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Read Pampered By Mr President! Chapter 209 – Are You and Shi Beiyu Really Married?

Pampered By Mr President! is a Webnovel completed by Three Incarnations at the River of Forgetfulness.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Pampered By Mr President! Chapter 209 – Are You and Shi Beiyu Really Married?

Chapter 209: Are You and Shi Beiyu Really Married?

As the chess piece landed on the board with a light tap, a conflicted Master Hu widened his eyes.

He paused for a moment as he gazed at the white piece in thrill. “Perfect! Perfect!”

Upon hearing this, Shi Beiyu lowered his voice to say, “You get a clearer picture if you’re an outsider. You were competing with your right and left hand, sir. It is only natural for you to find it hard to make up your mind.”

At that, Master Hu finally lifted his old face. He was once again amazed when he noticed how different Shi Beiyu’s presence was.

“No wonder my incense was burning better than usual. We have an… esteemed guest.”

Shi Beiyu smiled and said politely, “You’re too kind. I am here today to…”

“Stop!” Master Hu lifted a hand to stop Shi Beiyu from talking. Instead, he pointed towards the chessboard in front of him excitedly. “I’m open to hearing you out if you win a match today.”

Shi Beiyu lifted an eyebrow. “Really?”

Master Hu tusked. “I, Master Hu, have never gone against my word. Hurry, take a seat!”

Shi Beiyu smiled faintly. “Alright, then.”

It was getting close to noon when Mu Siyin was ready to head out to meet Ji Yang.

Seeing that she was about to go out, Uncle Zhong immediately walked forward to stop her. “Little Siyin, your body hasn’t even recovered yet. Where are you going?”

Mu Siyin burst out laughing. “I’m already fine, Uncle Zhong. I’m not going to work today. I’ve made plans with my friend.”

Uncle Zhong opposed it the moment he heard it. “That’s not possible. Little Beibei has ordered us to provide you with a good rest at home. You can’t simply wander outside.”

Mu Siyin creased her forehead and looked at Uncle Zhong. “Uncle Zhong, I’m not wandering off anywhere. I’m just going out to have lunch with my friend. I’ll be back before evening. You can’t tell him this. He can’t find out.”

Uncle Zhong looked troubled. “How can I? How can I lie to Little Beibei?”

“Uncle Zhong, you’re the best!”

Uncle Zhong’s face softened the moment Mu Siyin said that. Then, he looked at Mu Siyin and said, “You’d better be back early. Don’t stay out too late. Little Beibei will blame me for not taking care of you if he finds out.”

Joy filled Mu Siyin’s face. “Yeah! Don’t worry. I’ll definitely be back early.”

By the time she got to their agreed meeting place, Ji Yang was already there. After all, she was a punctual person.


Seeing Mu Siyin walking towards her, Ji Yang laughed at her. “It’s a today. Why aren’t you on a date with Shi Beiyu?”

Mu Siyin pursed her lips. “He can be busy on a too.”

“Oh? Did you only ask me out because he’s busy?”

“No way. I specifically came to treat you to a meal.”

Ji Yang raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

Mu Siyin paused before she lowered her head to take out a red book from her handbag. “There. It’s because of that.”

Ji Yang looked at the bright red-colored marriage certificate. She abruptly widened her eyes in surprise as she stuttered, “This… This…”

Mu Siyin let out a soft sigh. “I was completely shocked when I saw this too.”

Ji Yang came back to her senses and quickly took the marriage certificate to have a look. The moment she saw Mu Siyin and Shi Beiyu’s names printed on top, she looked at Mu Siyin in surprise. “Yinyin, are you and Shi Beiyu really married?”

Mu Siyin blinked. “You’re holding the certificate. Does it look fake to you?”

Ji Yang was completely blown away. “That’s not it… Didn’t you say that his family is against your relationship? Then… how did you get registered so quickly?”

Mu Siyin’s face looked conflicted the moment Ji Yang mentioned Shi Beiyu’s family. “His family is still against us. However, he went to get us registered anyway. I only found out when I saw this yesterday too.”

Ji Yang was even more stunned to hear this. “Are you saying that Shi Beiyu registered your marriage on his own?”


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