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Read Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue Chapter 872

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Read WebNovel Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue Chapter 872

Chapter 872: Chapter 872: Bad Taste

Author: Leisurely and leisurely MACHINE TRANSLATION

Yun Weiyang watched as the old man went upstairs and disappeared. She then retracted her gaze and asked, “Jue, is grandfather really alright? ” After all, no matter how bad that person was, he was still his son.

Her own son had become like this. Other than feeling resentful that he had failed to live up to his expectations, her grandfather also blamed himself.

Holding Yun Weiyang in his arms, Shi Jue’s large hand gently stroked her hair. “It’s alright. Let grandfather be alone for a while. Once you’ve thought it through, everything will be fine. ”

Yun Weiyang nodded. This was the only thing they could do now.

Other than grandfather figuring it out, they wouldn’t be able to help him even if they helped him. “Let the numbers bring the little treasures back, ” Yun Weiyang suddenly said.

“They’ve already gone to fetch them. ”

Suddenly, Yun Weiyang’s eyes rolled around slyly. The corners of her mouth held a smug smile as she looked at Shi jue mysteriously.

Shi Jue was stunned when he saw this. He didn’t quite understand what was going on.

What was his Yang ‘er thinking of again.

However, as long as Yang ‘er wanted to play, he would play with her.

Hugging Shi Jue’s arm, Yun Weiyang leaned against his body and looked up at him. “Jue, tonight, I want to announce something. You will definitely be very happy to hear it. ”

Oh! ? ?

Hearing this, Shi jue’s interest was piqued. He raised his eyebrows. “Is that so! Then I’m looking forward to it. ”

“I guarantee that I won’t let YOU DOWN! ” Yun Weiyang’s eyes were filled with smiles at this moment. She kept looking at Shi jue and at him.

So she had always been in his heart.

From the beginning, Jue had a good impression of her. He wanted him to remember that there was only one girl in his heart, and that was her.

Looking at his Yang ‘er smiling so blissfully and brilliantly, Shi jue narrowed his Eagle Eyes. What was it that made her so happy? He really hoped that the sky would turn dark soon.

It was night.

After coaxing the two babies to sleep, Yun Weiyang and her husband could not wait to return to their bedroom.

The moment they entered the door, Shi jue bent down and carried Yun Weiyang horizontally. He looked at her lovingly as he slowly walked towards their big bed.

“Yang ‘er, you can tell us now, right? ”

Ever since this girl had kept him in suspense today, she had been smiling mysteriously. She was simply reminding him at every moment, causing his heart to itch.

As she wrapped her arms around Shi Jue’s neck, the corners of Yun Weiyang’s mouth curled up. She rolled her eyes and a crafty look flashed across her eyes. She bit her moist lips before opening her mouth. “Mm, I won’t tell you for now. Go take a shower quickly. I’ll tell you after I’m done. ”

At the end of her sentence, Yun Weiyang was obviously very pleased with herself.

The more anxious Shi jue was, the more she wanted to continue hanging on to him. Haha, this feeling of only knowing the secret was too great.

How could Shi jue not know of Yun Weiyang’s bad taste? He sighed helplessly, but his Eagle Eyes were full of indulgence. He gently placed her on the bed, pulled the blanket over her legs, and pinched her nose. “I really can’t do anything to you. ”

With that, Shi jue got up and walked to the wardrobe. He took his pajamas and went into the bathroom.

Before entering the bathroom, Shi jue looked back at the treacherous Yun Weiyang with a smile and shook his head helplessly.

Hearing the door close, for a moment, Yun Weiyang heard the sound of splashing water.

The next moment, Yun Weiyang holding the quilt in bed rolling.

HA-HA… …

I’m so excited. I’m so excited.

She waited a moment to say it, and her heart kept pounding.

A moment, Yun Weiyang roll enough, get up, trot to the bathroom door, the body against the door, side ears to listen to the movement inside.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened without warning.


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