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Read Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue Chapter 687

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Chapter 687: Chapter 687 scheming, you are my woman

Author: Leisurely and leisurely MACHINE TRANSLATION

Suddenly, he stood up and walked over. Seeing this, the women immediately made way for him.

As He approached Xia Weiyang, fifth Qingyan bent down slightly and looked at her at close range. “woman… ”

Before Fifth Qingyan could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Xia Weiyang.

Looking at the person who was sticking to her like a dog skin plaster, Xia Weiyang felt stifled. “Fifth Qingyan, as I said before, my husband is only a jue. ”

As she said that, she took out an emerald green bracelet from her small bag and threw it to him. “I’ll return it to you. I’ll give it to your future wife in the future, right? ”

After saying that, she said to Yun Weiling who was behind her, “lingling, let’s go. ”

What bad luck.

They were just going out to have some fun, but they actually encountered such a terrible thing.

She even suspected that these people were here to find trouble with her.

Wasn’t that so?

Fifth Qingyan was indeed here for her.

And those women were naturally lured here by someone with good intentions.

Holding the bracelet in his hand, the fifth Qingyan’s pair of deep eyes stared deeply at Xia Weiyang’s back. The corners of his mouth curled up into a strange smile.

‘woman, you don’t have a chance anymore. I won’t give you another chance. ‘

He had actually rejected me time and time again.

My woman, how could I give it to someone else

My woman, as expected, needs to be properly trained, trained, and taught. I’ll let you know who your man is!

The rest of the women, almost everyone’s gazes, were all attracted by the bracelet in the fifth Qingyan’s hand. Although a bracelet wasn’t worth much, it seemed like the fifth Qingyan had specially prepared it for his future wife. He really wanted to wear it on his wrist.

If they could be the wives of such a man, they would be so happy that they would wake up from their dreams.

Among the men nowadays, there were a few who were eye-catching. Compared to fifth Qingyan, there was a huge difference.

The few women of the Yun family rolled their eyes and a scheme flashed through their minds.


They breathed in the fresh air.

The few of them took a few more mouthfuls greedily.

“Aiya, the air outside is still fresh, ” Yun weiling said exaggeratedly. She even sniffed hard.

“Yeah, it’s really stinky inside, ” Yun Zihan said as he turned around and glared at the women who were still by the window.

Yun Chuxia also nodded in agreement.

“They are all bad people! ” Du Du, who was lying on Yun Zihan’s shoulder, pouted her small mouth. She was very angry, and her pair of large watery eyes fiercely glared at the people inside the window.


Although she didn’t understand their words, it definitely wasn’t anything good. The little guy remembered their looks in his heart.

Although Dian Dian didn’t speak, her pair of Sharp Eagle Eyes were suffused with a cold light.

The few women in the store naturally saw their gazes, and most of them glared back.

However, when some of the Yun family’s people saw the two little ones, a vicious light flashed through their eyes, and a strange smile appeared on the corner of their lips.

“Alright, there are many of these kinds of people in this world. If we are going to be calculative with them, are we going to do anything else? ” Xia Weiyang couldn’t help but comfort them.

She couldn’t be bothered to be calculative. If it wasn’t for them going overboard just now, she wouldn’t have made a move.

It was simply dirtying her hands.

These people were just showing off with their words. If they really did something, she would definitely not be merciful.

“sister, you are too kind. If I were to say this kind of woman, I would beat them hard and make them talk dirty! ” Yun weiling’s face was dark and full of anger.

“exactly. Sister, you don’t care. Sometimes they think you are afraid of them. ”

Xia Weiyang smiled. She was not kind! ? ?

If she was cruel, she would be very vicious.

Just as she was about to speak, two figures suddenly entered her sight. A man and a woman, and the man was so familiar.


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