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Chapter 1966

Chapter 1966: Fourth On the Imperial Ranking List?

The Buddha’s halo illuminated everything. It was dazzling as it purified the demon strength. When the Buddhist energies reached Lin Feng, a new destructive strength manifested, like millions of blades were attacking Lin Feng.

However, Lin Feng remained calm. Demon intent rose to the skies, the sky was growing was darker and darker, pressing in on the golden light. The Nine Netherworlds song kept resonating in the air. People could actually see the soundwaves! Some threads of dark energies appeared on Dou Zhan Seng’s golden body.

Dou Zhan Seng’s eyes were dazzling. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “An evil demon can surprisingly resist against a Buddha!”

“Isn’t it like a Heruka?” Lin Feng replied to Dou Zhan Seng slowly.

Dou Zhan Seng looked stunned. Heruka?

“The cultivation world is about strength. Buddhist and demon energies are just two different types of strength,” Lin Feng said calmly.

Dou Zhan Seng was surprised. He had mixed feelings, but he tried not to think about those things, he had to remain perseverant. His Buddha’s halo became even more dazzling.

“Buddhism is about life. Diabolism is about life too. The line between Buddhism and Satanism is just a thin one. You can create your strength using both types of strength,” said Lin Feng. He continued singing the Nine Netherworlds song. The minds of the audience were rapidly getting muddled by the song.

“Whether you are a Buddhist or a Satanist, in the end, when you die, you’ll become a skeleton and you’ll turn to powder. I am a demon cultivator, but I am perseverant and determined, even Buddhists can’t influence me,” said Lin Feng. His voice resonated in Dou Zhan Seng’s head. For Lin Feng, it didn’t matter whether he was a Buddhist or a Demon cultivator, in the end, his purpose was the same, they were

just different paths to the same place.

“The goal of Buddhist warriors is to fight!” said Dou Zhan Seng. His golden lights condensed and a Buddha emerged from his body, slowly moving towards Lin Feng, exuding enormous strength.

Buddhist ways of obtaining Nirvana are really complex, thought Lin Feng. He sensed the Buddha’s halo, and death wheels appeared in those Buddhist lights. The demon song kept oppressing it and the atmosphere was still becoming darker.

“People are alive, even Buddhism is about reincarnation. People can’t escape from death,” whispered Lin Feng. An endless number of demons appeared in the sky, and started fighting against all those Buddhist light beams. His demons looked like demon kings!

“You…” Dou Zhan Seng looked at the demons in the sky, and finally, he couldn’t keep calm anymore. Lin Feng’s understanding of strength was just too astonis.h.i.+ng. The demon kings kept getting bigger and bigger, and the Source of the Nine Netherworlds kept flowing out and destroying the demon lights.

“You’re a demon cultivator, I’ll show you what a demon G.o.d should look like!” said Dou Zhan Seng slowly. Suddenly, he closed his eyes and started whispering things under his breath. Lin Feng saw a demon G.o.d move towards him. The demon king was holding a steel fork which contained explosive demon energies. Bodhisatvas could also be like demon kings!

“Eh?” The crowd was stunned. Surprisingly, Dou Zhan Seng who was a Buddhist warrior, could also release Yaksa Kings like Guili. And that Yaksa King looked like the real thing, an ancient demon G.o.d!

“Everything is about your perceptions and motives. Buddhists are similar to diabolists,” whispered Lin Feng. The Yaksa King released demon Qi in awful waves. Lin Feng just closed his eyes, remaining perseverant and determined. The Yaksa King appeared in front of him while Lin Feng remained motionless. Thunder rumbled out, and the Yaksa King

King disappeared.

Dou Zhan Seng was dumbfounded.

“How do you know?” asked Dou Zhan Seng to Lin Feng.

“I’ve been to h.e.l.l. I’ve read many books. Among those books, I read a book about Buddhist and demon cultivation. There were many skills which contained demon spells for Buddhist cultivators. There was a mysterious Ghost spell in it too. I’ve always thought that there was no difference between demon and Buddhist cultivation. If you want to read that book, I can show it to you,” said Lin Feng to Dou Zhan Seng.

“You would?” Dou Zhan Seng frowned.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Lin Feng smiled. Dazzling lights twinkled in his third eye and some memories moved towards Dou Zhan Seng’s third eye.

