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Read Pampered By Mr President! Chapter 260 – Looks Like We’ve Been Invited To A Wedding Dinner

Pampered By Mr President! is a web novel completed by Three Incarnations at the River of Forgetfulness.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Pampered By Mr President! Chapter 260 – Looks Like We’ve Been Invited To A Wedding Dinner

Chapter 260: Looks Like We’ve Been Invited To A Wedding Dinner

Mu Siyin and Shi Beiyu seemed to be very close and affectionate as if they had reached the point where they would do anything for each other.

That was what shocked Xiang Qiuci the most.

How did Mu Siyin suddenly get in a relationship with Shi Beiyu, whom she had never crossed paths with?

Before long, the RV was parked in front of the Royale Hotel.

Huo Sikai originally wanted to take everyone on a night out at Shi Beiyu’s club, the Beauties After Dark, yet they ended up here instead. Nevertheless, it was still the same as long as Shi Beiyu played the host.

Huo Sikai and Ji Yang got out of the car first as they were the closest to the door.

Right behind them were Shi Mo and Shi Ran.

Soon after was Leng Jiuchen, and Xiang Qiuci followed behind him.

After he got out of the car, he turned around like a gentleman and reached out his hands to Qiuci.

Feeling awkward, Xiang Qiuci rejected him immediately. “Thank you, but I can get down by myself.”

Leng Jiuchen remained in his posture. If Xiang Qiuci was not willing to reach her hand out to his, he would also be blocking the door, and she would not be able to get down from the car.

“Don’t worry. I won’t bite.”

He said faintly, which made Xiang Qiuci even more embarra.s.sed.

Upon seeing that, Mu Siyin could not help but frown and said, “Let me go first, Qiuci.”

Xiang Qiuci was startled for a moment, but she quickly moved to the side as if she understood what Mu Siyin was up to.

Mu Siyin grinned as she came forward. Looking at the speechless Leng Jiuchen, she grinned and said, “Would you like to help me down?”

In an instant, Leng Jiuchen’s expression turned grim. He had no choice but to turn around and walk away.

Huo Sikai and Shi Ran laughed uncharacteristically at the side.

If it were anyone else, Little Jiu would have punished them, and they would not live to see another day.

Mu Siyin jumped down from the car and reached her hand out to help Xiang Qiuci down. After that, she crossed arms with Xiang Qiuci and went ahead, leaving Shi Beiyu behind.

Shi Beiyu’s eyes twitched. He got down the car sullenly and followed behind them.

When everyone was in the private room, Mu Siyin and Ji Yang sat Xiang Qiuci down between them to prevent Leng Jiuchen from taking advantage of her again.

Leng Jiuchen felt really annoyed. After all, he had done nothing. Did they really have to avoid him?

Xiang Qiuci was really embarra.s.sed. She could feel everyone’s eyes sweet past her from time to time, and it made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

If she had known earlier, she would not have joined them for dinner.

Before the dinner started, the usually quiet Leng Jiuchen suddenly looked at Huo Sikai and said, “We must each pour three of wine for Ah Yu tonight.”

Huo Sikai noticed an unusual atmosphere and raised an eyebrow before he asked, “Why? At least give us a reason.”

Leng Jiuchen said indifferently, “We’re pouring for him because he’s the host. Unless you want to be the host, we can pour for you.”

Upon hearing that, Huo Sikai instantly shook his head furiously. “I live from paycheck to paycheck. How would I have the money to treat everyone to a big meal? Just let the boss treat us.”

After he said that, he was the first one that stood up. He picked up the bottle of wine and poured it into a gla.s.s. Then, he said to Shi Beiyu, “Come, Little Beibei. Here’s a toast to you.”

Everyone went quiet.

Huo Sikai and the others may not know, but Shi Beiyu and Mu Siyin knew very well what was going on. Ji Yang blinked and thought to herself, ‘Looks like we’ve been invited to a wedding dinner.’

‘Moreover, these guys still don’t have a clue about it.’

Ji Yang instantly rejoiced. She enjoyed the feeling of knowing something while everyone else was kept in the dark.

Shi Beiyu did not reject anyone and drank a lot of wine in just a short while.

When Mu Siyin saw that, she let out a faint cough before she tugged at his sleeve and said, “Don’t drink too much.”

Shi Beiyu leaned closer to her with his lips curled, and he uttered two words, “I’m happy.”


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