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Read Pampered By Mr President! Chapter 266 – Show Yourself to Me if You Dare!

Pampered By Mr President! is a Webnovel completed by Three Incarnations at the River of Forgetfulness.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 266: Show Yourself to Me if You Dare!

Mu Siyin was troubled by the situation.

Looking at Qiuci’s reaction, it did not seem like she disliked him.

As a matter of fact, how many women would be able to resist the pursuit of a man like Leng Jiuchen?

In her past life, Xiang Qiuci had a boyfriend, but he had yet appeared in this life.

As for Leng Jiuchen, there was no scandal relating to his love life, and Mu Siyin did not recall any woman around him either.

If these two got together, would it work out?

“Qiuci, are you planning to accept his pursuit?”

Upon hearing this, Qiuci shook her head in embarra.s.sment and said, “I don’t know him well enough. Besides, you can’t be too hasty about relationship matters.”

Mu Siyin felt somewhat relieved at her words. “I agree. You need to thoroughly understand this person before getting into a relationship with him.”

Xiang Qiuci smiled in response. “Yeah, but back to you. I was talking to Yangyang last night, and she told me you got married to Shi Beiyu. I was so surprised.”

Mu Siyin chuckled. “This matter is slightly unusual.”

“Is Gu Yifan really getting engaged to Mu Xingyu?”

Like Ji Yang, Xiang Qiuci never had a good impression of Mu Xingyu. However, who could have thought that she would end up with Gu Yifan?

At the mention of Gu Yifan and Mu Xingyu, Mu Siyin said with mockery, “That’s right. Not only are they engaged, but they will also be getting married soon.”

Xiang Qiuci looked at Mu Xingyu worriedly. “You…”

Mu Siyin smiled nonchalantly in response. “Don’t worry. I only feel contempt and disgust towards Gu Yifan now.”

She did not even want to spare another glance at a sc.u.mbag like Gu Yifan!

Xiang Qiuci was relieved. “That’s good to hear. I think Shi Beiyu treats you really well. Yinyin, I wish you both happiness.”

Mu Siyin smiled and nodded. “Thank you. We will be happy.”

After Xiang Qiuci had breakfast with Ji Yang, Mu Siyin got a call from Lu Jingchen.

When she saw the caller ID “Cuz”, Mu Siyin gave a helpless sigh. Her poor cousin was still crazy about Qiuci. However, from the looks of it, Leng Jiuchen already had an upper hand. The chance was definitely slim for her cousin.


“Yinyin, where is Qiuci?”

Mu Siyin replied resignedly, “We are together with Yangyang.”

Lu Jingchen immediately frowned. “That tomboy is around as well?”

Mu Siyin quickly looked around for Ji Yang. Fortunately, Ji Yang was still in the kitchen.

“We are all at Yangyang’s place.”

Lu Jingchen became even more frustrated.

“Why are all of you there? Why don’t you bring Qiuci out? I will treat you both to lunch later.”

Mu Siyin pursed her lips. “Can you be a gentleman? I told you we are at Yangyang’s place. Why did you leave her out of your invite?”

Lu Jingchen sneered in response. “Even if I invited her, she wouldn’t come. So why would I waste my effort?”

“In that case, Qiuci and I won’t be joining you.”

As Mu Siyin said this, Lu Jingchen became anxious. “Yinyin, come on. I am your cousin! Qiuci is finally back after a long time. Can’t you help me meet up with her a few more times?”

Mu Siyin was helpless towards the whole situation. However, to prevent Lu Jingchen’s enthusiasm from shattering, she could only agree. “Okay, you can make a reservation first. We will meet up with you in the afternoon.”

Lu Jingchen coughed lightly. “Um… Is that tomboy coming along as well?”

Mu Siyin was absolutely speechless. She was just about to reply when her phone was abruptly taken away from behind.

Dumbfounded, she heard Ji Yang enraged voice before she could turn around. “Lu! Show yourself to me if you dare!”


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