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“Take out the Jadebone Demon Dragon’s spirit stones first.” Zhen Chongming ordered the Jade Bone Demonic Dragon, “Otherwise, I’m afraid that when the price is decided, you won’t have enough spirit stones to buy my item.”

“Oh? Dao Friend Zhen, wait a moment. ” The white robed cultivator nodded his head towards a disciple beside him before smiling and saying, “Fellow Daoist Zhen, please do not worry. Without further ado, several millions of low-grade spirit stones will be available in the future.”

“With a few million spirit stones, I can still make do.” Zhen Chongming nodded his head but did not take out the rest of the things as he waited for the spirit stones to be taken out.

“Is a few million spirit stones worth it?” Why is this fellow so arrogant? What other good stuff does he have on him? ” Hearing his words, the surrounding cultivators all became even more excited and excited.

When the middle-aged cultivator in white heard this, an undetectable light flickered in his eyes. However, he still maintained a stoic expression on his face.

“Dao Friend Zhen, here are five hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones. You can take a look.” Moments later, the disciple from the Treasure Pavilion walked out and handed two storage bags over to the white robed middle-aged man. The white robed middle-aged man then handed one of the storage bags over to Zhen Chongming before putting the other one back into his sleeve.

“Manager Yu is so straightforward and the Treasure Pavilion has such credibility. There’s no need to be more careful.” Zhen Chongming directly put away the storage bag that contained the spirit stones. Then, he patted his own storage bag and concentrated his true essence into it. With a flash of silver light, he retrieved the corpses of the two Silver Scaled Demon Beasts.

“What kind of demonic beast is this?”

“It’s actually a humanoid demon beast!”

“The aura of this demon beast is in no way inferior to that of the Jade Bone Demon Dragon, and its rank is at least at the high rank of the sixth rank!”


The moment these two Silver Scaled Demon Beasts were taken out, the surrounding cultivators immediately went into an uproar. Even the middle-aged white robed cultivator couldn’t help but reveal a trace of shock in his eyes.

Although he had no idea what these two silver-scaled demon beasts were, he was certain that they weren’t inferior to the Jade Bone Dragon in terms of rank.

“Right, take out one more beast. I want all three of them to come up with a price.” After talking about these three demon beasts, we’ll talk about other things. ” However, Zhen Chongming smacked his head as if he remembered something. He then smacked the storage bag and retrieved another demonic beast.

This Demonic Beast was the Dual-Headed Demonic Beast that Wei Suo had found in the Small Heaven Realm. The rank of this two-headed demonic beast was not inferior to that of the Silver Scaled Beast.

“What kind of demon beast is this?”

“Look at the skin of this demonic beast. Look at its aura. This demonic beast seems to be even stronger than these two demonic beasts.”

“Ah, he’s only at the first level of the Fragmentation Realm. How could he have so many high ranking demon beasts?” With this kind of demonic beast, even if the two of them combined, one Aurous Core stage cultivator would still not be a match for it! “

Once this two-headed demonic beast was brought out, the surrounding cultivators all sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Fellow Daoist Zhen, please forgive me for being inexperienced. I can only see that these three demonic beasts are not inferior to the Jade Bone Demonic Dragon. Could you explain to me what these three are so that I can experience them?” The white clothed middle-aged cultivator couldn’t help but ask as he looked at the three demonic beasts.

“You don’t even know this, but luckily you came out to open a shop, so you still have the nerve to be a shopkeeper? If you don’t recognize these three things, then you definitely won’t recognize this either? ” Hearing the middle-aged white robed cultivator’s words, the face of Zhen Chongming, who was originally very satisfied with the middle-aged white robed cultivator, stiffened as he said this in an unfriendly tone. At the same time, he slapped his bag and took out a pale white, egg-sized thing.

This object had a round appearance and was covered in many dense cracks as well as mysterious and indescribable runes. It emitted waves of multicolored light and a terrifying aura.

“What is this?!”

The moment this object was taken out, all the surrounding cultivators felt a chill run down their spines. Especially the cultivators who were closer to Zhen Chongming, they unconsciously retreated a few steps back. This was because the aura exuded by this object was unbearable to them. They felt that they would soon be destroyed, as if they were facing a calamity of destruction.

The middle-aged cultivator’s expression changed. The first thing that Zhen Chongming took out from this pill gave him a feeling that it was an Aurous Core Stage pill. However, the aurous core was at least at the second level of the Aurous Core stage. Moreover, it was obvious that even the aurous core had been refined into some kind of extremely powerful magic tool that could explode at any moment.

“Do you know what this is?” Once he took out this item, the stunned Zhen Chongming said as he disdainfully looked at the white robed middle-aged man.

“Could this be some kind of magic tool refined from the golden core of a great cultivator?” The middle-aged man took a deep breath, hesitated a bit, and said.

“In the end, you still don’t know and you don’t know. Do you really need me to tell you?” Let me tell you, I hate talking business with people I don’t know. I hate people who are stupid. Since the business was done, he decided to sell it to another store. It would seem that this Treasure school has a false reputation and does not even have a knowledgeable person. ” Zhen Chongming disdainfully took out the spirit stone bag that he just received. It seemed that even the Jade Bone Demonic Dragon was not sold to the Treasure Pavilion.

“This guy is really too stupid. He looks like he has a bad brain, but he actually hates idiots the most.”

