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Chapter 1294 – Forgotten

One step, one great era, just how shocking was this?!

Forget about actually doing it, just this type of boldness alone was already enough to put one in a daze.

Regardless of whether it was s.h.i.+ Hao or the little ant, they were both shocked, stupefied and distracted, a bit speechless.

“Isn’t it just one step? I’ll take the step right now!” When s.h.i.+ Hao snapped back, he said this to himself, taking a step out to walk forward.

However, at this moment, stars moved and time surged, his body almost broken apart. If not for the paper s.h.i.+p that appeared at his side, releasing specks of radiance, he would have definitely cracked apart.

This left him shocked. How could a single step of distance be this frightening? 

Then, he raised his head and looked about, discovering that the white-clad woman was becoming more and more indistinct, going further and further away. There was a starry sky separating them, endless years between them, separated by an entire great era!

These weren’t just exaggerated words, right now, he was sure that the distance between the two of them was too great!

This made his fine hairs stand on end. One step, a great era, how did that woman arrive here and meet with him? Just how astonis.h.i.+ng skills did she have? It was world shattering, completely unheard of.

However, what was she trying to accomplish by seeking him out?

s.h.i.+ Hao thought back to that cauldron again. It also seemed to be there for a similar purpose, as if trying to get him to join the battle, requesting for his help!

When he thought of this, his fine hairs all stood on end. Just how miserable of an intense battle was this? Even the white-clothed empress needed to ask for reinforcements?

Just what kind of enemies were going to invade in that world? s.h.i.+ Hao felt a chill run through him, his mind starting to become a bit cold.

In that instant, he thought back to the present world. It was said that the darkest of eras was about to descend, surpa.s.sing the past. What they had to face here was going to be truly terrifying, where did he have the time to worry about other things? 

s.h.i.+ Hao’s mood was heavy. Perhaps they had to fight until a world collapsed. Moreover, that white clad empress’ world seemed to similarly be a dismal one. Was this a battle that involved the heavens, or was it a war that involved all different great eras?

Who exactly was it? Was the enemy really that frightening?

He felt like he was going to suffocate, his soul trembling. He suddenly discovered that the responsibilities he shouldered were too many, the pressure great to the point where it was difficult for him to breathe.

All of these things rushed over like a tide, submerging s.h.i.+ Hao underneath, making him feel like it was hard to breathe, as if his life was going to come to an end.

He had never experienced something like this before. s.h.i.+ Hao wished to rise up, become stronger. Otherwise, regardless of whether it was the present or future, there would be trouble and enemies he would have a hard time facing!

If he was even a bit weaker, then that would be a b.l.o.o.d.y tragedy.

He had a type of feeling that the future might bring him a lot of pain. He had to change, reverse all of the suffering and grief. He had to do this.

He thought back to that scene, many years later, he was all alone, standing at the peak of the divine dao alone. The entire world was eradicated, the scorched black willow tree behind him dead.

That was a corner of the future he saw when he was still in the three thousand provinces. All of his old friends were no longer in existence, he alone was the only one left. He found this hard to accept, impossible to endure!

Also, last time when the white-clothed empress took action, she had also said that his future would be full of bitterness, that he had to face the endless years alone!

Otherwise, the enemies would have their way, at worst, everything would collapse, be destroyed, wither up, only he alone gazing into the limits of the world.

All of his loved ones, friends, old acquaintances, would be buried in unseeable grief.

“Change!” s.h.i.+ Hao shouted out. He woke up, discovering that just now, his entire body had been covered in cold sweat, his face pale.

This was a great mental shock, a sense of urgency that came from the threat of having his life flame go out. He really wanted to immediately achieve the dao, become unmatched under the heavens.

“Arbitrate over endless time!”

This was going to be one of the world’s greatest sadness, and also his own misery, but he had no idea. Right now, he could only walk forward, quickly become strong, and then reverse everything!

Then, he heard a few voices. His mind trembled greatly. The empress was talking to him, only, the other party was getting further and further away.

“What? How could it be like this?!” He screamed out.

“It is a pity, the time is incorrect, in the end, all traces will be erased.” After a sigh, the white-clothed woman became indistinct, the pa.s.sage becoming unstable at the same time.


Immediately afterwards, s.h.i.+ Hao felt as if the world was going to collapse.

Then, there was a kacha sound. He heard the sound of something cracking. A crack appeared on the bronze mask the white-clothed woman was wearing, about to break in half!

What was going on?

At the same time, he saw a streak of immortal light rush over from that cracked mask. It made contact with his body, leaving him greatly shaken!

Then, he saw immortal mists move about. That white-clothed woman staggered backwards, and then that bronze mask split in half, then fell from the night sky.

Hong! The world was greatly shaken, both him and that little ant flew out, separating from the pa.s.sage of time.

In that final instant, he only saw the empress back up, her mask split apart, falling off. There was a drop of blood that trickled down, and then everything disappeared.

She paid the price!

Right now, s.h.i.+ Hao wanted to cry out, wis.h.i.+ng to engrave the imprint that made contact with his mind, not wanting to forget it. However, as the pa.s.sage of time withdrew, there was a mysterious power that surged.

It was as if there was a formless blade in the void, this blade hacking down on him ruthlessly.

s.h.i.+ Hao struggled about, wis.h.i.+ng to oppose and stop this, but all of his efforts failed. A few things in his mind disappeared.

Erased, there were no traces left!

