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“They actually dare to make such a ruckus?”

“That Mo fella is already considered powerful among the young disciples of the Large Ying Feng. Even though he was defeated, there’s still someone who dares to make such a ruckus?”

“Isn’t that the Ma Teng who obtained the qualifications to listen to the Buddhist chanting from Ying Feng? He’s only at the Heavenly Axis Realm, how dare he call out like this? Has he not heard the Zen chant and gone insane?”

“Let’s go and teach him a lesson!”

The moment Wei Suo’s voice was heard, the area where the Da Nu Peak disciples gathered immediately went into an uproar, and quite a few Da Nu Peak disciples aggressively stood up.

Big Missing Peak, Big Blaze Peak, and Big Fool Peak were the three peaks closest to Big Ying Peak. Because of the decline of Large Ying Peak, the disciples of these peaks usually entered and exited it. They also had a good understanding of the disciples of Large Ying Peak.

“Do you really dare to fight me?” The distinguished disciple surnamed Gu was somewhat startled. Wei Suo’s actions were truly too unexpected.

“Hey Ma, are your bones itchy?” “You dare to speak so arrogantly to my entire Da Nu Peak, don’t tell me you want me to break a few of your bones?” At this moment, several Da Nu Peak disciples who were in full fury had already come over.

“He’s really the most arrogant one.” Wei Suo calmly glanced at these disciples and said indifferently. These few people were no strangers to the disciples of Great Prosperity Peak. They often came to Great Prosperity Peak to fish for money.

“Even though you are a disciple of the Great Foolish Peak, you should have no problems with your IQ.” Wei Suo then swept his gaze over the elegant cultivator surnamed Gu. “If there’s no problem with your IQ, then you should have heard it clearly earlier. I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

“Little pony!” Old Man Qian and Old Man Zhang Yun stepped forward at the same time to stop Wei Suo. From their point of view, Wei Suo’s day was extremely abnormal. Moreover, in their opinion, Wei Suo was not a match for these people. If they were to fight him, their fate would be miserable.

“Master Zhang …” Martial Uncle Qian … I left some things for you guys in my room in Xiao Yun Valley, around a hundred feet below the bed … I’ll teach these people a lesson and help you vent your anger. ” However, at this moment, Wei Suo’s voice transmitted into the ears of the two old men and Fei Zhong, causing them to be stunned for a moment.

“Let’s go.”

Wei Suo didn’t care about these people at all. He directly went with Ling Yaotian to the green gold platform.

According to the rules of the Merit Sect, all matches would be held on the golden level platforms, which were as large as mountains.

Although there were only three or four Merit Sect elders responsible for recording down the results on each of the jade platforms, and many of the Elders ranked and above were wandering around the platforms, choosing their own disciples. However, the battles between cultivators were basically as quick as lightning, and the victor would be decided in an instant; thus, the disciples of the various peaks didn’t have to wait for too long.

“This is too arrogant!” You don’t have the strength to be so arrogant! ” The faces of the group of disciples from Da Nong Feng and Da Que Peak all became completely gloomy.

“You are simply courting death!” When the elegant and elegant young man saw that Wei Suo did not put him in his eyes at all, his eyelids immediately twitched violently. He was so angry that smoke was coming out from his seven orifices.

“Senior Brother, you are dirtying your own hands by coming here to deal with him. I can just teach this kind of idiot a lesson. ” The Great Foolish Peak disciple with a birthmark on his brow who had always been by this young man’s side sneered and said.

Wei Suo slightly turned his head and sneered: “Are you sure you can do it?”

“You …” At this time, the round faced female cultivator at the side also shouted: “This person is too evil, just wait a moment and I’ll teach him a lesson.”

“Meet with the Dou Zhe and register first.”

A Merit Sect Elder on the platform said without any emotion. This elder looked to be in his fifties. He was a skinny old man with yellow eyebrows who wore a purple and red magic robe.

“Ma Teng, Ying Feng.” Wei Suo grinned. He almost blurted out, “Great Prosperity Peak Wei Suo”.

“Li Yun, Great Fool Peak!” The round faced young female cultivator was the first to speak.

“Alright, Junior Sister will teach him a lesson.” The Great Foolish Peak disciple with the birthmark on his forehead spoke out faster than the female cultivator. With a regretful expression, he glared fiercely at Wei Suo.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be your turn soon.” Wei Suo indifferently swept his gaze over the person.

“You can compete now.” The yellow-browed elder frowned slightly and pointed ahead. At this moment, there was a pair of cultivators fighting on the opposite side of the green platform, but their power couldn’t affect that part of the platform. The yellow-browed elder frowned slightly. He clearly felt that with Wei Suo’s cultivation level, he was still so arrogant. He was a bit insensible and was about to take his own disgrace.

The round-faced female cultivator named Li Yun and Wei Suo stood two thousand feet apart according to the rules of the compet.i.tion.

The round faced female cultivator waved her hand and took out a green jade sword from her knapsack. The azure jade sword was about three feet long and exuded a bright azure light. After the round faced female cultivator took it out, she slightly moved the fingers on her right hand and the azure jade sword floated in front of her. This round faced female cultivator had also used the Imperial Flying Sword Technique and was a sword cultivator.

