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Read Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2198: Unexpected, Part Two

Peerless Battle Spirit is a web novel created by Supreme Villain, 极品妖孽.
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Chapter 2198: Unexpected, Part Two

Meanwhile, inside the palace…

A great battle had already broken out!

Xiang Hun flicked his finger and fired a beam of light. It traveled at a shocking speed and slashed at the giant hand which Qin Nan had summoned to break it into pieces. 

He moved quickly to the end of the hall at the same time.

His movement was similar to the Sky-Stride Blow.

He had been secretly observing the Divine G.o.d of Battle when he practiced the Seven Divine Battle Forms and learned them secretly. 

White flames erupted in Qin Nan’s eyes.

The chaotic force in the pond and the book on the altar immediately reacted vigorously. They immediately flew at Qin Nan like they were being summoned.

The others might need time to claim them, but Qin Nan did not have to as they belonged to him in the first place.


Xiang Hun’s eyes widened. He was going to claim the three items forcibly, yet he did not expect Qin Nan could secure two of them right away.

Xiang Hun performed a hand seal in the nick of time.

“Dao-Stealing Seal!”

He unleashed a great force which transformed into three illusionary figures which sat on the three items. The wisp of Indestructible Force and the Art of the Immortal Demon immediately stopped moving.

“Did he separate the three items from our world to sever the connection between me and them?”

Qin Nan noticed what was going on right away. He immediately unleashed the Dao intent of twelve Arts of Dao Seeking in the form of twelve light rays.

“Amitabha, these three items are compatible with the way of Buddhism. They belong to me!” Holy Monk w.a.n.gjin let out a brilliant light after murmuring some scriptures.

“w.a.n.gjin, don’t you feel ashamed saying something like that?”

Zheng Hou, Xiang Qi, w.a.n.g Tianfang, and the rest of the Patriarchs and Saints made their moves too.

They did not focus on attacking Qin Nan. They knew how valuable the three items were at first glance. They would only give Xiang Hun a head-start if they kept focusing on Qin Nan.

The palace immediately fell into great chaos.

“Do you really think you plebs are worthy enough to lay your hands on them?” Xiang Hun’s eyes flickered coldly.

However, a glamorous figure flew into the palace as he was about to do something. She had already landed in front of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree as soon as the others felt her presence.


The illusionary figure above the pillar at the center disappeared, allowing the woman to claim the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree’s Seed of Essence with ease.

“Who’s there?”

Xiang Hun was startled.

Even he could not react in time.

The woman was definitely not just an ordinary person!

Qin Nan and the others looked at the woman too.

“It’s her?”

Qin Nan was stunned following a quick glance.

The woman was wearing a long robe with golden runes. She had an alluring figure with long hair that reached her waist. Her face was hidden under a white veil. It was the woman whom Qin Nan stumbled into in the Westernmost Land.

“It’s Li Yangfan?”

Zheng Hou, Xiang Qi, w.a.n.g Tianfang, and the others were astounded.

They all thought Li Yangfan was not going to show up.

“She’s ranked first on the Supreme Leaderboard?”

Qin Nan was shocked. It explained why she was so strong.

“I was wondering who it was. So it’s you! It’s impressive how you have mastered an extraordinary path of cultivation and possess such strength at such a young age. The Li Clan must be proud of you!”

Xiang Hun said with a smile, “I’m close with the Li Clan, but unfortunately, the seed doesn’t belong to you. Hand it over, and I won’t trouble you.”

Li Yangfan did not respond. A mystical aura emerged under her feet and wrapped around her.

The drawings on the walls started glowing as if they had woken up.

The cultivators immediately felt a strong pressure from the drawings.

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment.

Li Yangfan was giving him an obscure vibe. Even though she still retained the aura of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, it felt like she had exceeded the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm at the same time.

In addition to it, Li Yangfan’s aura was a little similar to the aura that the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree was unleas.h.i.+ng previously.

“Is that…”

Xiang Hun blurted out as a thought crossed his mind, “Are you the successor of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree?”

Li Yangfan nodded and said calmly, “Ten years ago, I’m lucky to catch my master’s attention. I was chosen as the successor.”

The words placed the crowd in great shock.

They were aware of how terrifying the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree. If Li Yangfan was chosen as its successor, she would have a bright future ahead considering how talented she was.

Xiang Hun’s expression darkened.

He did not expect it would turn out like this. He was initially planning to claim the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree’s Seed of Essence too.

“If the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree has already chosen you as its successor, you may take the seed with you,” Xiang Hun said after calming his thoughts.

“I’m afraid I’m going to let you down,” Li Yangfan remained still.

“Oh? What is it? You are planning to claim the other two items too?” Xiang Hun said as a murderous aura burst out of his body, “You might be the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree’s successor, which gives you a great advantage under the circ.u.mstances, but I can still kill you if I want.”

Xiang Hun knew the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree was not allowed to intervene with anything in the Dao Seeking Land.

Li Yangfan shook her head and said, “Patriarch Xiang, you’ve misunderstood me. My master almost died when it failed to achieve the Supreme Highness Realm in the past. It only managed to stay alive with the help of the four Supreme Highnesses. Since then, it has planted its roots in the Dao Seeking Land to recover from it.”

“How could we possibly think of claiming the successions left by Supreme Highness Eternity and Supreme Highness Immortal Demon?”

She added after a brief pause, “However, the two Supreme Highnesses have purposely left their successions here and asked my master for a favor. They wanted to make sure their successions will be given to their rightful owners.” 

Xiang Hun squinted and said, “Their rightful owners? How are you going to decide who their owners are?”

Li Yangfan said, “There’s no exact way to determine who their rightful owners are, but ever since our world existed, it’s always been the winner that takes it all.”

“My master believes it’s meaningless to continue on with the chaotic fights. It will only result in meaningless casualties. Why don’t we do it the usual way of settling it with rounds of duels for every faction to compete for them fairly?”

“The winners of the duels will advance to the next round while the losers are disqualified from the compet.i.tion. The final victor will claim the two items. That way, everyone will be willing to accept the outcome without any complaints.”


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