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Chapter 20 – Magical Treasure Fragment

Translated by: Pumpkin
Edited by: Earl, Ch40s, and Fumma 

The Icethread Spider was swatted by Ye Xiaozheng and crashed onto the wall, causing bits and pieces of rock to crumble and fly apart. Such a strength, had it been an ordinary level two demonic beast instead, it would likely be directly smashed into a puddle of blood. However, this Icethread Spider only gave off a miserable shriek and then jumped back out like a rubber ball. It seemed to had only been slightly injured. Level three demonic beasts were, after all, level three demonic beasts.

The Icethread Spider behind them had started creating a web behind them. Hearing the miserable shriek of this Icethread Spider, the Icethread Spider behind them stopped the web weaving process, even though the web was half complete, and left the cave exit. With a frightening speed, it began to crawl toward Ye Xiaozheng.

As for the third Icethread Spider, although its body was burned at multiple locations, this Icethread Spider was emitting a layer of cold energy around its body. This caused Nangong Yuqing’s Fire Rain Technique to be unable to cause much harm to it anymore.

The temperature in the cave became colder and colder. Layers of white frost have began to appear on the stone walls.

“First kill this Icethread Spider with all our strength!”

Following Lin Daoyi’s voice, a rumble was heard. A fireball smashed onto the Icethread Spider that was swatted by Ye Xiaozheng to the wall earlier.

Lin Daoyi actually cast another Fireball Talisman that Wei Suo had made.

“Puu puu puu!”

At this moment, the Icethread Spider that came rushing over from the exit, was already approaching Ye Xiaozheng. Although the ice threads that it continuously shot from its abdomen was unable to pierce through Ye Xiaozheng’s body, the dense cold energy from the ice threads had caused Ye Xiaozheng to feel very uncomfortable. The freezing had caused Ye Xiaozheng’s body to become rigid.

“This level three mid-level demonic beast, isn’t its skin a bit too tough?”

Seeing that Ye Xiaozheng’s life was not in danger, Wei Suo and Ye Guwei continued to cast Cyan Water Blades and Water Arrows toward the Icethread Spider that was. .h.i.t by the Fireball. There was already dark red colored foam coming out from that Icethread Spider’s mouth. However, even after Wei Suo and Ye Guwei continued to cast over a dozen Cyan Water Blades and Water Arrows, they were only able to cause three to four more wounds on that Icethread Spider. Even now, surprisingly, they were still unable to kill that Icethread Spider.

On the contrary, this Icethread Spider ignored Wei Suo and them. Instead, it was shooting ice threads at Ye Xiaozheng as if it’s life depended on it. It froze Ye Xiaozheng so much that his teeth started to stutter. As for the heavy sword that he held, the movement of that had turned into slow motion. It was simply impossible for the sword to hit any of the Icethread Spiders now.


Right at this moment, a ray of blue light was suddenly shot from before Nangong Yuqing. It landed on the Icethread Spider that she was handling. This blue light’s speed was several times faster than the Blazing Fire Blade that she had used earlier. Not only were Wei Suo and them unable to see it clearly, the Icethread Spider was also unable to dodge it in time. With a ‘puu’ sound, a hole appeared in that Icethread Spider’s head. The blue light flew back to Nangong Yuqing’s hand.

“What sort of thing is that? It’s that powerful, could it be a magical treasure?”

Seeing the might of that blue light, Wei Suo, Ye Guwei and them were all astonished. After having its head pierced through, that Icethread Spider fell to the ground and became motionless. As for Nangong Yuqing, after she cast this blue light, she had consumed a great portion of her True Elemental Energy. She immediately took out a bottle of Energy Recovery Medicine and gulped it down.

Seeing that Nangong Yuqing seemed to be unable to deal with the other two Icethread Spiders for the time being and that Ye Xiaozheng seemed to be in imminent danger, Ye Guwei became a bit worried and took out a cyan colored talisman.

“Level one Cyan Wood Talisman!”

After her True Elemental Energy was sent into the talisman, the cyan colored talisman turned into a lump of cyan colored energy and turned into a cyan colored stake the thickness of a person. It ruthlessly smashed onto that Icethread Spider that had been hit by the Fireball Talisman earlier.

After being smashed by the heavy cyan colored stake, this Icethread Spider was dying. Its hairy legs were twitching nonstop. Blood began to flow out from its mouth.

The final Icethread Spider saw that the situation had gone bad and jumped toward the snow white colored spider threads that covered the top of the cave and hung on them.

In this sort of circ.u.mstances, Wei Suo and the rest naturally did not wish to allow this Icethread Spider to escape. However, the defense of the Icethread Spider, was very high. On top of that, their speed was also very fast and also possessed intelligence. Thus, even though Wei Suo and them were all casting their techniques where some of them managed to hit the Icethread Spider, that Icethread Spider took no note of the damages and continued to climb upward as if it’s life depended on it. Right when the Icethread Spider seemed to be able to make its getaway.


After a slight hesitation, Wei Suo took out the only level two Cold Ice Talisman that he had.

With how fast this Icethread Spider was running away, even if Wei Suo used a Fireball Talisman, it was not certain that it would hit this Icethread Spider.

As for the level two Cold Ice Talisman, it contained an attack range of around twenty feet. As for its strength, it was much more powerful than a level one Fireball Talisman. Although a single level two Cold Ice Talisman cost three Low Quality Spiritual Stones, an Icethread Spider was worth more than sixty Low Quality Spiritual Stones. After comparing the two, Wei Suo had no choice but to grudgingly use the three Low Quality Spiritual Stone.

