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Chapter 141: Stabbed from Behind

Edited by RED

“Lin Feng, you need to bear your responsibility!” shouted Sage Yin furiously. He looked terribly angry. Now, all that had happened would probably have an impact on the two Holy Shrines’ relations. The ordinary disciples of the two Shrines would fight each time they met. That would be dangerous. It was all because Lin Feng had caused trouble.

Lin Feng frowned and glanced at Sage Yin indifferently. He had started leaving, but suddenly, he stopped walking and looked at Sage Yin. Sage Yin suddenly looked at Lin Feng in a gentle way, as if the latter was about to admit he had made a mistake, and wanted to apologize. If that had been the case, that would have been fine, but Lin Feng said, “I will stay in the Silver Region. Do whatever you wish.

“I told you. I hate people who touch my women. They are among the most precious people I have in my life. Why didn’t you tell your G.o.dly Son to forget about my wife? The Silver Region and the Supranatural Region have good relations, but this thing is about you and me, not you and the Supranatural Region.

“How could I let anyone humiliate my wives? No matter who tries, I can’t leave the matter at that.

“No need to look at me like that, if you want to get your revenge, and regain face, come to me. But I’ll tell you one thing, if you try anything, you will definitely have to pay the price for it,” Lin Feng stated crisply.

Sage Yin was staring at him without saying anything. When he finally came back to his senses and wanted to reply, Lin Feng had already left with Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye.

“What the h.e.l.l is that supposed to mean!?” shouted Sage Yin furiously, clenching his fists. He hadn’t been this furious in a long time, but Lin Feng had only said a few sentences and he flew into a flaming rage.

“Sage Yin, the Supranatural Region will bear its responsibility. Please take me to your G.o.dly Leader. I will talk to him,” said Song Zhuang to Sage Yin apologetically.

Sage Yin groaned icily and replied, “The Silver Region can live fine without the Supranatural Region. Don’t think that we are ready to accept all sorts of outrages because of G.o.dly Imperial weapons. We are not inseparable!

“In the worst case, we won’t cooperate anymore, you know that?” Sage Yin swore. Song Zhuang s.h.i.+vered.

“We don’t give a d.a.m.n if you don’t want to cooperate with us anymore. We won’t starve to death because of that.

“Look, granddad, if the G.o.dly Son of your region hadn’t tried to steal my buddy’s wife, such a thing would have never happened. You are responsible. So why are you blaming us?

“You’re angry and want to release your anger on us? Without you, we can live, too. Song Zhuang, let’s leave!” Yuan Fei shouted back furiously. He grabbed Song Zhuang’s hand and got ready to leave. Sage Yin’s face paled.

“G.o.dly Son Yuan Fei, what is that supposed to mean?” asked Sage Yin. He couldn’t be more furious, and now Yuan Fei was being aggressive, too?

“Nothing. We care about Lin Feng. We don’t represent the Holy Shrine here, we represent Lin Feng. You understand? Let’s go!” said Yuan Fei indifferently. He pulled Song Zhuang away and ignored Sage Yin.

Sage Yin clenched his fists and trembled. His heart was pounding with fury. His anger couldn’t be described with words anymore. Now, only the G.o.dly Leader could sort out the situation!

“Haha! Sage Yin, a sage from the Silver Region, remains speechless in front of a G.o.dly Son of the Supranatural Region. How funny!” mocked Sage Jin at that moment. He looked terribly amused.

Sage Yin glanced at Sage Jin coldly. He groaned icily, and promptly left.

They were forced to to put an end to the ceremony. The Silver Sect had ended up humiliated. Many strong cultivators had been invited by G.o.dly Son Hao personally, including Sage Jin, who had now humiliated Sage Yin.

“Go and kill Lin Feng, he can’t go back to the Supranatural Region alive,” Sage Jin ordered Holy Tie Mian. He looked evil and furious.

Holy Tie Mian was startled, then he silently disappeared from the kwoon.

Sage Jin watched Holy Tie Mian disappear. He didn’t look furious and evil anymore. He was indifferent as he flew away.

“That’s the Lin Feng my disciple mentioned? He’s a good demon cultivator, as expected. It would be such a pity if he were killed…”

Sage Jin didn’t see that but soon after he left the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine, a cultivator in black clothes appeared. The old man was the Demon Region’s elder.

The Demon Region’s elder muttered to himself. He turned around to the other cultivator in black clothes behind him. He also muttered to himself, and disappeared from the kwoon.

The Demon Region’s elder smiled thinly, and left as well.


In less than ten seconds, everybody left behind disappeared from the kwoon. What happened on that day would stay in people’s memories for a long time, and it would also spread quickly in all the regions. In many people’s opinions, Lin Feng was the evil one for having destroyed two Holy Shrines’ relations.h.i.+p. A point of no return had been reached.

Some members of the G.o.ds Sect were also furious at Lin Feng, such as Di Shu and Holy Fourth Mo Da.

“Lin Feng has gone too far. He doesn’t deserve to be Holy Fifth! I’ll go and see Sage Tian Gang, I’ll ask him to abrogate Lin Feng’s status as Holy Fifth. Who wants to come with me?” said Di Shu. He was standing at the top of the G.o.dly Mountain. He looked cunning and malicious.

That was the best time to do something against Lin Feng. Maybe the sage would revoke Lin Feng’s status!

“I’ll come with you!” agreed Mo Da icily, standing up. He smiled wickedly. He was eager to go and cause trouble. He could already imagine Lin Feng’s face if his Holy Fifth status was removed.

“Alright, let’s go together. I represent elders, you represent holy cultivators,” said Di Shu, smiling in antic.i.p.ation. He looked delighted.

“Alright,” Mo Da nodded. He could also imagine Lin Feng’s face if he lost his privileges. They both groaned icily and left the G.o.dly Mountain.

“Mo Da, stop!” shouted Sheng Hui angrily, flas.h.i.+ng in front of Mo Da.

Mo Da was startled. He frowned as he asked, “Sheng Hui, what do you want?”

“You are not qualified to represent holy cultivators, so you can’t go,” said Sheng Hui indifferently. Mo Da’s expression changed quickly, as antic.i.p.ation became anger.

“What is that supposed to mean, Sheng Hui?!” asked Di Shu, frowning sourly.

Sheng Hui glanced at Di Shu and said patiently, “That’s between the holy cultivators and me. Mind your own business.” He turned away and stopped looking at Di Shu.

“You…” Di Shu’s expression fell as his face reddened. He pointed at Sheng Hui, wanting to say something, but words didn’t come out.

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