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Chapter 1314 – First in History

Time gradually pa.s.sed. A day was gone relatively quickly.

The trio had explored a place said to contain treasures and had surprisingly collected a large amount of Abstruse G.o.d Pieces.

However, to their disappointment, Duan Qing did not show up this time.

“With our cultivation, Duan Qing wouldn’t know of our existence. He hasn’t shown up for the whole day, which means that he won’t be able to track your location. Our job here is done.”

Elder Xiesha appeared from the rift and spoke expressionlessly.

“We’ll be going.”

Elder Taoyan and Elder Leiyuan said indifferently. Their figures turned into brilliant rays and disappeared into the distance within the blink of an eye.

It went without saying that they felt unpleasant after wasting the day.

“Humph, consider that a.s.shole Duan Qing lucky.”

The Blood Rune Martial Monarch scowled.

“d.a.m.n it.”

The Vast Skythunder Martial Monarch and the Qilin Flame Martial Monarch were unsatisfied with the outcome.

They had paid a price to set up the trap, but they were unable to catch Duan Qing. How long would they have to wait until they found him again?

“Screw it, let’s put this aside for now. However, we shouldn’t lose hope, as we will surely achieve the peak Martial Monarch Realm in the future. We will have the chance to meet this Duan Qing again.”

The Blood Rune Martial Monarch took a deep breath and said.

“Let’s hope so…”

The Qilin Flame Martial Monarch and the Vast Skythunder Martial Monarch inhaled deeply too.

However, an unexpected change took place.

A strong sense of danger rose inside the hearts of the trio, causing their expressions to change tremendously.

“Hey guys, it’s been a while.”

A calm voice spoke as Qin Nan and Sima Kong appeared from the rift and walked toward the trio.

“Duan…Duan…Duan Qing?”

The trio could feel their scalp exploding, whose faces were filled with shock as if they had seen something horrifying.

What was happening?

Wasn’t he unable to track their location?

Why was this Duan Qing here again?

Could it be a coincidence?


Qin Nan did not waste any more time. With a flicker, he acc.u.mulated the Destruction Will on the top of his fist and threw punches at the trio. The tremendous fist intent quickly devoured their figures.


The trio simply watched it happen. They cried out in agony, but before they could finish their sentences, their figures were crushed into pieces by the fist intent.

“Hehe, those three will be completely dumbfounded when they return to reality.”

Sima Kong chuckled as the thought crossed his mind.

“Let’s go, we’ve got two more chances left.”

Qin Nan shook his head. His will wrapped around Sima Kong’s figure and the two vanished into thin air.

As Sima Kong had predicted, as the trio awakened in the Anti-Heaven Alliance and spat out mouthfuls of blood while their auras weakened, they were left dumbfounded.

Everything that had happened was too unbelievable.

If it were a coincidence, was there really such a perfect coincidence in this world?

If it weren’t a coincidence, why hadn’t the three Supreme Elders discovered anything when they were checking their bodies?

How had they managed to avoid the three Supreme Elders?

Did this mean that Duan Qing could predict the future?


“d.a.m.n it, d.a.m.n it!”

“I don’t believe it! Let’s recover our cultivation wills quickly and ask the Supreme Elders to go into the Abstruse G.o.d s.p.a.ce with us again!”

“This time, we’ll let them escort us for three days!”

“I don’t believe that we can’t get our hands on this Duan Qing!”

The Blood Rune Martial Monarch cursed and screamed with a twisted expression.

His blood became aggitated at a remarkable pace, causing his aura to rise rapidly and sweep the surroundings.

“Got it!”

The Qilin Flame Martial Monarch and the Vast Skythunder Martial Monarch reacted the same way too.

As the Young Masters of the three ancient tribes, they would not give up so easily. However, the failure had made them go slightly out of their minds. Their behavior became slightly crazy.

The trio ordered their people to bring them all kinds of natural resources.

As their cultivation wills had been destroyed three times in a row, their monarch hearts were greatly affected. Not only did the recovery cost more resources, it also took seven whole days.

Seven days later, the trio summoned the three Supreme Elders again and returned to the Abstruse G.o.d s.p.a.ce.

However, the murderous intent that the three had brought with them into the Abstruse G.o.d s.p.a.ce slowly dissipated as time went by.

Why hadn’t Duan Qing shown up after such a long time?

Soon, three days were gone, yet Duan Qing still had not shown up.

This time, the three Supreme Elders scolded them without mercy and left straightaway.

“This Duan Qing…”

The trio was feeling extremely down.

They were determined to kill, but the plan had failed once again.

They could not help but feel doubtful.

Was the last time really a coincidence?

“Hey guys, it’s been a while.”

At that instant, an extremely familiar voice could be heard.

The Young Masters of the Blood Tribe, the Flame Tribe, and the Lightning Tribe, the three geniuses ranked on the Genius Martial Monarchs Ranking s.h.i.+vered, whose eyes were filled with a hint of terror for once in addition to the astonishment.

“Duan Qing, you…”

The trio subconsciously took a step backward.

Even though they were unwilling to admit it, they had finally realized what was happening.

Not only was Duan Qing able to track their locations, he also knew who they were with.

It felt like he was stalking them like a phantom.

When the three Supreme Elders were around he waited patiently and revealed his cold fangs after they left.


Following the familiar voice, the trio clearly felt that their cultivation wills were destroyed once again.

This was the fourth time for the Blood Rune Martial Monarch, and the fifth time for the Qilin Flame Martial Monarch and the Vast Skythunder Martial Monarch.

It was definitely the highest record in the Abstruse G.o.d s.p.a.ce.

Most people would die at most four to five times in the Abstruse G.o.d s.p.a.ce in a year, but no one had ever heard of someone dying four to five times in less than a month.

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