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“The strongest protective magical formation has been activated. Could it be that a Divine Xuan expert is attacking the entrance to the mountain?”

Wei Suo stretched out his hand and put away the gray bone coffin. He immediately followed the Yin Lihua out.

When he first arrived at the Yin Corpse Sect, he had specifically asked Yin Lihua, and knew that the Yin Corpse Sect’s strongest protective formation was the Yin Ghastly Manor’s array, which could block the Divine Profound experts. The Yin Corpse Sect was one of the strongest sects in the surrounding thirty-two cities, and it was also one of the strongest sects among the three, and it was made clear to others that the Yin Corpse Sect had three great Aurous Core stage cultivators who dared to directly attack the sect, and could force the Yin Corpse Sect to open this protective formation.

“It’s a white-haired, white-robed, divine elder who cultivates the supreme path of the sword. He is attacking our sect’s restrictive spells!”

As he followed Yin Lihua out of the Corpse Sect’s secret scripture area, Ye Wushang’s voice could be heard.

“It’s Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. He actually dared to cross the border and forcefully attack the mountain gates of the Cloud Spirit Continent.”

With that one sentence, Wei Suo, Yin Lihua, and the others immediately reacted. Right now, the one who was attacking the mountain gate was none other than Heavenly Sword Sect’s Divine Profound Supreme Elder, Huang Jue.


Wei Suo, Yin Lianhua, and the rest did not pause for even a moment. They had just appeared in the valley where the grey bone tablets were erected. Another loud explosion resounded in the sky.

The air outside the Corpse Sect gave off a feeling as if someone was violently shaking a piece of rag.

An enormous bronze colored Sword Lord stood in the pitch black sky that seemed to be completely covered by dark clouds. Sword-light condensed from over 10,000 streams of origin energy danced around it, forming an unimaginable flood and creating an extremely loud sound.

Within the Corpse Sect, many parts of the mountain and many ancient buildings were glowing. Countless rays of light intertwined together, forming countless bright lines in the sky.

Profound runes of light that were like strings dancing revolved around the entire Corpse Sect. From within these bright runes of light, an incomparably mournful ghostly wail came out, and from within, a black demon G.o.d with two heads and six arms appeared, his lower body covered in light runes.

This black demon G.o.d was roughly the same size as Huangpu’s peerless Mysterious G.o.d. They were currently standing together.

Waves of buzzing sounds could be heard, all because of the clashing of the six arms of the roaring black demon G.o.d.

At this moment, other than the Yin Corpse Sect cultivators who were guarding the various restrictions, all the other Yin Corpse Sect cultivators had already appeared in the various buildings of the Yin Corpse Sect. At this moment, other than the Yin Corpse Sect cultivators who were guarding the restrictions of the Yin Corpse Sect, all the other Yin Corpse Sect cultivators had already appeared in the various buildings of the Yin Corpse Sect.

The peerless divine might and unparalleled might of Huangpu were as if they were suppressing into everyone’s bones, causing them to feel as if they were facing a true deity.

“This is the real Mysterious G.o.d Dharma Idol …” All of them, including Shui Ling’er, were instantly stunned.

Even though Ye Xuancheng was also a Divine Profound expert, even Shui Ling’er had never personally seen a Divine Profound expert release a Divine Mystical Appearance.

“The might of a Divine Xuan expert is actually this terrifying?” Han Weiwei was completely speechless. Just any one of the over ten thousand sword rays condensed from the energy of Huangpu Peerless’s Divine Mystical Appearance Mantra made her feel like she was unable to contend against them.

At this moment, Huangpu’s unparalleled Mysterious G.o.d Technique gave off an aura that seemed as if it could suppress the entire mountain, and in the middle of the fight with the Yin Corpse Sect’s strongest restriction, the devil G.o.ds, countless sword lights and light patterns shattered, giving off an unimaginable feeling of annihilation.

After Yin Hua calmed her mind, she and Wei Suo looked at each other, then immediately left the valley and flew up into the sky.

“The grand master is out!”

“Is there a lot of people following the Sovereign? Are they all Elders from the Hall of Elders?”

“Sect Master! It is two shocking cultivators from other continents. Other than this cultivator, there is one other cultivator who activated a shocking restriction that sealed off the entire Coffin City and our Yin Corpse Sect. That Inhibition Formation is very strange. All of the Teleportation Formations in Coffin City cannot be used, and many of the protective formations in our sect have also lost their effect. Therefore, we could only activate this Inhibition Formation. ” As soon as Yinhua, Wei Suo, and the others appeared, two old men with long hair flew over to report to them.

“Two shocking cultivators?” It sealed off the entire Coffin City and the Corpse Sect? ” Wei Suo and the others all sucked in a breath of cold air. The seriousness of the situation was completely beyond their expectations.

“Who was the other formidable character that came with Huangpu Jue?”

“You old fogey, do you have nothing else to do? Why are you wasting your time here?” Wei Suo immediately shouted out towards the Mysterious G.o.d Dharma Idol suppressed by Huangpu. The light patterns of the Yin Corpse Sect’s strongest restriction were not very dense. Wei Suo and the others rose up. When they saw Huangpu’s peerless Mysterious G.o.d Technique, Huangpu Jue could clearly see the figures of Wei Suo and the others. However, Wei Suo and the others could not see the old man above the black light barrier that enveloped the entire city.

