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Chapter 48 Job Transition

Ten days later, in front of a cave’s  entrance in the academy’s eastern wing, the seven students of Cla.s.s 256 were all waiting.

The cave was like the big demon’s mouth, facing the seven students, seemingly preparing to swallow the whole world. From outside, the cave looked pitch black without a tinge of light, as if it was hiding all the chaos in the world.

This was one of the secret realms in Kirst Royal Knight Academy.

In front of the secret realm, Barbara, Ferdinand, and the other aristocrats looked at the pitch black cave, each of them with complicated looks on their faces. Some of them were amazed, some were astonished, some hopeful, and some wore killing auras.

None of them would have thought that ten days after they had submitted their application forms, Kaunitz would submit a request to enter the secret realm so that he would undergo his first job transition. This was simply unbelievable.

“Do you guys think that he can succeed?” said Barbara furrowing her brows tightly. “Complete the job transition in just ten days? Is Tresia Clan’s preparation so complete?”

Although they did not have as much inside information as the Empire had, having inherited information from generations and generations of mediocre aristocratic clans on their side, they had their fair share of research and information.

It was obvious that Kaunitz started to prepare for the first job transition long before even entering the Prefectural Selection. And clearly, this job was one of the seventeen provided by the school.

One could only imagine the price that Tresia had paid in order to get access to information regarding the first transition, thus being able to prepare Kaunitz since childhood. This allowed him to meet the requirements for the job transition in just ten days after choosing, allowing him to enter the secret realm in order to undergo the transition process.

Hearing Barbara’s question, Ferdinand, dressed in a white suit coldly said, “Without absolute confidence, Kaunitz would not enter. However, to be able to complete the job transition within ten days… This must have already broken the records in Kirst Knight Academy, right?”

At that moment, d.i.c.k’s voice rang out, “He really will have broken the records, as long as he succeeds…” As Cla.s.s 256’s instructor, he was naturally concerned for Kaunitz’s results, especially since they  would affect his own performance appraisal in the academy.

At the same time, d.i.c.k was overjoyed to see Kaunitz’s performance. To him, students such as him, from aristocratic clans and with a docile att.i.tude, were the most outstanding ones.

Comparatively, Fang Xingjian’s actions had made him burn with anger. Not only did Fang Xingjian treat his own future like a child’s play, he had even affected the results of his instructor’s performance appraisal.

From the side, Barbara asked, “Teacher, what about Fang Xingjian? Is he still aiming for the Windstorm Sword Hero?”

d.i.c.k’s face turned grim as he said, “The Headmaster has given him three months…. Hmph, if not for the fact that this rascal had gotten Lord Huang Lin’s appreciation, how would he still be allowed to mess around. This is simply unacceptable.”

Barbara smiled and said, “Haha, this poor chap really doesn’t know any better. Teacher, no need to be angry at him. When he realises that he’s unable to complete in the transition, he will naturally become crestfallen. And then he’ll choose his job properly.”

A cold flicker shone in d.i.c.k’s eyes. He had disliked Fang Xingjian from the bottom of his heart, from the first moment he had laid eyes on him. Many events ever since had also proven that the other party was trouble. Big trouble.

However, luck had it that this trouble got himself an amazing teacher. In fact, if not for Huang Lin, he would have forced Fang Xingjian to choose his job properly and would not have let him fool around, talking about Windstorm Sword Hero.

On the other hand, although Jack and Anthony were from commoner families and were not actually close with Kaunitz, since he was the first person to go to the secret realm and to go through the job transition, they obviously wanted to take a look for themselves, and thus acc.u.mulate some experience for their own future transitions.

Jack’s eyes were fixed on the secret realm’s entrance as he said, “Do you think that Kaunitz will succeed? Ten days… Completing the transition in merely ten days?”

“I think it’s likely that he will succeed.” Anthony let out a sigh and said, “These aristocrats are rich in resources, and just by getting those few Knights from their clan to plan out his training schedule for years ahead, it’s already enough for him to get a much better head start than us.”

Although the Empire forbid all Knights to divulge information relation to job transitions, Knights giving pointers to their juniors were not included under this clause. Even the Knight a.s.sociation would not step in. It was considered an unspoken rule amongst the Empire’s aristocratic powers.

Amidst everyone’s chatterings, a great explosive sound rang out, a great tremor came all the way to their feet, and a raging wind blew from the cave’s entrance. The strong wind was like a grade ten tornado, so strong that many people could not keep their eyes open.

d.i.c.k was the only one who stood there, unwavering, his eyes wide open, staring in the direction of the cave.

As Cla.s.s 256’s instructor, he was also a Knight who had completed his first job transition long ago, and he had the basic ability which all Knights who had undergone their first transitions had, namely Reduced Force Field.

Such a force field was made from applying waves and mental cultivation methods to communicate with the ether particles which were everywhere. It allowed one to transmit one’s own physical strength anywhere within a ten meter range, forming a force field. However, with the fading of the Waves during transmission, such an ability could at most display only half of the person’s strength.

Putting up a force field as a barrier before him, d.i.c.k was not affected by the raging winds in the least, and he saw Kaunitz’s figure gradually come out from the secret realm.

“He’s out!”

“Has he succeeded?”

“Has he completed the first transition?”

Everyone had their gazes fixed on Kaunitz, who had just stepped out of the secret realm. A proud smile broke out on the latter’s face.

After exiting the secret realm, Kaunitz stretched out his palm towards Jack and Anthony, and with a light grasp the two of them flew up in midair, as if they had been wrapped by a big invisible hand and then lifted up.


“It’s Reduced Force Field!”

Jack hollered, “Kaunitz, what are you doing?!”

“Are you crazy?” Anthony asked. “It is forbidden for students to attack each other in the academy.”

“Hmph hmph.” Kaunitz gave a cold snort and with a wave of his palm, he tossed the two of them to the ground, bruising them.

Looking at the two’s infuriated gazes, he calmly said, “I’m only trying out my abilities after going through the job transition.”

d.i.c.k smiled and walked over, giving Kaunitz a hug and saying, “Congratulations. You are the fastest person to ever complete the first transition in the academy’s entire history.”

Afterwards, he turned towards Jack, Anthony and the others and continued, “You guys must learn from Kaunitz. Don’t be like some people who indulge in wishful thinking all the time.”

A cold smile appeared in the corner of Kaunitz’s lips, and he looked at Jack and said, “You two can go tell Fang Xingjian that I’ve completed my first transition. I’m looking forward to teaching him a good lesson in two and a half months.

“He’ll learn who is the one who truly deserves the Prefectural Champion t.i.tle, and who is the true genius.”

After this, the group made a proud exit, leaving Jack and Anthony looking at each other in dismay.

Much later, Jack asked, “Do you remember what was the first transition job that Kaunitz applied for?”

Anthony swallowed and said, “Six Armed Asura. The requirements are that all attributes have to be at least 30 points. One must have three specific specialities, namely Mult.i.task, Invertebrato1 and Extreme Eruption. And on top of that, one must know over ten sets of sword techniques.”

“Out of the seventeen, it is the job with the highest attack power.”


[1] Invertebrato – Soft and boneless as though it were an invertebrate


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