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Read Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 705 – Waiting for Someone

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Chapter 705 – Waiting for Someone

The Dao-Seeking Mountain was covered in snowy storms throughout the year. However, for some reason, only on the day of the opening of the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault would the sun be visible, causing the thirty-six icy mountains to s.h.i.+ne brightly.

On top of that, the runes on the peak of the thirty-six icy mountains would be visible, revealing the mysterious formations that protected the mountains. The cultivators who possessed some sort of eye-technique were utterly astounded after taking a single glimpse at the formations.

The formations were too powerful for them to interpret.

Rumors said that the formations had existed since the Dao-Seeking Mountain was established, whose power was further improved through modifications and enhancements over the past few thousand years.

The formations were activated during grand occasions such as the opening of the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault.

After all, apart from the geniuses and rogue cultivators, the authorities of the Four Great Factions would be here too.

…Meanwhile, on the Icy Dojo…

The place was fully crowded with people, resulting in a lively scene. There were at least several thousand cultivators on the dojo.

“Four batches of cultivators have already entered the place. The number of people entering the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault will most likely exceed thirty thousand this year!”

“Hehe, almost every genius with relatively strong cultivation has come.”

“I took a glimpse just then and saw at least ten geniuses whose names are on the Hidden Dragon Ranking.”

The cultivators chatted among themselves.

The Dao-Seeking Mountain was unable to fully activate the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault, thus every time the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault became accessible, the Dao-Seeking Mountain would allow the rogue cultivators of the Eastern Continent to enter the place. That being said, there were too many cultivators who were interested in taking part, thus the Dao-Seeking Mountain limited the number of people using the Dao-Seeking Badges.

Only those with Dao-Seeking Badges could partic.i.p.ate in the trial.

Similarly, even with the badges, there were still too many people, thus the Dao-Seeking Mountain would cla.s.sify the partic.i.p.ants into thirty batches. The cultivators in each batch would compete with one another for a hundred badges.

“So these are all the geniuses of the Eastern Continent.”

Di Fengyun stood among the crowd, his face awash with astonishment. Behind him were Luan Feng, Mu Chengye, and other geniuses. However, they all wore excited and nervous looks after seeing the crowd of cultivators before them.

They could be considered top-notch in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, but that no longer applied here.

They only managed to receive some side glances from the cultivators when they arrived at the place.

Thump thump thump.

Meanwhile, a series of loud footsteps could be heard, which caused the entire dojo to shake, as if an enormous being was making its way to the dojo.

The crowd was startled and held their breath after they gazed in the direction of the footsteps.

They could see over ten werewolves holding large spears marching toward them with murderous auras, each with a cultivation of the eighth-layer Martial Highness Realm.

“What’s with this s.h.i.+tty Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault? How boring. Ah, I can’t wait until the Predestined Fate Vessel of the Wanxiang Pavilion is held! I so want to attend that!” A grumble broke the silence of the dojo.

The person turned out to be Longhu who was in his human form. The Demonic Werewolves were his loot from the Million Devils Garden.

“Huh, Di Fengyun, why did you guys come here so early? What’s the fun in coming here! Sigh, I heard that the Predestined Fate Vessel would give everyone a chance to find their soul companion. With my bloodline of the Heavenly Dragon and Thunderous Tiger, I’m sure that I could find my future nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine companions there! What a pity! I still need to wait for more than a year before its next appearance! Ahhhh…”

Longhu held his chest and uttered a cry of agony.

He had had the chance to witness the glamorous appearances of the female disciples of the Wanxiang Pavilion. Words could not describe their beauty.

“Worthless pleb! Isn’t robbing the Trading Alliance more exciting than the Predestined Fate Vessel?” Beside Longhu, Sima Kong rolled his eyes. Everything about this beast was impressive, except for his character.

“Hehe, you’re right.” Longhu’s expression was replaced with an overjoyed look as he thought about his storage bag full of treasures.

The crowd immediately reacted.

“It’s Sima Kong and Longhu!”

