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Read Perfect World Chapter 32 – A Shocking Transformation

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Read WebNovel Perfect World Chapter 32 – A Shocking Transformation

Chapter 32 – A Shocking Transformation

The black cauldron trembled and emitted waves after waves of precious light. The little guy had already been sealed inside for more than two hours. The cauldron lid would sometimes shake open, and golden liquid would splash outwards, intoxicating many people with its rich smell.

A faintly visible golden Suan Ni would seemingly charge out and continuously roared like thunder. The sound was truly genuine, scaring everyone from Stone Village until their scalp turned numb.

It wasn’t too big, and was only an inch long. When it used its force to collide against the cauldron, its entire body’s golden rays of light would dazzle the eyes. It would sometimes even charge and roar towards the little guy.

The cauldron lid violently shook. All of the onlookers’ hearts trembled with fear. The Villagers were tempted several times to seal the lid even more tightly, but were prevented from doing so by the Chief. Inside the cauldron was a medicine spirit, and it was the most important part of this process. It needed to be slowly refined like this, and must not be agitated.

The fragrance became increasingly dense. The heavy black cauldron continuously leaked out divine splendor from cracks under the lid. The little guy inside was floating and sinking, closing his eyes to accept the baptism.

Dang, dang…

The inch-long golden Suan Ni struggled even more intensely. Its entire body was engulfed in flames like a Deity, charging left and rus.h.i.+ng right, colliding against the black cauldron.

Everyone’s expression changed, and even s.h.i.+ Yunfeng became nervous. He stared with his eyes round and closely observed the medicine spirit — It was precisely the Emperor of the Archaic Suan Ni race’s inherited divine fragment.

“Letting it continue like this won’t be good. Would it break out? Chief really won’t allow us to interfere?” s.h.i.+ Feijiao asked.

s.h.i.+ Yunfeng’s face became serious and said “The medicine lid is already sealed. If we move it as we please, then it might cause the medicine spirit to explode, dissipating it between the heaven and the earth.

“Ya, not good. It’s starting to attack the little guy.” Er Meng cried out from within the group of children.

Everyone’s hearts tightened. That divine Suan Ni’s radiance became even more dazzling. It bore its fangs and brandished its claws, spouting out a mist. It emitted a thundering roaring before charging straight towards the little guy.

“Don’t be nervous, it died a long time ago. This is only a divine fragment without an actual consciousness.” s.h.i.+ Yunfeng said.

The little guy’s appearing was very dignified. He never moved as his flesh emitted light. He was submerged within a strange situation, isolating himself from the outside world. Refining and wrapping himself within the divine radiance, he absorbed the symbols into his own flesh, refined them into a multi-colored splendor and transforming them into divine light. Each drop of his blood was a symbol, becoming like an eternal divine furnace emitting immeasurable amounts of light to nourish himself.

This time, every pore on his body expanded, and each drop of blood had a divine property to it. Taking in and sending out the divine light, it looked as if a deity was sitting within the cauldron.

His entire body overflowed with G.o.dly splendor. The specks of dense light were like innumerable Deities chanting their sutras as they emitted radiance, illuminating the heavens.

That golden colored Suan Ni rushed over, and under the guidance of those specks of light, it transformed into strands of radiance. It was changed by those specks of light, and refined into s.h.i.+ Hao’s body.

“This type of event is so mysterious!” The villagers became stupefied, however, the tension in their hearts also eased up by quite a bit.


The Suan Ni struggled and resisted violently, avoiding where the little guy was and crazily rammed the side of the black cauldron, emitting waves after waves of rumbling sounds. It made the onlookers s.h.i.+ver, as they were afraid of this cauldron suddenly bursting open.

Ultimately, the golden Suan Ni became increasingly fierce, knocking the black cauldron until it started to boom and shake endlessly. However, at this precise moment, the cauldron also began to undergo a transformation. On top of it, the sun and moon, the mountains and rivers, the birds, beasts, fish, and bugs all seemed to be resurrecting.

