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A terrifying demon will struck the fiend.

The fiend holding a saber that was strong enough to slay a Peerless Ruler in the Greater Success Stage halted in its track as if it had encountered something terrifying. It groaned before turning into ashes following a huge blast.


The young Nine Heavens Supreme and the middle-aged man with bloodshot eyes subconsciously turned around. Their eyes were filled with astonishment following a glance.

“What is he…”

Qin Nan was startled.

Wasn’t it the wisp of mysterious demon presence that was related to the Seventh Immortal, Demon Emperor Wutian?

Why was it still inside his body?

“I should leave this place first!”

Qin Nan quickly reacted. He executed the Unstoppable Step without any hesitation and disappeared into the rift.

“Chase him!”

The young Nine Heavens Supreme and the middle-aged man with bloodshot eyes quickly reacted. Their auras skyrocketed as their demon will turned the rift into a demonic realm.

“Trying to run away? You are all going to die here!”

Supreme Dayu let out a hollow laugh. Countless immortal rays came from the mountain in the distance and intertwined into a huge web in less than a breath, encapsulating both the young Nine Heavens Supreme and the middle-aged man with bloodshot eyes.

“The wonder of the world, the judgment of three Supremes!”

Three Nine Heavens Supremes with blinding glows entered the web. Hundreds of rare phenomena immediately took place.

“Four Nine Heavens Supremes!”

“The Immortality Cycle Sect has five Nine Heavens Supremes in total, and they have sent four of them here!”

The Peerless Rulers and Heaven Immortals of the Thousand Demon Sect were startled. Many were utterly terrified.

However, the young Nine Heavens Supreme and the middle-aged man with bloodshot eyes showed no sign of worry. Their eyes were filled with joy instead.

They did not start the fight against the Immortality Cycle Sect because of their personal grudge. They had done it on purpose.

The reason was that Senior Demon Emperor Wutian who had disappeared for more than two thousand years had finally transmitted a message to the Thousand Demon Sect!

The man mentioned by the prophecies would pa.s.s by here!

Even though the skinny scholar only unleashed the demon will for a short period of time, they were confident that he was the one they were looking for!

“d.a.m.n it! How are we going to find him if he escapes?”

The middle-aged man with bloodshot eyes wore a startled look as he came to his senses.

“There’s no need to panic, since Senior Wutian has relayed the information to us, he will definitely tell us the man’s ident.i.ty and his whereabouts when the time is right! You should send a message to the Patriarch now!”

The young Nine Heavens Supreme’s eyes glittered as he looked at Supreme Dayu and the others with a bloodl.u.s.ting grin, “As for now…it’s time to have some fun with these people of the Immortality Cycle Sect!”

He performed a hand seal and slammed it downward. The mountains instantly turned pitch-black and blood red with tremendous demonic auras.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh after he did not sense any unusual presence behind him after flying for half an hour. He immediately directed his Divine Sense to his heart.

However, no matter how he tried to locate the demonic presence, he did not find anything, as if whatever just happened was a mere illusion.

“Forget it,” Qin Nan shook his head. He would ask Demon Emperor Wutian about it in person after he achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

Two hours later, Qin Nan entered the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm.

The Supreme-Transforming Left Realm and the boundary of the First Immortal Realm did not have any obvious boundary, but Qin Nan could clearly sense that the ancient immortal will was three times stronger in the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm.

Qin Nan referred to the map and headed east.

He saw many interesting sights along the way.

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Many disciples of ancient tribes were flying out of a magnificent mountain that was tall enough to reach the clouds. He also saw the ancient tribes in an imposing ancient city.

He even saw the Tribe of Immortal Spirits, the Wengu Tribe, and the Dazai Tribe with whom he was familiar.

On top of it, he saw some kids around the age of nine to possess the cultivation of the Human G.o.d Realm.

The average cultivation of the adults was roughly above the Human Immortal Realm.

It was what made the First Immortal Realm fascinating. The cultivators who were born in it had the cultivation of the Martial Highness Realm, and their cultivation rate significantly surpa.s.sed the people of other immortal realms.

Qin Nan did not think too much about it, since these people were restricted by some unknown rule whenever they left the First Immortal Realm. They could only utilize half their cultivation in other immortal realms.

There were many factions in the Supreme-Transforming Realms, thus it was very common for battles to break out between the factions. The people often had to move cities. The unfortunate ones would even be caught in the middle of it and die as a result.

“This is it.”

Qin Nan came to a stop. He was standing in front of a lake.

However, the lake was not filled with water, but a crimson-golden flame and a faint-blue flame burning vigorously. The illusionary figures of dragons and phoenixes would occasionally rise from the lake.

The place was called the Dragon Phoenix Fiery Lake. The Peerless Rulers of the Sky Taihuang Sect had fought hard to claim it. Its defense was quite outstanding. Even the peak Peerless Rulers would struggle to break into it.

Together with the ancient formations carved along the walls, it guaranteed the safety of the people under the lake as long as they were not invaded by a peak Nine Heavens Supreme.

“Senior, I, Qin Nan have come to visit you. Can you tell me how I can enter the lake?”

jQin Nan brought his fists together.

However, there was no reaction from the lake after some time. He transmitted another thought with the badge and waited patiently.

There was no response after a hundred breaths.

Qin Nan frowned slightly. He eventually said, “Forgive me.”

His eyes erupted into white flames as he stepped into the lake.

An eerie sight took place. The flames of the lake backed away like ants that had encountered a giant.

Qin Nan continued forward. He eventually reached a huge gate over ten zhang tall at the bottom of the lake.

The gate was covered in runes that had fully merged with the lake as a whole.

Behind the gate stood a figure, who grinned when he saw Qin Nan coming to a stop, “The flames of the dragons and phoenixes might fail to stop him, but there’s no way he’s getting past this gate!”

“He might be the successor of the Immortals and the strongest Exceptional Genius of the sect, but no matter what, I shall give him a cold shoulder. I can’t let him take over this place so easily!”


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