“Ah, no! What did I forget?!” s.h.i.+ Hao roared out.

In the final moments, that empress should have said something to him, told him a few things, but now, it was just like what she had said, everything ultimately disappearing without a trace.

It was to the extent where even the empress’ figure was about to fade from his mind.

This touched upon an irreversible natural law power!

The sea and sky were of one color, a dark blue.

The ocean surface was calm like a mirror, blue and deep, reflecting sparkling radiance, no disturbances at all. It stretched for as far as the eye could see, extremely strange and beautiful.

After who knew how much time had pa.s.sed, s.h.i.+ Hao woke up. He exchanged a look with the little golden ant, wis.h.i.+ng to recall something, but he felt a great headache, his primordial spirit feeling like it was going to split.

“We met a white-clothed woman, but what did she tell me?” s.h.i.+ Hao asked.

“Right, we met a terrifying immortal, one who was likely not weaker than father. She… what did she tell you?” The little ant was a bit distressed. It felt like it had its spiritual awareness sealed just now, unable to perceive anything during that time, unable to remember what happened.

s.h.i.+ Hao became silent. What information did that empress pa.s.s onto him in the end?

“It seems to be the right location, right person, but wrong time.” The little ant cried out.

“Right, I also remember this much. What else?” s.h.i.+ Hao couldn’t recall the other things, but he still had some faint impressions. A bronze mask split in half, and then a streak of immortal light flew over.

He sat on the ground, observing his own body, examining every inch of his body, including his primordial spirit, wis.h.i.+ng to completely see through himself. However, he was disappointed, still not finding anything.

“This is extremely important for me. Why can’t I recall it?!” s.h.i.+ Hao grabbed his own head, releasing a low roar.

“You’ll remember it one day, of course on the premise that you obtain unmatched strength. As long as you are strong enough, then there’s nothing you can’t do.” The little ant said.

“There is definitely an extremely important piece of information that is related to the life and death of the future. However, I just can’t remember it.” s.h.i.+ Hao muttered to himself. In the end, his voice fell, saying, “This day was different, I have to remember this day. When I am powerful enough, I am going to revisit this. The immortal light that flew out from the cracked bronze mask is definitely extremely important for me. Perhaps it is a warning, maybe an imperishable imprint!”

The black bone s.h.i.+p continued moving, bringing them out from this dark blue ocean region and into the sea of death shrouded in black mist. They saw many giant skeletal remains.

Those skulls, arm bones, and other things were exposed above the sea surface, underworld aura extremely strong.

Even though their experience just now was brief, s.h.i.+ Hao still felt like it was related to too much, perhaps affecting him for his entire life. It would definitely trigger something extremely important in the future.

However, he had to continue on his way!

This ocean region left behind an unerasable imprint in his mind!

“One day, I will understand everything!” s.h.i.+ Hao said to himself.

He wasn’t going to think about this anymore. They went on their way. The black s.h.i.+p moved along, carrying the golden little ant and himself towards the ocean depths. This time, there were no unforeseen changes.

Eventually, the black mist became thinner and thinner, the ocean surface returning to normal.

There were no bones, no deathly energy, only boundless green waves. Giant beasts occasionally moved about, revealing an ocean region thriving with life.

Northern Sea Forest, they had arrived!

The ocean was extremely vast, but this stone forest was similarly shocking.

When one looked forward, they would see stone pillars inserted into the sea one after another, exposed above the water, extremely giant. They were arranged together, forming an incredibly magnificent scene.

Instead of calling them giant rocks, it was better to call them mountains, because they were just too large.

However, they weren’t in the shape of mountains, all of them irregular rocks. Some of them towered like pillars, some like swords aimed at the sky, some winding about like a snail, laying in the ocean. Every single rock was extremely large, and that was why they could be seen above the ocean surface.

This was Northern Sea Forest. It faced the multicolored light of morning, dyed in a layer of faint golden brilliance, extremely divine and auspicious, curling with mist and immortal energy.

This place was extremely vast, not cold and cheerless at all. It was because in the depths of the stone forest, there was a giant city that had long been established, moreover not just one. It was a place bustling with activity.

Northern Sea Stone Forest occupied a large amount of s.p.a.ce. There were giant rocks that stretched out continuously here, powerful cultivators previously refining them into something like a continent.


Not far out, a mountain peak was surrounded by lightning, sounds ringing out continuously. All types of symbols flickered about in that place.

That was a transcending peak, on it great dao imprints left by those of the past. They could allow one to comprehend the dao, on the premise that they could climb to the highest point.


Solar flame essence surged, the Golden Crow releasing a cry. On a giant pillar that towered into the clouds even further away, fiery light overflowed, one could vaguely make out a Golden Crow spreading its wings.

That was the corpse of an ancient Golden Crow. It could turn into a sun, but it rested on an extreme peak, making that place a small forbidden area, normal people unable to approach.

“Is that an extreme peak? The divine peak where supreme beings of past generations left their imprints?” s.h.i.+ Hao said to himself.

There was no lack of this type of extreme peaks in the stone forest.

Meanwhile, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, Lan Xian, and the others had successfully left their names precisely on this well-known extreme peak, and that was why they enjoyed such fame.

There were some peaks that hadn’t been ascended for several tens of thousands of years, to the extent where there were some no one had ever ascended!

“Is the Imperishable Scripture here?” The little ant’s eyes shone brilliantly.


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