“Their cultivations are extremely terrifying. I believe their rankings on the Hidden Dragon Ranking are going to rise again.”

“I hope that I won’t be grouped into the same batch as them.”

The crowd wore stern looks on their faces.

Even though they were not intimidated by geniuses like Di Fengyun, it was impossible for them to not be careful around geniuses like Sima Kong and Longhu.

“Are you still planning to rob the Trading Alliance? I believe you will no longer have the chance to do so!”

An icy voice could be heard, accompanied by a shocking murderous intent.

Zhu Hang approached the dojo while glaring at Sima Kong and Longhu. His hand was emitting a magical glow. After spending months cultivating, his aura of the Undefeatable Martial Highness Realm swept the place in an imperious manner.

If it weren’t for the presence of the disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain maintaining order in the place, he would have attacked the two thieves at once.

“Yo, Xiao Zhu, I thought you were someone else. What are you up to? Are you trying to challenge your Grandpa Sima?” Sima Kong ignored his threatening words and responded with a scornful expression.

The crowd almost cracked up hearing this.

This Sima Kong’s words were hilarious. It was most likely that he was the only person who dared to call Zhu Hang ‘Xiao Zhu’ in the entire Eastern Continent.

“You traitor! You dare to act scornfully here!”

Zhu Hang’s expression darkened as a terrifying aura was awakened in his body.

“Brother Zhu, why are you being so serious with someone like him?”

At that instant, a calm voice could be heard, who turned out to be Wu Hao.

However, Wu Hao also had a dark expression. His bloodshot eyes served as a sign that he was fully prepared to unleash his killing blow at any time.

The previous incident had had a huge impact on him!

The crowd’s eyes glittered. They did not expect Wu Hao to be here too.

“What do you mean someone like him? Mind your words, kid! Otherwise, your Grandpa Long is going to make you drown in his spit——” Hearing this, Longhu raised his head with a proud face, as if he was trying to say, ‘Come fight me if you want’.

Wu Hao’s eyes became icy instantly.

He was ranked in the top ten on the Hidden Dragon Ranking. Since when did these people dare to be so full of themselves in front of him!


Several disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain flew to the dojo and declared, “The fifth batch for the trial, you’re up! Step into the formation to begin the battles! Once you acquire the badge, it will teleport you to the location of the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault.”


Following an explosion, the s.p.a.ce on the Icy Dojo shattered into pieces, as an illusionary door appeared.

By stepping into the door, the partic.i.p.ants would be teleported to the venue of the duels.

“Let’s go!”

The eyes of the crowd flickered, who immediately made their way to the door.

In the blink of an eye, the crowd rushed toward the door like schools of fish leaping into the dragon’s gate.

A while later, only Wu Hao, Zhu Hang, Sima Kong, and the others remained on the dojo.

“Senior Brother Wu Hao, aren’t you going to partic.i.p.ate in the trial?” The disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain asked with respectful tones.

“Not yet, we’re waiting for someone.”

Wu Hao waved his hand and cast a side glance at Sima Kong’s group, before saying in an indifferent tone, “So? Are you guys waiting for someone too?”

Di Fengyun and his crew could not help but glance at Sima Kong and Longhu.

“Not everyone has the right to speak to me.”

Longhu rolled his eyes and wore a disdainful look.

“Aren’t you guys aware that someone’s not here yet? He’s the one we’re waiting for.”

Sima Kong wore a grin.

Qin Nan was surely waiting for the perfect time to detonate the weapons he had sold to the Trading Alliance. Even though Sima Kong was unsure about the details, his instincts were telling him that it would be related to their trip to the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault.

Di Fengyun and his crew were startled.

Someone was not here yet?

Following this, a figure appeared in their thoughts, causing their hearts to be engulfed in flames.

They all knew that he had gone into seclusion.

For three months straight.

If he were to come, what surprise would he bring them?

That was right.

They were waiting!

Waiting for the person to descend like a conqueror!


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