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Chapter 1355 – The Cave of a Hundred Bodhis

The words felt rather surreal. There was no sign of any progenitor force or monarch force, as if it had simply appeared in Qin Nan’s mind.

“Who are you?”

Qin Nan’s eyes glittered. He quickly scanned his surroundings.

The man was surely no ordinary person if he had managed to do such a thing.

“HAHA, Qin Nan, it’s really you, wait there a few moments, I’ll come to you.”

The illusionary voice burst into laughter and said. Following this, the Bodhi gust in the distance suddenly quickened its pace.

“Come to me?”

Qin Nan stood there with his eyes squinted.

Although it was quite likely to be a conspiracy, the voice did sound extremely familiar to him. He must be close to the person.

As such, he had decided to stay to see who the person was.

Meanwhile, two hundred and eighty li away…

“Cultivator, it seems like that guy is only a peak Martial Progenitor with nothing strange about him. Why don’t we team up and split the profit evenly?”

A Martial Monarch whose figure had merged with the clouds was staring at Qin Nan. He finally made up his mind and transmitted his voice into the distance.


A while later, another Martial Monarch replied.

Even though it was strange that the young man had collected a large number of the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws despite his cultivation only being at the Martial Progenitor Realm, the thirty-eight Sky-Severing Dragon Claws were too attractive to them.

Despite the potential risks, they were willing to try their luck.

“We’ll suppress him from both sides at the same time. Three, two, one, let’s go…”

The eyes of the Martial Monarch who had merged with the clouds flickered. He transmitted his voice again and quickly unleashed the monarch force in his body.

The Martial Monarch in the distance prepared to make his move too.

However, before they could make their moves, an unexpected change took place.

The Bodhi Gust approaching from the distance suddenly grew incredibly strong. Its howl was like the roars of countless beasts.

A magnificent Bodhi Intent rolled in their direction, which turned into a thirty-zhang tall golden glowing figure in front of Qin Nan.


The two Martial Monarchs were stunned.

Not only did they sense an aura stronger than theirs from the golden figure, but they also detected a formidable aura of the demonic path inside the figure’s body.

Everyone knew that the Bodhis and demons were incompatible with one another, yet this golden figure had completely broken the rules.

Who exactly was this senior?

Was he also targeting the thirty-eight Sky-Severing Dragon Claws?

“As expected of someone who is described as the ‘Rare One’, the aura inside his body has already grown so terrifying in less than a year. Even I feel intimidated facing it.”

The eyes of the golden figure had runes flowing inside his eyes. He looked at Qin Nan and exclaimed after discovering something surprising.

He was utterly sincere with his words.

Previously at the Middle Continent, the person who had impressed him the most was not s.h.i.+ Qingfan or someone else, but Qin Nan instead. Even after coming to the half-G.o.d region, he still strongly felt that Sheng Tianjing and the others were not comparable to Qin Nan either.

“What? Rare One? Intimidated?”

The two Martial Monarchs felt their scalps turning numb and chills running down their spines when they heard the words.

Even the golden figure was so respectful toward the young man. He was definitely not a Martial Progenitor, but a Martial Monarch Realm authority instead.

Just a moment ago, they had been still trying to rob the young man.

That being said, both the golden figure and Qin Nan were unaware that the two Martial Monarchs in the distance were completely terrified.

“Are you…the Sage, Chen Zilai?”

Qin Nan could not believe his eyes when he saw the golden figure.

The man before him was ranked third on the Monarch Ranking in the Middle Continent, Chen Zilai.

However, both his tone and appearance were completely different than the previous Chen Zilai, as if he were a different person.

“I bet you find it hard to believe? I a.s.sume you know what happened during the Monarch Horoscope Contest. I’ve gone through a lot after coming to the half-G.o.d region and ended up like this.

“Of course, I’m not the Sage Chen Zilai from before, but I’m still the Chen Zilai you know.”

Chen Zilai took out a precious wine and handed it to Qin Nan with a smile.

It was his first time feeling deep joy in his heart during his time here at the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain.

Qin Nan nodded. He received the wine and took a mouthful.

He was aware of how Chen Zilai had ‘lost’ to Sorceress Qian Qian during the Monarch Horoscope Contest and had left the Monarch Horoscope Contest.

“But why are you here?”

After a while, Qin Nan switched the topic curiously.

Until a few days ago, the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain was not accessible.

“I guess fate brought me here. I found a run-down temple and a few Bodhi statues, so I went to fix them. To my surprise, such little detail allowed me to pa.s.s the trial of the Hundred Bodhis Martial Monarch, thus I was invited to the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain as an exception to be the successor of one of the twelve Tianba Hidden Treasures, the Hundred Bodhis Succession.”

Chen Zilai explained.

“Twelve Tianba Hidden Treasures? What’s that?”

Qin Nan was startled.

“You don’t know? Oh, I forgot, they’re choosing the successor for the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain, so they aren’t telling you everything.

“Inside the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain there are a few hundred danger zones and around a hundred treasure grounds. Apart from the succession of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain, there are twelve other successions, which are also known as the twelve Tianba Hidden Treasures.

