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Read Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue Chapter 163 – Shi Jue GET HIM OUT!

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Chapter 163: Where’s Chapter 163, Shi Jue GET HIM OUT!

Author: Leisurely and leisurely MACHINE TRANSLATION

Being stopped again and again, Xia Weiyang was furious.

She took a step forward, pushed the servant away, and rushed into the aristocratic family.

Unexpectedly, the servant staggered a step back and realized that Xia Weiyang had already entered. She could not help but fly into a rage and shouted as she chased after her, “stop! I told you to stop, did you hear me… ”

The Aristocratic family three years later did not change much from three years ago. Xia Weiyang ran straight into the backyard with ease.

Perhaps it was the noise, but it was very clear in the quiet night. In an instant, it attracted the attention of the other servants.

Some of the servants had naturally seen Xia Weiyang before and could not help but point and point.

“What’s so noisy? ” Suddenly, Xia Ningyan’s gentle and sharp voice came closer from afar.

“Young Madam, it’s this shameless woman who insisted on barging in. I’ll chase her away now. ” The Servant that followed quickly ran over and said to Xia Ningyan respectfully and fearfully.

Hearing this, Xia Ningyan followed the servant’s Gaze and looked over. When she saw that it was Xia Weiyang, she was slightly startled, but in the next moment, a strange smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

“Alright, I got it. You can leave first. ” Xia Ningyan waved her hand.

After the servant left with a puzzled gaze, Xia Ningyan puffed out her chest, raised her head high, and slowly walked towards Xia Weiyang arrogantly.

“sister, long time no see. ”

When Xia Ningyan came out, Xia Weiyang saw her.

She had long known that Xia Ningyan lived in an aristocratic family. When she came here, she also knew that it was inevitable that she would be able to meet Xia Ningyan.

However, she had to come for the child.

Whenever she thought that the child would fall into Xia Ningyan’s hands, she felt her entire body tremble with fear.

“where’s Shi Jue! ? ” Xia Weiyang went straight to the point.

“little sister, are you very familiar with my husband? ” Xia Ningyan did not answer Xia Weiyang’s question. Instead, she looked at her in surprise. Suddenly, she came to a realization “Oh, I remember now. You used to live in an aristocratic family for a period of time. d.a.m.n it, how could I have forgotten such a big thing? ”

Xia Ningyan was blaming herself, but her face was full of provocation. She looked at Xia Weiyang proudly.

“where’s Shi Jue! ” Xia Weiyang’s tone became heavy.

If it wasn’t for the child, she would have come here!

“sister, I’m not saying that you have nothing to do with ah jue anymore. It’s best that you don’t look for him anymore. You don’t know yet, but ah jue and I are in love… ” as she said that.. Xia Ningyan lowered her head shyly. “Ah Jue promised to give me the best wedding. ”

Xia Ningyan looked up blissfully and looked at Xia Weiyang with pleading eyes “sister, I know that you like Ah Jue too. But you don’t Love Ah Jue. In the past, you liked Zi Yin. You begged me and I gave it to you. Now you like Ah Jue again. Sister, this time I won’t give AH JUE TO YOU! ”

“I’ll ask again. Where’s Shi Jue? Tell him to come out! ”

She was not interested in listening to Xia Ningyan’s show of affection. Whether what Xia Ningyan said was true or not, it did not affect her. She only wanted to find Shi jue and ask if he had kidnapped the child.

“Ah Jue hasn’t returned yet. There are a lot of things going on in the company recently. Ah Jue is busy until late every day! ” Xia Ningyan’s tone was filled with heartache and worry “Sigh, I want to share Ah Jue’s worries, but ah Jue won’t let me go no matter what. He’s afraid that I’ll be tired. ”

Not here? ! !

Hearing this, Xia Weiyang narrowed her eyes.

Was she really not here, or did she not want to see her!

Then what should she do? ! !

Xia Weiyang was at a loss.

“Mommy. ” Suddenly, the child’s voice came from afar.


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