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Read Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1653 – Meeting Zi Hu Again

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A few breaths later, in a separated s.p.a.ce inside the illusion of the nine dragons…

“Did…did we really make it?”

Wan Xiao glanced at the completely different scenery ahead in disbelief.

“We are in, but we aren’t there yet.”

Qin Nan withdrew his aura and said calmly.

He could see a vast field, a huge forest in the distance, and several mountains without any sign of abnormalities.

However, he sharply noticed that there was no sign of life in his surroundings either. The scenery he was seeing was just an illusion.

“It does seem like it.”

Wan Xiao also realized that something was not right, “Well, there must be an entrance somewhere. Let’s search for it.”

His eyes immediately turned purple-golden.

Qin Nan nodded and activated the Golden Eyes of the Divine G.o.d of Battle while unleas.h.i.+ng his Divine Sense. He went forward to look for any clues that were helpful.


A moment later, the two of them shuddered.

They had come to the side of a river, and even though they were unable to see anything, and the river was perfectly normal, they had sensed a vague presence.

It was the presence of a cultivator!

“As expected of the G.o.d of Misfortune, Qin Nan, I’m rather impressed.”

A pleasant voice appeared beside them, followed by a glamorous woman wearing a long, purple robe standing on the water.

Her glittering eyes were staring at Qin Nan.

“Zi Hu?”

Qin Nan and Wan Xiao blurted out.

The woman was one of the Peerless Geniuses from the Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm, Zi Hu. Qin Nan even fought against her once at the Liuhuang Battleground.

“It seems that Cultivator Qin Nan still remembers me.”

Zi Hu wore a charming smile. However, she quickly glanced at the Purple-Golden G.o.dly Bird that Wan Xiao had transformed into and said, “But I’m rather intrigued, why do you know me too?”

“Ugh, well…”

Wan Xiao panicked. He was suddenly lost for words.

“Cultivator Zi Hu, why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be with the other group of people?”

Qin Nan switched the topic.

“To be frank, I have escaped here.”

Zi Hu let out a soft sigh and reached her hand out. Her palm had turned pitch-black with a deathly aura spreading from the center.

“We’ll talk about me later. Did Cultivator Qin Nan force your way in?”

Qin Nan admitted it with a nod.

Zi Hu’s eyes flickered with astonishment.

She was one of the geniuses that rode one of the Seven-Clawed G.o.dly Dragons and lit up the dragon lanterns. She could easily tell how difficult it was for someone to force their way in.

Furthermore, she also knew the significance behind it too.

“Cultivator Qin Nan, and Cultivator G.o.dly Bird, I won’t be saying much, as I’m afraid that I might bore you.”

Zi Hu spoke in a pleasant voice, “I have an offer here, I’m wondering if you two are interested?”

Qin Nan wore a calm smile, “Cultivator Zi Hu, feel free to tell us about it.”

He and Wan Xiao had just arrived here, thus they were rather clueless about everything. Now that Zi Hu had shown up, she might be able to solve their doubts.

“I a.s.sume you two have realized that this place is only an illusion.”

Zi Hu was alluring as usual, “It’s quite tricky to find the entrance in this illusion. It will take you two quite some time too.”

“But I can bring you inside.”

Wan Xiao said confusedly, “So what are you asking in return?”

Zi Hu smiled, “It’s just a small favor, I’m only asking that Cultivator Qin Nan will bring me to the Hidden Treasure of the Dragon Immortals.”

Qin Nan was startled, “The Hidden Treasure of the Dragon Immortals? Are you referring to the succession left by the nine Dragon Immortals?”

Wan Xiao was stunned too. He could not help but ask, “So the succession of the Dragon Immortals is really here in the Nine Dragon Mystical Realm?”

The succession left by the nine Dragon Immortals was legendary, and the benefits after acquiring it were unimaginable.

“It is the succession left by the nine Immortal Dragons, but it’s not here in the Nine Dragon Mystical Realm. It’s in the outside world.”

Zi Hu combed her hair with her hand and said, “I’ll have to explain it starting from the dragon lanterns…”

Qin Nan and Wan Xiao soon learned the truth behind it.

Zi Hu, and the geniuses that were on the Seven-Clawed G.o.dly Dragons and the Ten-Clawed Immortal Dragons made their way deep into the Nine Dragon Mystical Realm and found some old ruins.

They accidentally triggered a killing formation that affected the Nine Dragon Mystical Realm. However, the unexpected changes that occurred to the place gave them a glimpse of hope.

They then rose into the sky to light up the dragon lanterns.

And after the lanterns were lit up, the ancient ruins had claimed its current appearance.

Those that lit up the lanterns were allowed to enter the confined s.p.a.ce inside the illusion of the Dragon Immortals to compete for the nine Dragon Seeds.

These Dragon Seeds contained remarkable power.

The Dragon Immortal Seed among them was even more impressive. After acquiring it, apart from incredible benefits, it would also grant the person a great chance of finding the legendary Hidden Treasure of the Dragon Immortals.

However, not everyone was allowed to compete for the Dragon Immortal Seed.

Only the two cultivators that were riding a Ten-Clawed Immortal Dragon were allowed to do so.

Zi Hu was eager to get her hands on the Dragon Immortal Seed, thus she tried to intervene and break the rules. She ended up suffering a serious injury and had to leave the place first to recover her strength.

“So you’re saying that any cultivator that forced their way into this place can disregard the rules and compete for the Dragon Immortal Seed?”

Qin Nan asked.

“I can swear an oath to prove that I’m not lying to you.”

Zi Hu giggled, “Cultivator Qin Nan, what do you think about this deal?”

Qin Nan pondered for a while before nodding in agreement.

“That being said, I can’t guarantee that I can claim the Dragon Immortal Seed.”

Qin Nan added.

If he managed to claim the Dragon Immortal Seed, he would not mind bringing Zi Hu to the Hidden Treasure of the Dragon Immortals.

After all, they needed Zi Hu’s help to find the entrance, and the woman had told them the secrets too.

“I believe Cultivator Qin Nan is surely going to claim the Dragon Immortal Seed.”

Zi Hu performed a hand seal to suppress the deathly aura on her palm and said, “The battle has already begun. Let’s not waste our time here.”

She turned into a purple light and flew into the distance.


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