“Mateng, kneel down obediently right now. If you kowtow to us and admit your wrongs, there’s still time.” After taking out the jade sword, the round faced female cultivator looked at Wei Suo proudly and said.

“Since you are a woman, I will hold back a little.” Wei Suo indifferently swept a glance at the round faced female cultivator and said.

“How dare you!”


The azure jade sword instantly turned into a streak of azure light, like an extremely nimble azure serpent. In a flash, it had arrived behind Wei Suo’s head, piercing towards the back of his head!


A blue water blade accurately slashed at the azure light, directly knocking the jade sword into the air.


The round-faced woman trembled. Before she could do anything, Wei Suo had already arrived in front of her and sent her flying with a slap. Half her face was swollen, and she fainted.

“Ma Teng, Great Ying Peak, wins. However, this woman’s cultivation is not even at the 5th level of the Circulatory Cycle, so there’s no need to calculate.” The yellow-browed elder’s eyes flashed with a strange light as he announced.

According to the rules of the Large Compet.i.tion, as long as the two sides were willing, the disciples of any rank could go on stage and fight, showing off their abilities in front of the Merit Sect elders, allowing them to choose their disciples. But, defeating a disciple under the fifth level of the cycle, this kind of victory couldn’t be used to calculate whether one had the qualifications to be an inner disciple or not.

“He actually won!” His ordinary water blades were actually able to intercept Junior Sister Li’s flying sword! “

“This person’s escaping technique turned into a stream of light, so fast!”

“Could it be the Divine Light Escape Technique!”

The elegant disciple surnamed Gu and the others were all dumbstruck, unable to react for a while. Even the round-faced female cultivator fainted on the ground, but no one went to help or treat her.

“Senior Martial Brother Ma actually knocked out this woman in a single move!”

“This girl is at least at the fifth level of the Refinement Realm, and she also has a flying sword!” Senior Martial Brother Ma is actually this powerful!? “

“What kind of escape art does Senior-apprentice Brother Ma cultivate? It’s so fast!”

“Could it be that Senior Martial Brother Ma has been hiding his strength all this time?”

At this moment, Wei Suo was only using his spiritual light escape technique, but in the eyes of ordinary cultivators, his speed was already extremely shocking. Seeing Wei Suo knock the round faced woman out in a single move, all of the disciples were extremely shocked.

“How could he have that kind of strength?” Old man Zhang Yun, Old Man Qian, and Fei Zhong could not help but look at each other when they heard Wei Suo’s voice transmission. Their hearts were filled with even more shock.

“Do you want to try?” Wei Suo glanced at the disciple with a birthmark on his forehead, “I said it’s your turn.”

“The arcane skill is mediocre, it’s just an ordinary water blade skill. If the escape is fast, I only need to defend myself.” Seeing Wei Suo act so arrogantly, a thought flashed through the mind of the young disciple from Great Yu Peak who had a birthmark on his forehead. He flew into a rage and rushed towards Wei Suo, “You’re too arrogant! I just hope that you won’t beg for mercy later! “

“Go forward and challenge this disciple to leave his name.” The yellow-browed elder said expressionlessly.

“Great Foolish Peak’s Yang Qiao!”

This youth with a birthmark on his forehead and a very vicious appearance rushed in front of Wei Suo. He reached out his hand and took out a purple jade ruyi, releasing a purple spirit energy and protecting his entire body within it.

“Why aren’t you activating your magic treasure? Are you afraid?” After taking out this jade ruyi, this disciple with the name Yang Qiao sneered as he looked at Wei Suo Dao who was still standing with his hands at his sides.

“I don’t need any magic treasures to deal with you.” Wei Suo’s tone was calm, as if he was narrating a fact.

“If that’s the case, then die!” Yang Qiao had just finished speaking when a cold light flashed from his mouth and a transparent ice needle was spat out.

This transparent ice needle was only the size of a toothpick. However, the moment it was spat out, the temperature within a radius of several hundred feet immediately dropped. It was as if winter had arrived and waves of cold air spread out in all directions.

“Frost Sky Ice Needle!” This was a true spirit rank magic treasure! It is something from the Great Foolish Peak’s Old Man Liu, and it was actually pa.s.sed on to this person! ” Upon seeing this item, many of the older generation members of the Great Prosperity Peak immediately sucked in a breath of cold air.

But at the same time, a thick, peach-red smoke suddenly emitted from Yang Qiao’s body. Immediately, the area between him and Wei Suo was covered by the thick, peach-red smoke. His entire body was concealed within it.

“Red Cloud Smoke!”

“Chi!” The moment the name Yan Yan came out from one of the Ying Feng disciples’ mouths, a sharp sound pierced through the air. It was obvious that Yang Qiao had used this opportunity to trigger the “Frost Sky Ice Needle”!


A sharp sound pierced through the air, followed by a loud explosion. And then, all of the pink smoke dissipated.

Yang Qiao lay motionless on the ground, his chest was caved in and there was a footprint. It was clear that several bones had been broken by Wei Suo’s kick, causing him to fall unconscious.

Wei Suo stood not far away from Yang Qiao. He had a calm expression as he looked at the elegant cultivator surnamed Gu. “It’s your turn next?”


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