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Did You Break Your Head?

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by: Yuki)

Having not slept for one night, plus losing several pieces of silver she had acc.u.mulated for several days to compensate the kitchen, Qian DuoDuo was naturally in a bad mood. She also stopped caring about trying not to offend Long YuTian, directly hissing her words out of irritation, “Whether you want to throw a tantrum or want to appear like you’re being wronged, GET OUT!!! Don’t do it here and annoy me!”

Han XiangXue, who was all soft in Long YuTian’s embrace, was a bit astonished for an instant. This woman is really daring. She actually dared to use this kind of tone to talk to w.a.n.gYe! Isn’t she afraid of death?

Having this kind of thoughts, Han XiangXue lifted her gaze to glance at Long YuTian.

Long YuTian’s handsome eyebrows were furrowed, and his thin lips were tightly pursed as he swept his gaze over the room and saw the shattered cup on the ground. Then, his gaze was fixed on Qian DuoDuo’s body.

This woman’s body seemed to emit a kind of clear, cold haughtiness. The side of her face seemed to have a stubborn beauty as she haughtily raised her head not wanting to look at him, causing him to ineffably feel apprehensive.

The light in Long YuTian’s eyes seemed to somewhat carry a cold annoyance. He looked down and glanced at the woman in his embrace, saying coldly, “Get out!”

Han XiangXue, who completely didn’t see that Long YuTian was staring at herself and thought smugly that w.a.n.gYe was supporting herself, shouted vigorously at Qian DuoDuo, “Didn’t you hear what w.a.n.gYe has said? Get out!”

Who would have thought that once her words landed, Long YuTian would suddenly raise his hand and slap her to the ground.

Long YuTian was originally a martial artist, so his strength was naturally a lot stronger than other people. In an instant, Han XiangXue was already thrown to the ground with a trace of blood seeping from the corner of her lips. She felt dizzy and had no idea what had just happened when she heard Long YuTian’s cold-hearted voice, “Han XiangXue, who offended her superior, will be driven out of the w.a.n.gfu to be sold as a slave!”

“w.a.n.gYe…” Han XiangXue had only said that word, but she already saw Long YuTian throw her a firm, malicious gaze. She had a very deep understanding of this man. The matter he had decided was impossible to be changed. Rather than risking her life by provoking his anger again, Han XiangXue just bit her lips and threw Long YuTian an extremely aggrieved glance before being dragged out of Ning Hui Yuan by the coming soldiers.

After the noisy person left, Ning Hui Yuan seemed to become a lot quieter.

There was a bit of astonishment in Qian DuoDuo’s eyes. She really couldn’t believe that Long YuTian would actually speak on her behalf and punish Han XiangXue. Very cautiously, she took small quick steps and walked to his side. Her hand was then raised to feel his forehead while she mumbled to herself, “Doesn’t have fever… How can the brain be broken?”

Long YuTian heard and grasped her wrist, saying through his gritted teeth, “You d.a.m.n woman! You are the one with a broken brain! Simply wronged a well-intentioned person!”

“He he… he he… No need to be angry… No need to be angry… I was speaking nonsense, speaking nonsense…” Qian DuoDuo said, while cautiously putting on a smiling face.

Long YuTian didn’t know why, but when he saw Qian DuoDuo’s flower-like smiling face, even if it was only because she was trying to flatter him, he felt slightly comfortable in his heart. Thus, even though he didn’t notice it, his tone became gentler, “Why were you so angry before? Did she do something to make you unhappy?”

“Ai (sigh)… Isn’t this your fault… Why are you raising so many women in here for? Everyone is fighting for your affection, so noisy…” Qian DuoDuo sighed. Her appearance somewhat resembled a woman who was complaining to her husband. She said, “But Long YuTian… I think you’re really cold-blooded, vicious, and ruthless, not losing to Heaven’s Punishment! The woman had been warming your bed for two years, but you ordered her to be sold so easily… Aiya… However, you, as a man, are cool enough!”



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