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Chapter 36

Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 36

Mu Yunyao was also extremely satisfied with her work . As she looked at her picture, she felt that the Heavens will definitely be on her side . “We should do two more thorough checks before sending it to Spring Embroidery’s shopkeeper . ” Now, only the embroidery piece was done . Making it into a screen would still require some time, she had to get it to the shopkeeper as quick as possible .

“Right, we should hurry and send it to him, if this stays here for too long, I might spoil it with my gaze . ” The more Yang Shi looked at it, the happier she got . Many times she had to stop herself from touching it .

“Auntie, then, tomorrow, could you and Uncle Yang send us there?”

“Alright, I can’t possibly allow only the two of you to go by yourselves . I will head back and give my husband a heads up so he can ready the donkey . ”

“Auntie,” Mu Yunyao called out to her with a saddened expression . “Tomorrow, after we send the picture over, my Mother and I will be leaving . ”

“So soon?” Yang Shi’s heart tightened . She looked at Su Qing with sadness and said, “Sister Su Qing, have you both really decided to go?”

Su Qing nodded her head, “Zhang Caizhu’s case had already caused an uproar . Yunyao’s project has also become common knowledge amongst the people . Staying here is not good for our wellbeing . ”

Yang Shi sighed . “That’s true, people’s hearts cannot be trusted . Have you packed all your things already?”

Mu Yunyao shook her head . “We are not planning to let others know that we are leaving, thus we are leaving most of our things behind . Tomorrow, we are only bringing Grandma along with us . We will tell the rest that we are just bringing Grandma to the city to get her leg treated . ”

“En, true, you both already have quite a bit of money, you can just use it to buy your necessities . ” And towards their decision to bring Li Shi along, Yang Shi strongly did not approve . But she could not say anything about that as she was just an outsider .

The next day, Mu Yunyao brought Li Shi into the city . They were greeted by many people . When they heard that she was bringing Li Shi to the clinic to get her leg treated, they all sighed . This crazy old hag was incredibly fortunate to have such a daughter-in-law and granddaughter .

When they entered the city, Mu Yunyao left Li Shi to Yang Shi’s husband’s care and entered Spring Embroidery .

As the two month deadline got closer, the shopkeeper became increasingly impatient and nervous . If Mu Yunyao did not come today, he would have to go to the village to look at her progress . As he thought, he saw Mu Yunyao, Yang Shi and Su Qing enter through the door .

“Ladies, Miss, you have come . Please, come upstairs for some tea . ” The shopkeeper was all smiles as he quickly led the three to the second floor .

The tea had already been readied . Yang Shi was already quite thirsty, but as she remembered Mu Yunyao’s words, she forced herself not to reach over for a cup .

The shopkeeper’s attention was entirely on the picture and did not notice that small detail .

“Shopkeeper, the picture has been completed . Today, I have brought it over to you to let you have a look . ”

The shopkeeper had already covered a table with high quality white silk . Su Qing and Yang Shi carefully opened the picture and set it down on the table .

Mountains and rivers and ridges and peaks covered most of the picture . A stream of rapids went down from the highest of the Heavens . This mere embroidery piece seemed to hold all the beauty of Nature . The ones who behold this would feel tiny as they gazed at the vast landscape depicted in this picture . Mere flowery language were just not enough to describe its beauty .

There was silence in the room . After a long while, the shopkeeper sighed in admiration, “Your work is out of this world, Miss . Superlative craftsmanship!”

“I thank the shopkeeper for the compliment . As for the remaining 10 000 silvers, has the shopkeeper readied them?”


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