“Yi, could it be the ancient artifact pa.s.sed down by our ancestors was originally a precious cauldron used to refine medicine?” Chief s.h.i.+ Yunfeng was amazed. This behavior was similar to a large clan’s cauldron.

The golden Suan Ni was angry and charged even more violently. However, this cauldron became less plain and simple. It emitted a mysterious aura, and on the walls of the cauldron, symbols flashed one after another like a spontaneous reaction.

All kinds of different vicious birds and ferocious beast’ roars echoed through. Although they were very indistinct, they did not only appear within the villagers’ imaginations. At this moment, the cauldron walls gradually began to s.h.i.+ne and refine the golden liquid inside.

The Suan Ni trembled with fright; its angry cries were extremely painful to the villagers’ ears. It was originally a divine body image, but now its voice was actually resounding, scaring many people. It was preparing its final stand and everyone stood up as it they were going to vomit rays of electricity. It was almost as if it had the intention of completely shattering the cauldron walls.

The big black cauldron shook, and the primitive residents carved into the cauldron became increasingly lifelike. They chanted waves of sacrificial prayers, and soon endless sutra chants could be heard as well.

“This artifact pa.s.sed onto us by our ancestors was apparently a genuine and rare medicinal cauldron!” Chief s.h.i.+ Yunfeng trembled. Never had he thought that the ordinary and unremarkable black cauldron was unexpectedly this mystical.

At the same time, the little guy within the golden liquid was covered in even more specks of dense light. It seemed as if a deity was becoming complete as he sat there chanting sutras that resonated within the cauldron.

The Suan Ni was constantly trembling in fear before it finally disintegrated. The black cauldron refined it into streaks of divine golden beams of light, drowning the inside of the cauldron in a golden liquid.

Finally, everyone calmed down. The cauldron lid joined up at the seams, tightly sealing the medicine inside and closing off everything inside from the outside world.

“It’s over, the cauldron is finally sealed. If nothing unusual happens, then the little guy will succeed!” s.h.i.+ Yunfeng said excitedly.

“Chief, how long would this normally take?” s.h.i.+ Feijiao asked.

“Not sure, the baptism can vary quite a bit in length, from a single day to over three.”  s.h.i.+ Yunfeng frowned

“What?” Everyone was stupefied. No wonder the chief let them chop the Black Jiao Wood and prepared so much firewood.

After an entire day and night, the golden juice was boiling, but never dried up. The little guy was in there, floating and sinking with his entire body covered in a scarlet red as if he was the one dripping out the blood. The golden liquid unceasingly entered the pores of his body before seeping out with the impurities from within, repeatedly baptizing him.

This was a scary process, incredibly overbearing and arduous. A normal child could not possibly handle it and would die from the pain.

The golden liquid was not simply just was.h.i.+ng, but was intruding and crazily battering the inside of his body as if it was splitting bones and mincing meat, frequently snapping tendons and muscles.

The little guy gnashed his teeth tightly while remaining motionless, drawing in the golden liquid to baptize his flesh and blood. He was s.h.i.+ning both inside and outside, and although it was incredibly painful, he felt his spirit was becoming increasingly powerful.

Divine radiance tyrannically attacked him to the point of almost splitting open his internal organs. In the end, however, they were nourished before recovering with a sparkling l.u.s.ter. His bones were practically on the verge of collapse, but in the end they were all restored to a white and resplendent state that was stronger than they ever were before. Also, not only did his flesh obtain the effects of the baptism, the divine power also strengthened his spirit.

After another day and night, the little guy experienced an unimaginable transformation.

When dawn approached, he opened his eyes and yelled out “Grandpa, the juice is almost dry.”

“Success!” s.h.i.+ Yunfeng was elated and told others to uncover the lid. They saw the pores all over the little guy’s body overflow with magnificence. The villagers were all shocked, and they didn’t need to think and already knew that the little guy has gained tremendous benefits.

s.h.i.+ Yunfeng hesitated for a moment before finally clenching his teeth and saying, “Prepare to release the blood of the Mythical Flaming Devil Bull’s Scarlet horn and the Demonic Ape’s arm!”

s.h.i.+ Linghu drew out the Archaic True Blood that was as red as the sunset from within the precious horn of the Mythical Flaming Devil Bull, and also let out the black liquid from inside the ape arm before poured them into the cauldron.


