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Chapter 739

Chapter 739: Missionaries


Lin Feng looked back at Huang Fu Long and asked, “Why is Tian Chi the best place to go if I want to traverse the mysterious world?”


“Lin Feng, it seems like you don’t understand the balance of power amongst the different empires.” said Huang Fu Long smiling. “In the Gan Yu region, there are only empires of middle quality, their territories also prove how strong they are. The Necropolis, the Jade Heaven Empire, the East Sea Empire and our empire, Tian Chi, are all in the Gan Yu region. But our empire, Tian Chi, is the strongest one.” 


He sounded proud. Lin Feng looked at the other people and saw that they looked solemn and respectful, as well as proud, like heroes. Lin Feng was surprised.


“However, we are not the strongest ones because we are stronger than the others. There is only one thing that makes us stronger and that is our unity.” said Huang Fu Long sounding like he was in a good mood. He was speaking simply and honestly, “Two thousand years ago, Tian Chi was the weakest empire of middle quality, we were humiliated by others. Then, the holy place Tian Chi enabled the entire empire to become extremely strong.” 


“The government of Tian Chi is not authoritarian and doesn’t encourage stealing or such things. It is an empire filled with spirituality and beliefs. People who believe can go to the mysterious world. Tian Chi, for them, is a religion or a spirituality, a way of life, this belief makes them extremely strong. Tian Chi doesn’t put pressure on people but they encourage faith, they think faith can make cultivators become stronger. For example, the other empires will take the precious items gathered by the people they send to the mysterious world, Tian Chi won’t. People who go there can pick up items and keep them for themselves. They don’t need to give anything to Tian Chi. In Tian Chi, people can even receive some guidance on how to use the objects they’ve gathered. Moral values, principles and faith are the things which have made us sustain for two thousand years; n.o.body would dare violate those principles, otherwise, Tian Chi would kill them.”


“Besides, I believe that people who come out of the mysterious world with precious objects that they can’t use will give them to Tian Chi and will settle in Tian Chi, because they will receive instructions on how to use them. Practicing cultivation in Tian Chi is wonderful but one shouldn’t be arrogant about it. Tian Chi is not a group of influence, it is like a big and powerful family. Tian Chi doesn’t want to dazzle, it wants to be a holy place, a place where cultivation is a spirituality.” explained Huang Fu Long slowly. His hand was on his chest while he was talking, he looked solemn and serious. Tian Chi wanted to be a holy place. 


“Holy Tian Chi makes their cultivators turn into cultivation missionaries.” said the others while putting their right hands on their hearts and looking at the sky. They also sounded extremely solemn and respectful. 


Lin Feng initially doubted about what Huang Fu Long was saying, but when he saw how the others reacted, his doubts disappeared. 


He had the impression that the empire was a monstrously powerful family, just like Huang Fu Long had said. Tian Chi wasn’t a group of influence, it didn’t want to oppress people and dazzle, it wanted to create cultivation missionaries.


People were not specks of gra.s.s, they were sentient beings with feeling and emotions. They all had a sense of belonging here. Because Tian Chi wasn’t a group of influen

ce, it wasn’t going to hurt or put pressure on people, they even helped people become stronger without any requirement. Receiving people and helping them was a pleasure for them. 


Being able to make people adhere to such principles and maintaining such a system sustain for two thousand years was incredible. Tian Chi had to be a great and powerful empire with such principles.


Those principles reminded Lin Feng of democratic countries in his previous life. In democratic countries, the government didn’t oppress its people. On the contrary, it helped its people and those people were the rulers of their own country. Just like the Tian Chi Empire helped its people become stronger cultivators, democratic countries helped their people become richer. As expected, such countries where the people ruled over their own country were stronger.


“Lin Feng, the Tian Chi Empire welcomes everybody. If you want to become a citizen of Tian Chi and go to the mysterious world with the status of citizen of Tian Chi, you can. No matter what precious treasures you obtain there, the empire will not try to steal them from you. Of course, one of our laws is that you shouldn’t betray the nation, otherwise the empire will kill you.” said Huang Fu Long. Tian Chi had its own rules. 


