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Chapter 153

Cao Yunnian in Great Fortune

Mu Yunyao looked at Su Qing, seeing that she had slightly nodded her head, she couldn’t help but discard the last bit of hesitation in her heart . She stood up and picked up the cup of tea that had not been touched from the table and stood in front of Lady Jin . Then she kneeled down and held the teacup over her head . Her voice said clearly: “Yun Yao greetings Mother, please have tea . ”

Lady Jin quickly took a sip from her teacup as she couldn’t suppress the smile on her face . “Alright . Yao’er, quickly get up . ” As she spoke, she used both hands to help her up . She removed a pair of jade bracelets from her wrists and a golden hairpin from her hair, carefully helping Mu Yunyao put it on .

Mu Yunyao accepted it with a face full of smiles, but she didn’t say any words of rejection . Now that she has recognized them as adopted family, she naturally couldn’t be separated like before . “Thank you, Mother . ”

Lady Jin held her hand affectionately with a sincere smile in her eyes, “Now I considered to have both children!”

Mu Yunyao looked at Lady Jin’s bulging stomach with a pained expression on her face . “Earlier, I used to joke with Madam, saying that when your child is born, I will have to request a big red envelope from you . Now, it seems that not only I can’t get the big red envelope, but instead take it out to give my little brother as a present . ”

“You … You’re actually such stingy temperament . Rest a.s.sured; I’ll naturally give this red envelope to you . And when your little brother grows up, he will listen to your orders and run errands for you . ”

Mu Yunyao couldn’t help but be happy, “That’s great . It seems like I’ll make a thick red envelope for this meeting . ”

Su Qing couldn’t hold back her laughter at the side, “Since you recognize as a daughter, you should offer a cup of tea to Lord Cao . Why don’t you set up a table at Bu Xian Luo tomorrow and treat it as a bustling and lively meal?” Lady Jin quickly shook her head . “I treat Yao’er as my own daughter, so naturally, I can’t just dismiss it like this . I only came today to discuss it with little sister Su . Since Yao’er was willing to call me Mother, I naturally had to help her on this matter with my ident.i.ty . When I get back, I’ll ask someone to choose an auspicious day and wrote a post, inviting the influential people in Jingling City over . We should formally pay our respects and hold a banquet . ”

“This… Isn’t this a bit too much publicity?”

“How is this considered publicity? I was even afraid that the scene is too small, and Yao’er will feel wronged . She is my daughter, so it is reasonable for her to receive such treatment . ”

Hearing Lady Jin’s words, Mu Yunyao’s heart filled with warmth . It could also consider that she sincerely recognized her adoptive mother . “I’ll follow your arrangements, Mother . ”

“Alright, don’t worry . Mother will not let you down . ”

Mu Yunyao nodded happily, holding Lady Jin’s hand in one hand and Su Qing in the other, “Then, should I start preparing my clothes now? When the time comes, I’ll have to dress up beautifully . ”

“Our Yao’er appearance is beautiful . She looks attractive in all kinds of clothes . ”

Mu Yunyao took their hands and shook them . “The two Mothers actually teased me . I won’t talk to you guys anymore . Now I’m going to the kitchen to see what they have prepared, then show my hands and treat my two Mothers with filial respect . ”

“Then, we’ll have a good meal today . ”

Mu Yunyao went to the kitchen and meticulously prepared a table of food . The few of them ate so lively and in a comfortable manner .

Before Lady Jin left, Mu Yunyao instructed someone to place a charcoal brazier and fox fur coat on her carriage,

then order Yin Hong to take good care of it . Only after that did she send the carriage off with her eyes .

When Steward Qin in Jin Xiu Garden next door heard about this matter, he could not help but inwardly twitch his mouth: “This Cao Yunnian is really lucky . ”

Yu Yi had just finished drinking a bowl of ginger tea and was savoring the taste of it in his mouth . He couldn’t help but be curious when he heard this: “Steward Qin, what do you mean by that?”

“Cao Yunnian is relying on Lady Jin to achieve a meteoric rise step by step . From now on, maybe even w.a.n.g Ye will respect him . Isn’t that a great fortune?”

Yu Yi was even more confused . “No matter how powerful Cao Yunnian is, he will still be an official in front of w.a.n.g Ye in the future . How can w.a.n.g Ye respect him?”

“Since Lady Jin has adopted Miss Mu as her adopted daughter, then Cao Yunnian is Miss Mu’s adoptive father! Is that clear?”

“Adoptive daughter, adoptive father, Miss Mu, w.a.n.g Ye … The more you talk about it, the more confused I get …”

Steward Qin became furious and immediately took out an account book to throw at him: “Hurry up and scram . I will feel more annoyed when I see you . ”

Yu Yi took the account book and casually flipped through it . When he saw the accounts, he couldn’t help but click his tongue: “Steward Qin, right now you have so much silver on your hands . Why don’t you give me a red envelope for the New Year? In this half-year, I have been traveling back and forth between Western Guangdong and Jingling City, haven’t I?”

“If you say any more nonsense, I’ll give you a slap!”

“You’re already so old . How you can’t talk well because you’re so angry?” Yu Yi hurriedly left the room after he finished speaking, causing Steward Qin to snort coldly for a long time .

Based on Lady Jin’s meticulous att.i.tude and the relationship between her and Miss Mu, it was likely that she will arrange the adoption of Miss Mu in a grand manner . This gift must have carefully considered .

Lady Jin had finally chosen the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month as the date of celebration . She had also decided to use her savings to make porridge in Jingling City, especially considered to be a blessing for Mu Yunyao .

After she heard of this, Mu Yunyao especially took out eight thousand taels of silver and bought some rice to make porridge, so that she could cooperate with Lady Jin to donate in Jingling City .

The news of her buying rice and inviting the influential people spread throughout Jingling City quickly . Lady Jin wanted to acknowledge Mu Yunyao as her adopted daughter . Many people were not surprised when they heard this . Lady Jin and Mu Yunyao had always been close, acknowledging Mu Yunyao as an adoptive daughter only made the relationship between them more stable .

After the ladies of other families heard this, they shook their heads and sighed . Then, they focused on thinking about what kind of congratulatory gift to send .

Cao Yunnian had outstanding political achievements . With Lady Jin’s ninth rank t.i.tle and the Emperor’s reward for Mu Yunyao, the three of them can’t afford to take it lightly . They should make inquiries before giving gifts . It would be better if they could give them what they like . On the eighth day, Cao Family’s Manor was cleaned and renewed, and Lady Jin got up early to start preparing . Cao Yunnian, who didn’t pay much attention to this at first, became more nervous as he carefully trimmed his beard in the mirror . He even deliberately took two sets of new clothes and asked Lady Jin to help him choose it .

As she personally helped him put on his clothes, she said softly, “It’s my fault . I’ve been thinking about how to arrange the banquet these few days, but I forgot to tell people to prepare more clothes for Master . ”

“Madam’s body is currently heavy, so you and the child should be the first . These two sets of clothes also made recently, so there’s no obstacle . ” Lady Jin smiled as she helped him arrange his clothes, then she put on her sewing purse before feeling satisfied . “Since Old Master thinks so highly of his foster daughter, Yao’er . Then when our child is born, we will definitely be blessed in the future . ”


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