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Read Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue Chapter 601

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Chapter 601: Chapter 601: Let’s have a match

Author: Leisurely and leisurely MACHINE TRANSLATION

All of a sudden, Jin Yan’s eyes darted around as if he had thought of a good idea. He waved at Dian Dian and said, “let’s have a match. If I win, you’re not allowed to interfere in the matters between me and Du Du in the future. ”

“I don’t have any benefits! ” Dian Dian said disdainfully.

Upon hearing this, Jin Yan choked. In the next moment, he felt a little helpless and asked, “what benefits do you want? ”

Upon hearing this, Dian Dian Glanced at Jin Yan indifferently and frowned slightly. After thinking for a moment, she looked at him calmly and said, “I haven’t thought about it yet. How about this, you owe me one thing. ”

Although Dian Dian said it casually, Jin Yan was furious when he heard it.

“If I really agree to it, I’ll be a fool. One thing for you, I’m afraid, is to keep me away from du Du. ”

Dian Dian Gave Jin Yan a look that said, ‘you’re pretty smart. ‘.

Upon seeing this, Jin Yan almost died from anger.

He glared fiercely at Dian Dian and said, “find an opportunity for us to fight. ” As he said this, he waved his small fists and said, “If you don’t agree, you’ll be a girl. ”

Upon hearing this, Dian Dian Sneered and looked at Jin Yan with even more disdain. “You’re really capable, bullying the weak with the strong. ” However, in the next moment, she said, “I agree. I’ll let you know that you won’t be able to win just because you have an innate advantage. ”

As the person involved in this matter, Du Du had completely forgotten about these two little fellows at this moment.

She carried the cake and ran in front of Chu Yuan. As she ate the cake, she looked at him seriously.

Chu Yuan was baffled. What was this little fellow doing.

He looked at Shi Jue and asked, but Shi jue didn’t even bother to pay attention to him.

Feeling Helpless, she asked Xia Weiyang again. Xia Weiyang shook her head. At this moment, she really didn’t know what was going on in du Du’s little head.

Suddenly, Du Du said, “Uncle Chu, from now on, I don’t like you anymore. ” After saying that, she turned around and left.

Who asked Uncle Chu to give birth to a daughter? HMPH!

Chu Yuan left in a carefree manner, leaving Chu Yuan sitting there alone in a daze.

“Haha… ” Shen Lingxi laughed unkindly. “Look, even little darling doesn’t like you now. It shows how unwelcome you are. Now that my son’s birthday is over, you can leave now. ”

Chu Yuan smiled faintly. “I haven’t given you a gift yet. ” As he said that, Chu Yuan stood up and walked over with a gift specially prepared for Jin Yan.

He spoke in a gentle and amiable tone, giving off an amiable and amiable feeling. “Xiao Yan, this is a gift uncle Chu prepared for you. Uncle Chu would like to have a few words with you, is that alright? ”

“No! ” Jin Yan said coldly, not giving Chu Yuan any face at all.

He clearly remembered that it was all because of this fellow that Dian Dian had caught onto him and caused him to lose du Du as well.



Upon hearing this, the veins on Chu Yuan’s forehead bulged. If this fellow was not Shen Lingxi’s son, and if he was not pursuing Shen Lingxi, he could not offend him easily. Based on this kid’s tone, he would teach him a lesson at any time.

However, it didn’t matter. This kid would eventually be his son in the future.

When that time came, hmph… …

Seeing that he didn’t take this kid in for his own use, he made him ignore him and treat him coldly.

Although it was just a small birthday party, the children played until very late, and only stopped when they were tired.

Aristocratic families.

When they returned home, it was already close to ten o’clock.

The night was dark, cool, and carried a thick humidity.

When the car entered the gate of the aristocratic family, the speed of the car slowed down.

Suddenly, a short, fat, middle-aged man rolled over like a ball and blocked Shi jue’s car.


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