Lin Feng smiled and said slowly, “It mustn’t be easy to become a citizen of Tian Chi, let’s go together first and then you will introduce me to your wife.”


Huang Fu Long smiled when he heard Lin Feng. He didn’t look solemn and serious as he had a moment before. He then said, “Alright, let’s go to Tian Chi and see the jury who will choose its candidates for the mysterious world. Now, I’m afraid we’re not the only geniuses willing to go there, there are millions of other people who have the same desire.” 


“Let’s go. Everybody, let’s go and see my wife Tian Chi Xue.” said Huang Fu Long shamelessly. However, Lin Feng had the impression that even though Huang Fu Long’s friends were gnas.h.i.+ng their teeth, they weren’t bad people and meant him no harm.


Even though they had heard Huang Fu Long’s fantasies many times, they had really improved their cultivation level thanks to him. He wasn’t a bad person, they couldn’t hate him.


All those people together, including Tang You You and Lin Feng, made eight. Huang Fu Long had broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer and the others had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer. If their cultivation had been lower, they wouldn’t have been able to practice cultivation in the snowy mountains. They would have froze to death. 


Xue Ling Long stopped playing in the snow and jumped back into Lin Feng’s arms. Her body was covered with snow, she looked even more beautiful in a snowy landscape. The others were surprised, what an adorable and beautiful little creature! 


“What beast is that?” asked Huang Fu Long curiously.


“She’s my wife.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Huang Fu Long was stupefied, Lin Feng’s wife?!


“Hehe, it seems like my wife really is more beautiful.” said Huang Fu Long while smiling like a moron, yet sounding proud. 


“Not necessarily.” said Lin Feng while glancing back at him. Lin Feng didn’t believe that any woman could be more beautiful than Meng Qing. 


“Your wife is a Tian level beast, even if she turns into a human being, I still don’t think that she will be more beautiful than my wife. Tian Chi Xue is a pure and holy woman. She is the most beautiful woman of the empire.” said Huang Fu Long with sparkling eyes. The five others gnashed their teeth again when they heard him. They wanted to punch him. 


Shameless. That guy was too shameless. How dare he tarnish Tian Chi Xue’s name! 


Lin Feng was surprised. Even though that guy wasn’t evil or mean, he was smart. He had noticed that Meng Qing was a Tian level beast… 


“We will see when we meet Tian Chi Xue.” said Lin Feng while smiling. It seemed like he was verbally battling with Huang Fu Long. He didn’t believe that any woman could be more beautiful than Meng Qing, including Tian Chi Xue. 


The eight of them traveled through the mountains very quickly and then left the unpopulated snowy mountains. However, even though there were no mountains, there was still lots of snow. It seemed like people in Tian Chi had to love snow. Lin Feng was freezing, there were probably many snow cultivators in the empire of Tian Chi. 


Those eight people weren’t the only ones on that road, many other people were rus.h.i.+ng to Tian Chi, especially those who had amazing natural abilities. They all wanted to go to the mysterious world. They all wanted to see incredibly strong senior cultivators as well as the beautiful, pure and holy Tian Chi Xue. 


Lin Feng heard other people p.r.o.nounce that woman’s name. And everybody was talking about Tian Chi in a respectful way. Lin Feng was even more curious to see what kind of place Tian Chi was. What kind of place could make the inhabitants of an empire feel so joyful, how was that sense of belonging created? Besides, there was the beautiful woman of Tian Chi who could make everybody fall in love with her. 


They walked for six days when Lin Feng discovered a place covered with ice and snow. That place was the biggest city of the country. In the distance, there was a gigantic mountain surrounded by a mysterious Qi. It seemed like that mountain could reach the clouds. 


“Lin Feng, we arrived. That is Tian Chi over there.” said Huang Fu Long pointing at the mountain covered with snow. He looked extremely excited.


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