“This guy’s brain looks really tenacious.” The Treasure Pavilion was going to lose face this time. But now that Ji Ya has married into Dongyao Resort, isn’t the Treasure Pavilion backed by Dongyao Resort? I heard that Dong Qingyi is a vindictive person with a narrow-minded mind, isn’t he afraid of Dongyao Resort’s revenge? “

This action of Zhen Chongming left the surrounding cultivators dumbstruck.

The white robed middle-aged man’s expression changed and a killing intent flashed in his eyes. However, at this moment, a slightly cold voice clearly sounded out from the side near the door, “Who said that the Treasure Pavilion is just for show and doesn’t even have a knowledgeable person?”

“It’s me. Why, I’m such a big person standing here, you’re a fool!” After saying this, Zhen Chongming turned his head away.

“Eh?” All the cultivators present were shocked to see that the one who had just spoken was a female cultivator wearing a purple palace attire.

Although this female cultivator had a veil covering her face, just her body gave off a peerless feeling.

“He’s also a woman.” Zhen Chongming scratched his head as he said hoa.r.s.ely, “Who are you? Why are you speaking up for the Treasure Pavilion? What, are you from the Treasure Pavilion as well?”

The purple robed female cultivator did not directly answer, but reached out to remove the veil covering her face.

Everyone present felt as if their eyes abruptly lit up, and many of them even stopped breathing. They felt that this woman’s eyes and teeth were bright, and her skin was as white as jade, and was shockingly gorgeous. Furthermore, this female cultivator naturally emitted a cold and n.o.ble aura, causing people to not dare to have any profane thoughts.


Suddenly, someone exclaimed in disbelief.

The eyes of the middle-aged cultivator in white and all the employees of the Treasure Pavilion shrunk as their faces unconsciously revealed expressions of disbelief.

“Jia!” “It’s Jia!”

The cultivators that were spectating at the scene were instantly stirred.

Some of the cultivators present had seen Jia Ya’s face before, but the majority of the cultivators present had never seen Jia Ya before. Most of the cultivators present had never seen Jia Ya’s face, but the majority of the cultivators present had never seen Jia Ya before.

“Ji Ya has returned to the Treasure Pavilion!”

“Jia is in the main hall of the Treasure Pavilion!”

All of a sudden, this news spread like wildfire throughout Spirit Mountain. Most of the cultivators that heard this news immediately rushed towards the Treasure Pavilion.

“Jia? You are the head manager of the Treasure Pavilion, Jia Ya? “My mother is indeed beautiful.” This was also the first time Zhen Chongming looked as if he had seen Jia for the first time, “But didn’t you marry into Dongyao Resort? Why is he here? “

“Why am I here? You will know very soon.” Jia said in an icy tone and slowly walked forward. The cultivators around her automatically opened up a path for her.

“Since big shopkeeper Ji Ya has shown up, we can still talk about this business.” Zhen Chongming laughed, “But Eldest Manager Ji Ya, do you really recognize these items?”

At this moment, the middle-aged white robed cultivator seemed to have come back to his senses, and he secretly gave a look to the shop a.s.sistant beside him. Then the sales clerk also seemed to come back to his senses, quietly and quickly walking inside.

Jia seemed not to have noticed this detail as she nodded and said without any unnecessary words, “Those two Silver Scaled Demon Beasts should be a variant of Blue Faced Asura, a Demon Beast at or above the peak of the sixth level. This two-headed Demon Beast is also a Water Type Demon, an ancient beast of the highest level of the sixth level. However, this demon beast should be an elder-level demon beast, so its aura is a little different from before. “

“Rating Dual Headed Demon! That’s right, it was a Dual Headed Demon! I have seen the description of this demon beast in the ancient books! ” Amongst the surrounding cultivators, one of the cultivators reacted and shouted.

“As for the pill in your hand, it is naturally an Extinction Gold Pill refined from the Aurous Core of a supreme cultivator.” Ji Ya didn’t even pause as she continued, “Once this magical equipment is activated, the explosive power of its explosion is only slightly stronger than that of a self-detonating golden core. It seems that even a third level Aurous Core stage cultivator might not be able to withstand this Extinction Gold Pill in your hands. “

“Metal Extinguishing Pill!” This is also a magical artifact that only existed in the ancient times! ” Amongst the cultivators that were watching, the exclamations of many other cultivators could be heard. As for the white robed middle-aged cultivator, his expression became even more unsightly. A light flashed in his eyes as he seemed to be calculating something.

“Good!” “It seems that I have underestimated the Treasure Pavilion.” At this time, Zhen Chongming laughed out loud as he pa.s.sed the Destructive Gold Pill to Ji Ya, “I will sell this magical treasure and all these demonic beasts to you. To be able to meet with the big shopkeeper, Ji Ya, and her so knowledgeable and knowledgeable, it doesn’t matter if the price is lower. “

“Alright!” Ji Ya nodded her head and did not refuse. She took the pellet into her hands and used her storage pouch to store the Jade Bone Demonic Dragon and the other three beast corpses, then coldly said, “As for the other three beasts and this pellet, we will consider it two million and five hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones.” “No matter how many spirit stones you have, my Treasure Pavilion won’t be able to afford them today. Fellow Daoist Zhen, what do you think?”

“No problem.” Zhen Chongming laughed as he agreed.

“In that case, Manager Yu, please count the amount of spirit stones you have to pay him.” Ji Ya nodded as she stared coldly at the middle-aged cultivator.


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