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Chapter 1318 – Nine Dragons

These three individuals, every one of them had hair white like snow, their skin sparkling like that of a baby’s, extremely soft and smooth.

This was definitely not normal. Their ages were definitely terrifyingly great, one could tell from those eyes filled with great changes. However, their bodies were all sparkling white, flouris.h.i.+ng with life energy.

What white haired child’s countenance, what immortal flesh divine bones? It was precisely this. Their cultivation realms were unimaginable, originally living for endless time, yet they still maintained such exuberant vitality.

The three of them were definitely powerful, frightening beyond imagination!

Meanwhile, this was still not everything. A cool breeze blew over, one more person arriving from the rear, his figure tall and long, the s.p.a.ce between the brows s.h.i.+ning, great dao imprint displayed. Another matchless figure descended.

Four great experts, all of them bathed in immortal splendor arrived while treading on pure white mist, as if they were everlasting true immortals who had crossed thousands of tribulations, ten thousand dangers. It was as if they walked over from the distant uncivilized past, tearing apart time-s.p.a.ce to come here.

It was too sacred, unimaginable. Their auras were so suffocating the golden little ant couldn’t help but tremble all over. This was only the immortal mist they naturally emitted.

“Meng Tianzheng!” On the other side, the first person who appeared released a short shout. Moon-white daoist robes fluttered about, the purple-golden crown on his head flickered with immortal dao might. His eyes were like stellar streams that could peer through time, deep and immeasurable.

His voice carried a type of demonic nature. This person looked like he was full of immortal dao energy, yet when he released the short shout, it was as if he wanted to shatter one’s soul, extremely terrifying.

Great Elder’s body shone slightly, cutting apart a layer of ripples, wiping out this sound wave!

s.h.i.+ Hao and the little ant’s expressions changed. In that instant, Great Elder already exchanged a blow with the other party. That person’s shout carried terrifying power, if it was a normal person here, their primordial spirit would have been directly destroyed.

A battle on this level was decisive and astonis.h.i.+ng after all, the domain touched upon deep and profound. Creatures at the Void Dao Realm could only sigh with astonishment and look up to them!

“Meng Tianzheng, I know you are extremely strong, but if you dare come and behave atrociously in my w.a.n.g Family, you are still not enough!” That golden-robed individual also walked up.

His figure vanished with each step, as if he was currently arriving from before heaven and earth were opened. An unmatched aura pervaded the air, brilliant colors overflowing, making one feel the urge to bow down before him.

When one reached his level of power, their strength would become exceptional, simply unimaginable!

Moreover, his golden magical robe had the sun, moon, and stars embroidered on them. Along with his movements, those great stars all rumbled and moved about, releasing noises that were clear and real!

On the magical robes, there were stars condensed on its surface. Just how domineering was this? It was definitely terrifying beyond compare!

With things already like this, s.h.i.+ Hao finally knew that Great Elder was named Meng Tianzheng, that this was his original name. The number of people who knew this name in this world was definitely not high.

“w.a.n.g Da[1], w.a.n.g Er[2], you all truly are something, daring to holler at me.” Great Elder spoke calmly, staring at the two before him.

w.a.n.g Da, w.a.n.g Er, who were these? s.h.i.+ Hao felt a bit of hesitation. Could it be that they were w.a.n.g Family’s number one and two?

“Meng Tianzheng, your achievements are indeed great, known as a generation covering expert, powerfully dominating a long period of time. However, talents will always emerge from the mountains and rivers. With hundreds of thousand of years pa.s.sed, your era has pa.s.sed. After coming to my w.a.n.g Family to provoke us like this, this matter has not ended yet!” w.a.n.g Da said, his moon-white daoist robes moving about. Powerful winds roared, the heavenly dome collapsing. Under his loftiness, heaven and earth rumbled with noise, mountains and rivers trembling restlessly!

Just how great of a wave of power was this, every action affecting the stability of the world. It was just too shocking!

“My brothers have all already reached the summit. Even if we faced you alone, we might not be weaker than you. Do you still wish to act powerfully before my w.a.n.g Family? Today, you won’t be able to leave!” w.a.n.g Er said indifferent. The golden daoist robe’s stars shook, starlight rus.h.i.+ng into the heavens, placing heaven and earth in chaos!