“Apart from that, there are also thirty-six Disha Hidden Treasures after the twelve Tianba Hidden Treasures.”

Chen Zilai explained slowly.

“I see.”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened.

As soon as Chen Zilai showed up, Qin Nan had already seen a strong Bodhi intent and another overwhelming demonic intent coexisting in his body. Even though Chen Zilai had yet to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm, his strength was comparable to the first-layer Martial Monarch Realm.

If the two intents were merged together, his strength would be a lot more terrifying.

As such, it seemed like that the twelve Tianba Hidden Treasures were fairly outstanding too, which greatly surpa.s.sed other successions he had heard of.

“Qin Nan, I’m sorry, I’ve already taken the Hundred Bodhis Succession here, but I guess these Sky-Severing Dragon Claws will come in handy for you. They are yours.”

Chen Zilai flipped his hand as if a thought suddenly crossed his mind. Thirty-one Sky-Severing Dragon Claws appeared on his palm.

He had searched most places in the Hundred Bodhis s.p.a.ce and had managed to find quite a number of claws.

“I can’t take them, the Skyless Dojo is very helpful for you too. You should keep the dragon claws.”

Qin Nan rejected the offer without hesitation.

He had had a good impression of Chen Zilai since they had met in the Middle Continent and he admired his personality too. He was glad they were able to meet one another again, how could he possibly take Chen Zilai’s dragon claws?

“Qin Nan, it’s fine. I’ve yet to fully comprehend the Hundred Bodhis Succession. Once I’m done, the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain will have been closed too. I won’t make it to the Skyless Dojo in time. If you don’t take them, I’ll just destroy them.”

Chen Zilai raised his hand, which began to glow.

“I’ll take them then—I owe you one.”

Qin Nan helplessly took the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws away.

At the same time, his heart was filled with warmth.

Thirty-one Sky-Severing Dragon Claws was considered quite a fortune here in the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain.

“Qin Nan, have you seen the Sorceress in the half-G.o.d region?”

Chen Zilai asked after a soft sigh.

It was as if it took him a great effort just to finish the sentence.

“I did, at the Wretched Disaster Forest; she asked about you too. I can tell that she misses you. Why didn’t you go and find her?”

Qin Nan was not planning to mention the topic, but since Chen Zilai had mentioned it himself, he would not hide the truth.

“I did think about it, but you know how the Canglan Continent is now. The difference is too great without achieving the Martial Monarch Realm. So I decided to wait, I’ll see her after I’ve achieved it.”

Chen Zilai wore a determined look.

The thought was the only reason supporting him to come so far, taking a completely new path.

“Chen Zilai, why aren’t you back here yet? Your Bodhi Demonic Intent will crumble if you’re away from your flesh for too long.”

At that instant, an imperious, but weak voice echoed in the place.

“I’ll be right back.”

Chen Zilai replied before glancing at Qin Nan.

“Qin Nan, everything has changed now. I’m glad that we’re able to see one another here. Even though we weren’t particularly close before, let me know if you need any help, I’ll be right there.

“On top of that, I have a favor to ask of you.

“If you see Qian Qian in danger, I hope you can help her. I’d be very grateful.”

Chen Zilai gave Qin Nan a bow before his figure slowly vanished.

To him, as long as she was safe, he would be able to continue on his journey no matter how difficult it was.

“Sure thing.”

Qin Nan nodded heavily while staring at the disappearing Bodhi intent.

He had promised Chen Zilai, not because of the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws or his relations.h.i.+p with Chen Zilai, but because he was moved by his feeling.

He had not understood it before, but he was slowly getting it now.

Perhaps this was love, willing to sacrifice everything for someone’s sake, even when the path ahead was an abyss.

“Princess, Jiang Bilan…”

Qin Nan’s thoughts were filled with Princess Miao Miao’s naughty grin and the scene where Jiang Bilan turned into the Death Crystal during the Monarch Horoscope Contest.

“Forget it, time to keep looking for the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws.”

Qin Nan shook his head. He disappeared into the distance with a kick.

Qin Nan was unable to locate any more Sky-Severing Dragon Claws in the place when the time ran out. It was possible that Chen Zilai had retrieved all of them.

As the imperious sound appeared once again, the Hundred Bodhis s.p.a.ce started twisting, teleporting Qin Nan and the rest of the cultivators away.

A hundred breaths later, in the third s.p.a.ce…

“Such a strong murderous intent, this must be a danger zone.”

Qin Nan immediately sensed the strong murderous intent from the mountains, trees, etc. of the place as soon as he landed. His expression tensed slightly.

The murderous intent was a lot stronger than the fiery s.p.a.ce he had gone to.

If his cultivation was not strong enough, his cultivation would have gone haywire.

“Mm? The Sky-Severing Dragon Claws are showing a reaction? Judging from it, it looks like there are quite a few cultivators nearby…”

Qin Nan glanced at the Sumeru Ring before scanning his surroundings.


His expression changed instantly following a glance.

Three figures within three hundred li from him were using a secret technique to conceal their cultivations. They were flying in his direction at a fast pace.

Most importantly, the three figures consisted of two seventh-layer Martial Monarchs and a fourth-layer Martial Monarch.

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