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Read Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1082 – The Wind Begins to Blow

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…Meanwhile, in the Heaven-Earth Jail of the Ministry of Justice…

Under the escort of ten cultivators, Qin Nan went past several pitch-black corridors and arrived at somewhere deep inside the place.

In front of him stood a five zhang tall metal gate, enchanted with an ancient glowing formation, with occasional ghastly cries coming from the dark, enough to cause someone’s scalp to turn numb.

“Mm? So this is the Demon Cage? Such a strong presence of saber intent.”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered.

“In you go!”

One of the cultivators demanded.

Qin Nan went forward, stepping into the formation and entering the Demon Cage.

As soon as he entered the place, he immediately scanned his surroundings. The place was not large, covering an area with the circ.u.mference of over ten zhang, completely covered in darkness, resulting in an intimidating atmosphere.

Qin Nan raised his head as he sensed something.

Above him stood countless pitch-black figures, at least over a hundred of them, whose eyes sprang open and emitted a crimson glow as if they were aware of Qin Nan’s gaze.

At that instant, terrifying roars could be heard.

“So these are the demons? Not bad, an ordinary half-Martial Progenitor would not be able to survive any longer, but they are too noisy for my liking!”

Qin Nan nodded.

Before the demons could attack, the Divine Battle Spirit emerged from his back and unleashed a terrifying suppression.

The roars in the jail instantly fell silent.

The ferocious demons’ eyes were filled with terror as if they had encountered some terrifying beast, causing them to freeze in place.

“Don’t disturb me.”

Qin Nan said calmly as he sat down with his legs crossed, spreading his Divine Sense like a web.

…Meanwhile, in the main hall of the Ministry of Justice…

The Minister of Justice sat on an ancient chair while taking a sip from the cup of tea in his hands with a pleased look.

“My thanks to senior for helping.” A middle-aged man beside the Minister of Justice brought his fists together.

He was the Patriarch of the Bai Clan, the current Prime Minister of the dynasty, Bai Xiangsheng.

“Senior Patriarch is being too serious, these are just things within my responsibilities. However, what should we do with Bai Qinglian?” The Minister of Justice asked in an indifferent tone.

“Humph, she dares to collude with a criminal. I must teach him a lesson!” Bai Xiangsheng harrumphed. He was extremely angry this time.

“Senior Secretary is wise…”

Before the Minister of Justice could finish his sentence, a loud roar suddenly took place.

“Minister of Justice, how dare you, release Qin Nan at once. Otherwise, I’ll demolish your Ministry of Justice today!”

The Minister of Justice and Bai Xiangsheng were stunned.

Following this, they saw Chen Rong leading a group of elders marching toward them. The people of the Ministry of Justice did not dare to stop them despite having an advantage in numbers.

“Mm? What do you mean by this? Is your Chen Clan trying to revolt? Let me tell you, I don’t care how Qin Nan is related to your Chen Clan, he must stay in the Demon Cage, it’s the Empress’ order!” The Minister of Justice’s face became dark as he snapped, “Still not backing off?”

He was not scared of them since he was supported by the Empress.

“The Empress?”

Chen Rong and the elders were stunned, as they did not expect the Empress to be targeting Qin Nan.

However, they soon wore a cold grin.

So what if it were the empress?

If she knew Qin Nan’s background, she would not dare to target him even if she were given a hundred guts!

The Minister of Justice and Bai Xiangshen frowned as they were aware that something was out of place.

Normally, the people of the Chen Clan would withdraw from the place when they mentioned the Empress. Why did they seem like they were treating their reason with disdain instead?

As they were having this thought, a series of thumps could be heard coming from the distance.

Countless Fiery Soldiers were making their way toward the hall, each with a stern look and a cultivation of the eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm. In just three breaths’ time, the entire place was filled with a hundred Fiery Soldiers.

The people of the Ministry of Justice stared at one another, not daring to make a noise.

“Old man, cut the nonsense. Release him if you don’t want to die.”

A cold voice was heard.

Chen Changli who was wearing armor slowly approached with a terrifying aura.

When he had received the message from Chen Rong, he instantly a.s.sembled the Fiery Soldiers and came here without hesitation.

However, Chen Changli also played a trick.

He had never shared a friendly relations.h.i.+p with the Minister of Justice, thus he purposely did not mention Qin Nan’s ident.i.ty.

If the Minister of Justice chose not to release him, he would have an excuse to get rid of the Ministry of Justice.

If the Emperor were to interrogate him, once he mentioned Qin Nan’s ident.i.ty, not only would he not be punished, he would even be rewarded.

The Minister of Justice and Bai Xiangsheng were astounded.

They never thought Chen Changli would bring the entire Chen Clan here just for a mere Qin Nan.

Even if Qin Nan were a genius, it did not make sense for them to go this far, right?

“Chen Changli!” The Minister of Justice took a deep breath and snapped, “Qin Nan has committed a great offense, thus the Empress has specifically asked me to capture him. If you dare to do anything stupid, you would be considered as having disrespected the Empress and the Royal City. You wouldn’t be able to survive the consequences even if you’re the National General!”

“General Chen, Qin Nan has slain my Bai Clan’s core disciple. If you try to rescue him, you will be regarded as the enemy of our Bai Clan.”

Bai Xiangsheng said in a cold tone.

Anyone who dared to harm the disciple of his Bai Clan would pay a great price.

“Is that so?”

Chen Changli wore a grin.

The elders of the Chen Clan and the Fiery Soldiers gathered the sacred force in their bodies after seeing this.

They would strike instantly once they received the order from Chen Changli.

However, a strange occurrence took place.

“The Minister of Revenue is here!”

“The Minister of Defense is here!”

“The Minister of Personnel is here!”

Three different roars swept across the sky.

Following this, an old white-haired man, a middle-aged man dressed in an ancient costume with hair reaching his shoulders, and a middle-aged man with scars on his face arrived, followed by peak Martial Sacred Realm guards.


The Minister of Justice, Bai Xiangsheng, and Chen Cangli were stunned.

Why were they here?

And they had come at the same time?

“Secretary, General Chen, you are here too?”

The trio went forward and was stunned seeing this, but they brought their fists together immediately and greeted.

“Three seniors, what are you here for?”

Bai Xiangsheng asked with a frown.

“Hehe, I’m here under the request of a senior. Did the Ministry of Justice catch a young cultivator with the name Qin Nan? I hope that you’re able to let him go. The Minister of Personnel said with a gentle smile.

“Qin Nan has great talent. We should give him another chance.” The Minister of Revenue said.

“Let Qin Nan go.” The Minister of Defense said in a relatively straightforward manner.


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