“You all feel like now that you made some accomplishments in your cultivation, you are at the very summit of life, right? That you can look down on the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, subdue whoever you want to subdue?” Great Elder asked.

“Regardless, now that you came today, you can just forget about leaving!” w.a.n.g Er said coldly again. Stellar streams crashed down one after another, appearing in his surroundings. It was as if he was standing at the center of the great cosmos.

“After your cultivations have risen, your tempers have indeed become greater than before. In the past, you all definitely didn’t act like this in front of me.” Great Elder said indifferently.

“Heng!” w.a.n.g Da released a cold snort. “We already know that you came for a youngster’s sake, wis.h.i.+ng to help him vent his resentment, give us a warning that we cannot touch him, right? Then let me tell you right now, we will definitely kill this young man. Even if we don’t kill him right now, we have to subdue him. My w.a.n.g Family will not tolerate him stirring up any more trouble!”

“Meng Tianzheng, your arrival is perfect, bringing him right to us!” In the back, the other two’s voices were also resolute, about to ruthlessly take action!

“w.a.n.g San, w.a.n.g Si, the two of you have always behaved with low-profiles in the past. It seems like you’ve both really made remarkable progress, behaving this rudely in front of me.” Great Elder’s voice carried a hint of mockery.

In the distance, everyone was stunned, every member of w.a.n.g Family shaken up. When they heard w.a.n.g Da and w.a.n.g Er, they were still a bit confused, but when they heard what w.a.n.g San and w.a.n.g Si said, they woke up, realizing who that was.

They were w.a.n.g Family’s ancestors, already tens of thousands of years since there were any news of them. They had no idea if these ancestors were still in w.a.n.g Family, yet today, four of them appeared at once!

They were Immortal w.a.n.g’s children, their talents exceptional, causing a sensation in the past.

Immortal w.a.n.g was the grandson of a true immortal. The reason why w.a.n.g Family was the way it was in the present world was all because of his accomplishments. Meanwhile, the other thing he was known for was that he had nine children, each more formidable than the next, known as the Nine Dragons!

This was something extremely rare, not a single one of his nine children ordinary. Their talents were exceptional. This had previously left the other long life families greatly shaken!

Meanwhile, this was also the reason why w.a.n.g Family dared to do almost anything. After the nine dragons grew up, they became w.a.n.g Family’s ‘backing’. The appearance of these nine individuals would stir up tremendous waves, able to sweep through everything before them!

These nine individuals were too formidable, long growing up, becoming the most powerful exceptional experts of this world, catching up to the most ancient group of people from the distant past. This was why they were now so arrogant today.

Even when facing Great Elder, they still dared to challenge him!

“It really is four ancestors, they actually appeared!”

“Who cares who the enemy is? As long as the ancestors are here, he will definitely be easily suppressed!”

The people here began to discuss among themselves, the excitement turning into noise, this place immediately becoming loud with activity.

s.h.i.+ Hao and the golden little ant learned about the details from their discussions, knowing who the four individuals were. They immediately felt waves of chills pa.s.s through their bodies.

These four great experts were too frightening. w.a.n.g Family’s backing was terrifyingly great!

“Meng Tianzheng, others might fear you, but w.a.n.g Family does not. Since you dared pay us a visit, then pay the price!” w.a.n.g Si shouted.

Of course, they had real names, just that others were used to calling them based on their ranking.

“I came to demand an explanation, not to be threatened by you all.” Great Elder said indifferently.

“Heh, let me give it a try. After so many years had pa.s.sed, I’ve already wanted to fight you.” w.a.n.g Da said. The snow-white daoist robes produced roaring heavenly winds. He quickly moved over.

Immortal splendor shone, mists hazy. He disappeared from his original location. At the same time, the heavens trembled intensely. He turned into a streak of lightning, attacking Great Elder, all types of magical laws interweaving!

He was just too fast, and too terrifying. It was difficult for the outside world to know just what kind of clash it was that was carried out, only knowing that the attack power was incomparable.

“Heavens, the sky was blasted through!” Someone released a suppressed cry.

A streak of light erupted between the two, rus.h.i.+ng into outer s.p.a.ce.


Not long afterwards, there were stars that descended, blasted down by their great divine abilities. They flew across the air, guided over by a mysterious energy.