“Once the Yin Corpse Sect cultivators hand this person over, I will naturally leave.” The G.o.d-like voice of Huangpu Jue sounded out in the midst of the ten thousand flowing sword lights, completely ignoring Wei Suo.

“You directly block the Spirit Coffin City and attack my sect. You do not put my sect in your eyes at all. Now you still want me to hand over the person, so I advise you to quickly leave.”

“Does your Corpse Sect really want to be removed from the Cloud Spirit Continent today?” Huangpu Jue laughed coldly.

“You old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, it’s impossible for you to break this restriction. What nonsense are you spouting?” “What’s the other ident.i.ty? Since you want to kill me, you shouldn’t hide your head and hide your tail. You don’t even dare to reveal your ident.i.ty? “

“I am Daoist Master Yuhuang.” The old Daoist’s voice came from even higher up in the air. His voice was calm and unhurried, as if he was doing something very ordinary.

“Daoist Master Yuhuang, this is the Supreme Elder of the Wuji Heavenly Palace! the oldest antique in the entire Vast Sky Palace. ” Shui Ling’er’s nervous voice immediately entered Wei Suo’s ears.

“Even the oldest antique of the Wuji Heavenly Palace is here?” Wei Suo’s eyes flashed, but his expression didn’t change. He said, “Huangpu won’t die. If you have any other helpers, you can call them out as well. Otherwise, if I don’t leave the sect, what can you do to me?”

“I don’t mind telling you guys, the leader of the Mysterious Wind Sect will be here soon, the entire Coffin City area has been set up by the Great Art of the Ancestral G.o.d Formation. Your escaping art cannot be used inside this formation.” Huangpu Wuchun was neither alarmed nor angered, his voice containing a terrifying pressure as it slowly descended.

“What?! The Mystic Wind Sect’s Mystic Wind Sect’s Mystic Moon Sect’s Sect Master Ye Xuancheng?!” Yet another Spirit Master of the Divine Profound Realm! “

“Another Divine Profound Realm expert will arrive!”

“Just who is this cultivator, to actually attract the pursuit of two Divine Profound experts?”

“Even Ye Xuancheng came?” The group of girls from the Ji Clan could not keep their calm, especially Shui Ling’er, whose heart was filled with waves of shock. Even with Huangpu Jue’s inability to break through the Yin Corpse Sect’s gate, this calm appearance was definitely not an exaggeration. The sect head of the Mysterious Wind Sect, Ye Xuancheng, had actually come!

Two Mysterious G.o.d experts killing Wei Suo at the same time!

“Your Yin Corpse Sect’s strongest restriction, won’t it be able to block the power of the inner cultivators’ techniques?” Would it hinder cultivators who are close to the inner circle? ” At this moment, Wei Suo’s voice was clearly heard by Yin Hua.

“As long as we don’t come in contact with these light screens, they will not pose any threat to the inner cultivators, nor affect the magic techniques of the inner cultivators.” “Yes,” Yinhua replied immediately.

There was no change in Wei Suo’s expression. His figure immediately moved, flying towards the edge of the light patterns that covered the entire Yin Corpse Sect.

“None of you are coming. “Go call the Yang Chicken Bird as well.” Yin Lihua and the others were all stunned. They didn’t know what Wei Suo wanted to do and wanted to follow him, but they were immediately stopped by him.

Wei Suo was infinitely close to the light screen. It was as if he was at the bottom of the Yin Corpse Sect, the demonic G.o.d created by the powerful restrictions.

At this point in time, no one would have thought that what Wei Suo wanted to do was to kill a Divine Profound Realm expert and to kill Huangpu Jue!

If Ye Xuancheng had hurried over, the Yin Corpse Sect’s strongest barrier would have been hard to resist and would have been destroyed. In order to give him a shock, Huangpu Jue had already told him that right now within the Coffin City region, his Void Walk Technique would be greatly affected and he would likely be unable to execute it. At this moment, Wei Suo could already see that within the black screen of light that enveloped the entire city, there were countless runes of light moving about. It was evident that the oldest ancient magic treasure in the entire Heavenly Mystery Palace had activated some sort of divine inscription left behind by an ancient supreme elder.

Wei Suo’s sacred art was incomparable to Huangpu Jue’s, but he had an astonishing amount of dragon blood fossils on his body.

This supreme technique that originated from one of the ten ancient offensive techniques, the Celestial Emperor Meteor Canon, could cover an area of three thousand zhang, and even Huangpu Peerless might not necessarily be able to block it.

The reason why Wei Suo stopped was because he thought of the fact that he could continuously cast this technique!

Furthermore, Wei Suo had a stalk of Underworld King Gra.s.s in his hand right now. If he really couldn’t handle it, he would have the Yang Fat Bird ignite it!

The Yin Corpse Sect was also a nether land filled with Yin Qi. In the vast earth below, there was a possibility that there were powerful nether life forms.

“d.a.m.n liar, it seems like you want to gamble everything on this.” Seeing Wei Suo approach the peerless mysterious appearance of Huangpu, Ling Tian, who was hiding behind Yin Lihua, quietly muttered this sentence.

“Rumble …”

However, at this time, from the distant sky, a series of loud booms suddenly came. This sound was as if someone was dragging a gigantic creature in the air, shaking the world.


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