“Level two Cold Ice Talisman?”

After Wei Suo infused the level two Cold Ice Talisman with his True Elemental Energy, a lump of ice-cold and bone-chilling white colored mist immediately started to emit nonstop from the Cold Ice Talisman. It instantly turned into many sparkling and translucent ice granules before Wei Suo. In an instant, the temperature in the cave become much colder again.

Seeing this scene, Nangong Yuqing displayed a very shocked expression on her beautiful face. It seemed as if she never expected someone like Wei Suo who appeared to be an extremely penniless good-for-nothing cultivator to have, on top of the Spiritual Heavenly Jade Ornament, a level two Cold Ice Talisman.


Right when Nangong Yuqing was looking at Wei Suo with a slightly shocked expression, Wei Suo waved his hand and the level two Cold Ice Talisman that had turned into a large lump of cold air filled with ice granules was cast toward the Icethread Spider. It smashed onto the Icethread Spider that was rapidly fleeing.

“A level two technique talisman is indeed worthy of being a level two technique talisman. It’s this powerful!”

Wei Suo immediately saw that the Icethread Spider had been frozen stiff. Right after, layers of cold ice appeared on its body and the ice thread that it was climbing on. As if in an instant, the entire Icethread Spider turned into a lump of ice. The white colored spider thread also turned into a long beam of ice.

After Wei Suo and the rest cast several Cyan Water Blades, Water Arrows and other techniques on the lump of ice, it immediately started to crack. Shortly after, it shattered. As for the vicious Icethread Spider, surprisingly, it also shattered into several pieces alongside the lump of ice. It was so dead that it cannot be any more dead.

“Fortunately, Brother Wei Suo has a level two Cold Ice Talisman. Otherwise, this Icethread Spider would’ve escaped.” Seeing that the final Icethread Spider was killed, Lin Daoyi displayed a relieved expression and smiled to Wei Suo.

“Unfortunately, it had been frozen and shattered into several pieces. That’s a few Spiritual Stones lost there.” Wei Suo looked to the Icethread Spider that had been shattered into several pieces and felt a deep sense of heartache.

“That’s nothing much. At the very most, we’ve lost a single Icethread Spider’s leather. After all, the most precious parts of the Icethread Spiders, their Devil Pellets and the thread sacks, were all undamaged.” Lin Daoyi smiled. He then pointed to the Icemist Fruit Tree on the wall. “Furthermore, that Icemist Fruit Tree and the Cold Jade in the wall is sufficient to compensate for all of our losses.”

Hearing what Lin Daoyi said, Ye Xiaozheng and Ye Guwei also displayed excited expressions.

Three Icethread Spiders, two Gray Rock Serpents and the Icemist Fruit Tree was already worth more than three hundred fifty Low Quality Spiritual Stones combined. Even if they were to split this among the five of them equally, each of them would be able to get at least seventy Low Quality Spiritual Stones. This was already an extremely and pleasantly surprising harvest.

“Oh, that’s right. Nangong Yuqing, that blue light that you cast earlier was extremely powerful. It managed to kill an Icethread Spider right away. May I know if it was a magical treasure? Furthermore, why didn’t you use it to deal with the other Icethread Spiders?” Lin Daoyi looked to Nangong Yuqing and asked.

“With a martial prowess like mine, how could I possibly have a powerful magical treasure? It was merely a shattered fragment of a magical treasure.” Nangong Yuqing shook her head. She extended her hand. “This magical treasure fragment still contains a portion of the magical treasure’s might. Merely, it can only be used once every forty eight hours. Furthermore, it consumes a great amount of my True Elemental Energy every time I use it. If that wasn’t the case, I would’ve already used it to deal with the Icethread Spider that was escaping.”

“This is a magical treasure fragment that could still be used?” In curiosity, Wei s…o…b..gan to examine the fragment on Nangong Yuqing’s hand.

On Nangong Yuqing’s fair hand was a thin fragment with an irregular shape. From a single glance, it appeared like a piece of shattered flower vase’s porcelain. This fragment had a pretty dark blue color to it and was created of something semitransparent. Wei Suo was unable to tell if it was composed of metal or jade. On this fragment was some simple and unadorned writings. It was also emitting a layer of rich brilliance.

Wei Suo knew that there were magical treasures from ancient times that was damaged with portions that still contained some portion of the magical treasure’s might. As for the might of magical treasures, many of them surpa.s.sed technique talismans. Thus, although some magical treasure fragments only contained the might of a portion of the original spiritual treasure, it was also extremely frightening. From the scene where Nangong Yuqing had used this magical treasure fragment, this magical treasure fragment’s might surpa.s.sed that of level two technique talismans. Since it could only be used once every forty eight hours, this magical treasure fragment would cost at least thirty Low Quality Spiritual Stones.

“So that was the case… Eh, what is that thing in that man’s bosom?” Lin Daoyi nodded. He then suddenly looked at the dried corpse to the right of everyone and cried out in surprise.

“What is that thing?” Wei Suo was startled. He followed Lin Daoyi’s gaze and looked to the dried corpse’s bosom. However, right at this moment, his eyes turned black. The fire light in Lin Daoyi’s hand suddenly died out.


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