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Read Pampered By Mr President! Chapter 232 – No One Can Know

Pampered By Mr President! is a web novel produced by Three Incarnations at the River of Forgetfulness.
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Chapter 232: No One Can Know

Shi Beiyu grabbed Mu Siyin’s hand and looked deep into her eyes. “Since this is a token of love from you, I will wear it well.”

Mu Siyin blushed at the words ‘token of love”.

Clearly, it was him who wanted it.

After having dinner, the two of them went back to the room together.

Mu Siyin was a little nervous. She had promised him that she would make it up to him when she got better.

Was he thinking about it… tonight?

While she was busy in her thoughts, Shi Beiyu had pulled her to the bedside and said in a soft voice, “You should rest first. I’ll be doing some work in the study.”

As soon as he said that, Mu Siyin was stunned.

Busy with work again?

She frowned as she could no longer hold back from asking, “Do you have a lot of work to do?”

Although the thought of being intimate with him was making her feel nervous, Shi Beiyu’s behavior was different from usual. This made her feel a little doubtful and insecure.

Deep down, Shi Beiyu felt helpless. However, he raised his hand to caress her long hair and nodded slightly. “Well, things at the company have been busy recently. I will accompany you when things start to settle down.”

Since Shi Beiyu had said so, Mu Siyin nodded without saying anything else. “In that case, don’t stay up too late. Take care of your health.”

Shi Beiyu felt even more helpless. It was not that he did not want to stay with her. It was just torturing for him to do nothing while lying on the same bed with her awake. Hence, he could only do some work in his study and come back when she fell asleep.

Shi Beiyu suddenly felt that he was very ill-fated.

“Well, you should rest early,” he said as he stretched out his hand and caressed her long hair. Then, he lowered his head and kissed her forehead before he turned to leave.

As she watched Shi Beiyu’s tall and n.o.ble figure disappear before her eyes, she could not help but frown and sigh.

Was she too sensitive?

It was common for someone of his status to have never-ending work.

Once Shi Beiyu was in his study, he called Yan Ze to come over.

For the past two days, Shi Ran had been accompanying him to Master Hu’s place while Yan Ze helped him to take care of the important work in the company.

“How has the company been for the past two days?”

Yan Ze thought for a while before answering, “Everything is as normal in Emperor Dynasty Corporation. However, there has been a report from Tengyue Technology that Mu Corporation has been sending over some proposals for collaborations recently. How should we deal with them?”

When Shi Beiyu heard that, he sneered. “Since they have sent those over, just pick one or two to make them happy.”

He knew their intentions. Sending those proposals to Tengyue Technology was just a guise to find out the relationship between him and Mu Siyin.

Since they wanted to find out so badly, he would act it out for them.

That would make them think twice before mistreating his Yinyin in the future!

Yan Ze nodded. “Understood.”

Then, Yan Ze said hesitantly, “By the way, it seems like some people have been snooping around Tengyue recently, trying to find out about your ident.i.ty. I guess… they’re Madam’s men.”

Shi Beiyu said disapprovingly, “Well, that was expected. Don’t worry about them. Right now, I have something important that I want you to investigate for me.”

Yan Ze was shocked to hear this.

If Shi Beiyu had to use the word “important” to describe it, it must be something really significant!

“What would the Young Master want me to investigate?”

Shi Beiyu looked up at him and said in a deep voice, “Investigate… whether my father’s car accident 12 years ago was really an accident or was it planned…”

Yan Ze was shocked!

The cause of Mr. Shi’s car accident had come to light a long time ago!

How could it…

Shi Beiyu looked at Yan Ze’s shocked expression. Then, he squinted his eyes and said in a serious tone, “No one can know. It must be a secret.”

Yan Ze nodded in surprise. “Yes! I understand!”


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