This was w.a.n.g Da’s attack. He reached out a hand, grabbed a great star, refined it into a sphere, and then smashed it towards Great Elder!

Just how domineering was this? The might was incomparable!

Only, Great Elder didn’t fear him. With a wave of his sleeves, when the star descended, it directly exploded, but all of the terrifying energy radiance was sucked away by his sleeve.

The two of them continuously took action, figures flying about. Then, a loud and clear pa sound could be heard.

Everyone was immediately shocked, because they knew that there was definitely a result. Only, they didn’t know who was the winner or loser. One shouldn’t think that not much time had pa.s.sed, because with the two individuals’ matchless divine abilities, they definitely traded thousands of moves.

When the pure white immortal mist scattered, Great Elder stood there calmly, while w.a.n.g Da stood on the other side, eyes surging with flames of rage, about to gush out.

It was because there was a huge palm imprint on his face. His essence energy was flouris.h.i.+ng, life force overflowing, skin was originally snow-white and sparkling,. Yet now, it was scarlet red, slapped powerfully in the face by a palm.

This was, without a doubt, done by Great Elder.

The scene became dead silent, even w.a.n.g Er and the others shocked. They never expected that after all these years, after they already became the most powerful individuals of this world, they still weren’t a match for Great Elder.

“Meng Tianzheng, you… good, good, good! Today’s matters still haven’t ended!” w.a.n.g Da was seething with rage, all of his white hair standing on end.

“This matter hasn’t ended to begin with. I came precisely to demand an explanation, for this young man’s sake. You all didn’t apologize, instead taking action against me, there is naturally no way for us to remain friendly!” Great Elder said coldly.

“Meng Tianzheng, you are indeed strong, but there are nine of us brothers. Even with just a few of us here, it is enough to suppress you!” w.a.n.g Er said.

“Is that so? Let me take a look then, see if the heavens and earth will be in chaos when all nine dragons come out, if you can sweep through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!” Great Elder replied coldly.

“OId thing, you are too arrogant. If our nine brothers join hands, even the skies can be overturned, let alone you!”

“Haha…” Great Elder laughed. His expression then became serious. Come then, nine dragons, let me see that unmatched divine strength throughout time you all are known for, just come at me together!”

“Old man, you are courting death!” w.a.n.g Si said with an extremely cold voice.

Five waves of blood energy rose from w.a.n.g Family at the same time, every one of them like smoke signals as they rushed high into the sky, shaking up this great world. That type of power was too terrifying!

“Cease your recklessness.” However, at this moment, a short voice sounded, making those waves of blood energy all stop. Then, the terrifying auras restrained, gradually disappearing.

“When brother Tianzheng visits, how can you all act impudent?” An extremely aged voice sounded. In addition, a silvery-white wave of blood energy overflowed, rus.h.i.+ng into outer s.p.a.ce.

Then, it turned into great dao flowers, gathering the star essence, carrying strong heaven and earth essence. It quickly returned, entering the place where the voice had transmitted from just now.

“Immortal w.a.n.g, you were still alive after all, not dying in meditation.” Great Elder’s expression was serious, feeling pressure for the first time.

s.h.i.+ Hao and the little ant had long become stunned. Just what kind of cultivation was this? Great dao flowers bloomed in outer s.p.a.ce, gathering the essence of the stars, bringing it back to use for oneself.

This was too shocking. That level of power was unimaginable!

“Father, why aren’t you letting us take action?” w.a.n.g Si said.

“Bring the guest in.” Immortal w.a.n.g’s voice sounded, his might unquestionable!

w.a.n.g Da, w.a.n.g Er, and the others didn’t dare go against this decision, their faces all sinking as they departed.

“We… really are going inside?” The little golden ant’s throat was dry. This place was even more alarming than a dragon pool or tiger den, he naturally didn’t want to go inside.

“We came for an explanation, so we naturally have to enter.” Great Elder said calmly. Then, he absent-mindedly looked into the horizon.

They were going to face Immortal w.a.n.g and the Nine Dragons!

s.h.i.+ Hao knew that it was going to be extremely dangerous, that there was danger to their life at every turn. However, Great Elder didn’t stop, determined to obtain an explanation. This was to help him eliminate future dangers!

If they succeeded in forcing back a long life family, then it would definitely shake up the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, produce heaven overflowing great waves!

1. Da = big/great

2. Er = second


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