is that right?”

Ru Yu’s eyes rolled around and she giggled, “Watch carefully.”

Then, without giving the confused Ling Xian another look, she walked straight forward.

Then, Ling Xian watched in awe as the barrier that troubled him so much not give Ru Yu a hard time at all. She so casually and easily walked in.

This made him freeze where he stood. As he stared at the young girl who was making a face at him, his brain couldn’t function.

“Haha, aren’t you dumbfounded.”

Ru Yu, ignoring her image, laughed out loud and continued to make funny faces at Ling Xian. She chuckled. “Hehe, now you know how strong I am. I didn’t think that you, someone who the Houses and Clans are terrified of, would be in an embarra.s.sing moment like this.”

Hearing this, Ling Xian realized at once that Ru Yu was from Tianzhou.

This array that surrounded Tianzhou only stops living beings from other continents from entering. Local Tianzhou citizens are not restricted and can enter and leave at will.

“So you are from Tianzhou.” Ling Xian laughed. This whole time, he thought Ru Yu was from Yuezhou.

“Hehe, I never made the claim that I was from Yuezhou or any other continent.” Ru Yu giggled, “What is it? Do you need my help getting in?”

“You can help me enter?” Ling Xian’s eyes brightened. He was troubled by his inability to get in.

“Of course.”

Ru Yu smiled proudly, “This heavenly array only stops people who are not from Tianzhou. Even if one is from the fifth level, they cannot enter. But if a being originally from Tianzhou leads the way, then the visitor can enter.”

“That simple?” Ling Xian was a little stunned. He didn’t think as long as someone from Tianzhou leads the way, he would be able to enter.

“What did you think was going to happen?”

Ru Yu continued to giggle. “If you think there is no way Tianzhou would allow foreigners in, then how can there be so many cultivators from other continents living in Tianzhou?”

“That is true.”

Ling Xian had a realization and finally found out just how everyone else entered Tianzhou. So they relied on Tianzhou’s living beings.

Then, his eyes flashed with happiness. Ru Yu had used her action to prove her ident.i.ty. Doesn’t that mean she can bring him in?

“Hehe, so you want me to bring you in…”

Noticing Ling Xian’s expectant gaze, Ru Yu made another funny face and laughed. “You can enter if you want, but I cannot let you get in so easily.”

“We were together as partners for a while. Are you really going to ask me for a toll?” Ling Xian grinned.

“I don’t lack spiritual stones.”

Ru Yu’s eyes glistened and suddenly had an idea after remembering what has been bugging her. She carefully and very seriously checked out Ling Xian, her eyes flickered with bad intentions.

That strange look made Ling Xian feel strange. “Hey, what is that look of yours about? You are treating me like an object and you are estimating my worth before selling me?”

“Hehe, that’s exactly right.”

Ru Yu giggled. “I am evaluating just how much money you are worth. Based on my estimation, you aren’t worth that many spiritual stones.”

“Not worth that many…”

Ling Xian felt annoyed at this and he waved around his hand, “Alright, stop joking with me. Just tell me, what do I need to do for you to bring me in?”

“I need you to do me a favor. Then I can let you in.” Ru Yu smiled, her eyes continued to s.h.i.+ne with bad intentions.

Ling Xian shook his head, “What is it?”

“I cannot tell you just yet.”

Ru Yu rose her head higher, “Let’s get to the point. One word, do you agree or not?”


Ling Xian frowned. He needs to enter Tianzhou no matter what and as of right now, only Ru Yu could lead him in. But this young girl refuses to make things clear for him so he naturally feels a little troubled.

But after evaluating the possible outcome and gains, he decided entering TIanzhou was more important.

Therefore, Ling Xian softly smiled. “I can say yes but I have two conditions. For one, it has to be something that’s within my capability. For two, it cannot defy my princ.i.p.als.”

“That’s no problem. To you, a powerhouse who made all the Houses and Clans look away in shame, it’s a simple task.”

Hearing Ling Xian’s acceptance, Ru Yu’s lips curled into an ecstatic smile. Her entire being seemed sunnier.

“So now you can lead me in?” Ling Xian faintly grinned.

Sadly, what greeted him was Ru Yu’s rejection.


Ru Yu was an odd one and she made another funny face at Ling Xian, “I agreed to bring you in but I never specified when. Just wait outside like a good boy.”

Hearing this, Ling Xian shook his head while laughing, knowing that Ru Yu was pulling an act of petty revenge.

“Hehe, now you know what it feels like to be left behind after someone just throws a sentence at you.” Ru Yu laughed, looking proud.

“How is this anything? At most I will have to wait some hours. Don’t forget, everyone in the cultivation community is very patient.”

Ling Xian laughed a little. He leaped up and landed on top of a tree to enlighten himself and rest up.

His at ease and relaxed posture made it seem like he didn’t care at all whether or not he will be able to enter Tianzhou.

This frustrated Ru Yu.

Her trouble was truly right before her eyes and she could not prolong it anymore. She was hoping to use this opportunity to see what Ling Xian was like when he is fl.u.s.tered. But if he was truly not in a rush, then it’s bad news for her.

Therefore, Ru Yu no longer cared about her intentions and quickly spoke out. “I will bring you in right now.”

Then, she marched over the barrier and got ready to bring Ling Xian in.

Looking at her impatient self, Ling Xian silently laughed. Instead, he lied down onto the tree branch, looking lazy. “I suddenly discovered that resting up while being showered by the dawn light is pretty nice. I am no longer in a hurry to enter.”

“d.a.m.n you!”

Ru Yu stomped her feet. “Hey, if you don’t come in right now, I will leave you be.”

“Okay, off you go then.”

Ling Xian brandished his arm. “After all, I can enter, but I can also not enter. You, on the other hand, seems to have run into some trouble. It also seems to be an urgent matter.”


Ru Yu waved around her little fist out of anger. However, because of the seriousness of her problem, she could only helplessly sigh, “Fine, take it like I am begging you. Come with me and enter. Then, help me solve my problem.”

“If you said that earlier, we would be on our way already.”

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up but there was no look of arrogance. To Ru Yu, however, he looked like he had just won.

She stomped her feet again but was helpless. All she could do was lower her head and said in a crestfallen way, “Just come with me. I was wrong.”

Ling Xian smiled and stopped teasing her. He hopped off the tree and his eyes shone expectantly.

“Let’s go. Let me see what the legendary Tianzhou is truly like.”


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