The book slowly appeared in Dou Zhan Seng’s memories. Then, he whispered, “I feel ashamed, I was protecting myself.”

As Lin Feng had started transmitting the book to Dou Zhan Seng, Dou Zhan Seng had protected himself, suspecting Lin Feng harbored bad intentions.

“People are like that, I’m not offended,” replied Lin Feng with a calm smile.

“Initially, it was a great battle, I wouldn’t have thought such a thing would happen,” laughed Dou Zhan Seng. Everybody was astonished as they watched the two of them.

“We came here to ask for our Path. Cultivation is about competing, but we compete to find our Path. Who cares about the Imperial Ranking List?” said Lin Feng. He suddenly sounded like an enlightened person.

Dou Zhan Seng stood up and sighed. “I feel inferior,” he said, and then he simply left. His Buddhist lights disappeared, and only demon intent remained.

“Lin Feng, when you have time, come to the Canaan Buddhist Clan!” Dou Zhan Seng called back loudly.

The audience was stunned at this strange ending. Was the event finally over?

The crowd looked at Lin Feng, who was still seated cross-legged. They were speechless. Lin Feng had defeated Guili, and now

and now he had made Dou Zhan Seng feel ashamed of being inferior to the extent that he had left.

Lin Feng didn’t even glance at the audience. His demon king was still behind him sensing the energies of the earth and the sky. His demon strength turned into life strength. Demon Kalpa strength also appeared in a dazzling display.

“Demon Kalpa!” Those watching were astonished. Lin Feng’s demon lights were growing denser and denser.

Lin Feng looked up at the sky and smiled. He stood up slowly and took a deep breath. Once again, the DevMara Kalpa strength was coming to cleanse his body. He was going to become stronger again, and getting closer and closer to becoming a high-level emperor!

The DevMara Kalpa strength descended from the sky and bombarded him. His body was flaring with light. The crowd was amazed as they watched him receiving the DevMara Kalpa strength with his physical body. He wasn’t even using cosmic energies to resist!

His physical strength was terrifying!

The waves of DevMara Kalpa strength kept bombarding his physical body, and his soul kept shaking. His soul was becoming stronger, more stable. The reason why Lin Feng could resist was because his soul was extremely strong, a very important thing when being cleansed by DevMara Kalpa strength.

The old men in the sky were moved. Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian looked delighted. He was extremely happy, and couldn’t wait for Lin Feng to become a high-level emperor.

The other old men kept staring at him and then at Lin Feng. If Lin Feng became a higher rank, he would become even more enigmatic and unfathomable. As a medium-level emperor, he could already rank fourth. He had made Guili and Dou Zhan Seng leave in shame. They understood that Lin Feng’s comprehension abilities were astonis.h.i.+ng. In a world where people were extremely conceited, everybody just wanted to be
wanted to be strong.

“Fourth in the Imperial Ranking List, medium-level emperor!” Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian looked like a happy kid.

“Hmph!” the old man of Ancient University grunted icily.

“Hehe, Dou Zhan Seng is quite strong. He felt ashamed of being inferior. He will definitely become a Champion someday!” proclaimed Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, smiling at the old man from Ancient university. The old man ground his teeth and tried to punch Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian.

But it was the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, and Celestial G.o.dly University and Champion University were the real Champions of the event. The first and second cultivator of the Imperial Ranking List were from the Celestial G.o.dly University. Ying Cheng had been first for ages and now Chu Chun Qiu was rising.

And even though Ji Chang, who was from Champion University, had been defeated by Chu Chun Qiu, Lin Feng was rising, so they were happy. Now he was the fourth cultivator in the list. In the future, Lin Feng would maybe rank first or second.

“It’s finally over,” sighed the crowd. The event had been incredible!

“Dao!” At that moment, all the strong cultivators released Dao. They all felt more determined than ever.

The two most astonis.h.i.+ng cultivators of the event were definitely Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu. Even though Ying Cheng had fought only once, he had amazed everybody. His map of several countries and their altars to the G.o.ds of earth and grain was incredible, and had caused chaos everywhere. It was as if he could destroy the ten thousand things of creation.

And even though Ji Chang was now the third cultivator, people had no doubt about his strength, he was incredible.

In the future, Lin Feng would possibly become a new Champion.

As the crowd was sighing, Lin Feng looked at Ji Chang with his death eyes. He said evenly, “Ji Chang, come here!”


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