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Yu Langyan’s expression froze instantly.

Qin Nan?

The person he had been trying to pick on was Qin Nan?

Even though Yu Langyan was the son of a Martial Monarch, thus he was used to being proud, he did have some sense of self-awareness.

He should be relieved that Qin Nan had not been trying to pick on him instead.

The cultivators on the dojo opened their eyes and mouth wide. Their faces were filled with disbelief.

They did not expect this ordinary-looking young man who seemed to be quite close to Mu Mu was the famous Qin Nan himself.

“So he’s Qin Nan?”

“Such a powerful presence!”

“Seeing him in person is definitely more astonis.h.i.+ng than hearing the rumors!”

The experts in the palaces floating in the air were startled, who immediately inspected him with their Divine Sense.

Qin Nan’s reputation had recently skyrocketed, thus it was difficult for him not to enter the limelight.

That being said, most people were incredibly impressed by Qin Nan. Even though he had yet to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm, the difference between them and Qin Nan was like the gap between the Heavens and Earth.

The eyes of a few among the crowd flickered with stern looks, as their minds were bothered with certain thoughts.

After all, the Anti-Heaven Alliance only had limited resources. Now that Qin Nan was there too, it would surely affect the distribution of the resources.

“Ah…So you’re Cultivator Qin Nan, nice to meet you.”

Yu Langyan said with an awkward expression upon collecting his thoughts.

Before Qin Nan could respond, a swish could be heard coming from the sky. Following this, an illusionary figure landed on the dojo, whose monarch aura spread into the surroundings.

The cultivators including Qin Nan immediately raised their heads.

“Greetings, Hall Leader Ancient Lightning!”

Yi Feng immediately brought his fists together.

The illusionary figure was none other than one of the vice-leaders of the Anti-Heaven Palace, the clone of Ancient Lightning Martial Monarch.

“Mm, there’s no need to be too courteous.”

Ancient Lightning Martial Monarch’s clone let out a calm smile as his gaze scanned the crowd, before stopping on Qin Nan’s figure. He suddenly reached out his hand and slapped in Qin Nan’s direction.


A giant thunderous palm was summoned, which flickered vigorously with lightning as if it were going to destroy the entire place.

Yu Langyan and the rest were astounded, as they did not expect the Ancient Lightning Martial Monarch’s clone to attack without any warning.

Qin Nan sensed strong danger at that instant, prompting him to unleash his Martial Trees without hesitation.


Seven Martial Trees burst into the sky from his back with incredible auras while colliding with the giant palm. The crowd could only feel the sky darken slightly as the giant palm was shattered into pieces.

“HAHA, Young Cultivator Qin Nan, please forgive me for that. I’ve been hearing your name a lot, so I could not resist checking out your strength. It appears that the rumors are very accurate. I’m afraid you won’t find any challenge against cultivators below the Martial Monarch Realm.”

The Ancient Lightning Martial Monarch burst out laughing with an admiring gaze.

Yu Langyan, the cultivators nearby, and the experts in the palaces were dumbfounded.

They already knew the existence of the seven Martial Trees, but the visual impact from witnessing them in person was still incredible.

That was a surprise attack from a Martial Monarch’s clone.

Even though there were a few peak Martial Progenitors among them who would have no problem defending themselves against the attack, they would need to put great effort into it, unlike Qin Nan who was able to nullify it with ease.

“I’m flattered.”

Qin Nan calmly said.

“Modest, calm, but determined, not bad.” The Ancient Lightning Martial Monarch nodded slightly before he straightened his face as he spoke, “First of all, I would like to offer a great welcome to everyone here. You’ve all pa.s.sed the first round of the trial, and now, we’ll be starting the second round.”

The cultivators became excited upon hearing this.

They could not wait to partic.i.p.ate in the second round of the trial.

The Ancient Lightning Martial Monarch waved his hand and summoned a nine zhang tall pillar with countless runes on its surface. It floated in the air while emanating an ancient aura.

“This is a rare artifact from the ancient era, known as the Pillar of Courage. It was initially used to test a person’s courage, but after being modified by our Alliance Leader, it can now test how courageous or resolved you are about going against the South-Heaven Sacred Ground.”

Qin Nan and the rest of the cultivators were stunned.

They never thought the second round would be a test like this.

“The test is very simple. You can start by putting your hand on the pillar. It will then produce Courage Crystals according to your resolution to oppose the South-Heaven Sacred Ground.

“I believe everyone knows that the Anti-Heaven Alliance has four main palaces.

“The requirement to join the Anti-Heaven Palace is a cultivation of the peak Martial Progenitor Realm and three Courage Crystals.

“The Star Aligning Palace does not have a specific requirement of cultivation, but you will need two Courage Crystals and to take part in a special trial.

“As for the Dark Shadow Palace and the Mystic Treasure Palace, there’s no cultivation requirement either, just a Courage Crystal will do.”

The Ancient Lightning Martial Monarch explained.

Hearing this, Qin Nan immediately understood why the Anti-Heaven Alliance was holding the trial.

The South-Heaven Sacred Ground and the South-Heaven Gate had existed in the Canglan Continent for over ten thousand years. Many experts had tried to attack them, but they had all failed, thus highlighting their terrifying strength.

As such, although some people were listed as potential threats by the South-Heaven Gate, it was possible that they were subconsciously afraid of the South-Heaven Gate, and thus would not have the courage to oppose it.

To deal with this, the Anti-Heaven Alliance had decided to filter out the candidates with the Pillar of Courage, to form an army in the Anti-Heaven Palace who would not withdraw from the battle against their enemy.

“The trial begins now. We will start with the last person on the ranking.”

The Ancient Lightning Martial Monarch flickered his finger, causing the Pillar of Courage to descend slowly onto the dojo.

“So that’s the trial!”

“I’m hoping to join the Anti-Heaven Palace!”

The cultivators on the dojo blurted out as they collected their thoughts.

The Anti-Heaven Palace was the powerhouse among the four palaces. Therefore, their status and the resources given would surely be better there.

The first candidate walked up to the pillar and placed his hand on it.

A few moments later, a white pentagon-shaped stone was produced from a white glow in front of him.

It was a Courage Crystal.

The cultivator seemed quite disappointed by the result, who let out a sigh and returned to his previous spot.

The trial continued to take place.

Most of the cultivators were able to produce two Courage Crystals, while a few ended up with three.

What astonished Qin Nan the most was that Mu Mu actually ended up with three Courage Crystals too.

Time gradually pa.s.sed. It was finally Yu Langyan’s turn.

Yu Langyan glanced at Qin Nan and took a deep breath. His eyes flickered with determination as he placed his hand on the Pillar of Courage

A few breaths later, the pillar emitted a blinding light.

“Is that…”

The cultivators held their breaths.

Even the experts in the palaces were startled.


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