In that instant, a bull’s voice tightened everyone’s scalps and practically made them drop straight to the floor.


Immediately following that was the long howl of a demon.  A Demonic Ape suddenly appeared in the middle of the cauldron and became angry along with the scarlet Mythical Flaming Bull before striking the sides of the large cauldron.

Afterwards, that golden treasure — the heart, once again leapt out a Suan Ni. Ten thousand golden rays of lights shone outwards to batter the cauldron together with them.

“Seal the cauldron!” The chief commanded.

This time, it was even more intense. Three types of True Blood blended together: the scarlet Mythical Flaming Devil Bull, the golden Suan Ni, and the black Demonic Ape. They fiercely struggled and collided with the cauldron, wanting to smash it to pieces.

On the walls of the cauldron, the first natives appeared once again. Chants started up once again, and countless sutras were being repeated to suppress these three Archaic Descendants.

On the inside, the little guy was also like this as countless specks of light floated within his body. His bones and organs shooked rhythmically as if it was a sonorous and divine sound. He emitted precious splendor as he resonated with the large black cauldron.

Both the person and the cauldron were s.h.i.+ning brightly, emitting all kinds of symbols and noises. Here, the clouds evaporated splendidly, flowing with kinds of different colors.

This process continued for two days and two nights, before finally calming down. The cauldron lid was knocked open and the little guy jumped twenty meters, charging straight towards the sky.

“Burning, burning!” He continuously rubbed his b.u.t.t, and his entire body was pitch black, and only a pair of eyes could be seen rolling around excitedly. Everywhere else was covered in charcoal; he looked just like a Pi Hou.

Everyone in the village was stupefied. Just then, the little guy rammed the heavy lid right off and rose up into sky along with it. To their surprise, he was able to leap twenty meters into the sky.

The chief let out a hearty laughter; he knew that it succeeded. The little guy’s actions clearly showed that, and after calming down a bit, he shouted “Quickly, put out the fire under the cauldron with water. The remaining medicine is still rare and precious.

The little guy descended down to ground, and a group of children surrounded him. They poked and petted while teasing him. A few people poured fresh water to help rinse him off.

People had shockingly discovered that he shed a layer of his old skin. After the black skin was peeled out, a sparkling and spotless little body was exposed with light surrounding him.

“Wow, little guy, are you a type of silkworm, how did you shed that layer of thick skin?” A group of children fussed. A few little girls also joined the group. After seeing the s.h.i.+ning and glowing body, they showed endless admiration.

The little guy was embarra.s.sed and quickly stole some cloth and covered his body, making everyone roar with laughter.

“Child, let us look at what kind of transformation happened.” An elder said.

s.h.i.+ Linhu and the other took large strides and came over and each extended their large hands and groped him all about. They were all astonished; it felt as if they were stroking a piece of warm jade.

The little guy’s face blushed all over.  People even played with his little thing, and the adults still treated him as though he was a newborn baby. He strongly resisted and pushed them away, almost pus.h.i.+ng s.h.i.+ Linghu right on to the floor.

The group of adults burst into laughter, and the startled s.h.i.+ Feijiao into saying “You guys stop laughing, this little thing’s strength is actually terrifying!”

One must know, with a swing of both arms, he can exert five to six thousand jin of force. Unexpectedly, a four year old almost pushed him to the ground. How could he not be shaken?

“Come, little guy. Come and lift the cauldron to test the strength of your body.” Chief s.h.i.+ Yunfeng said.

“Okay.” The little guy felt as if he dodged a bullet. He rapidly broke away from the crowd of laughter. The men surrounding him all moved to the side.


The little guy started off with the thousand jin cauldron and gradually pushed himself further. After that, he unexpected lifted up a black cauldron over five thousand jin. Everyone in Stone Village was petrified.

One must know, the little guy was really special in the past. Being able to lift a thousand jin cauldron was enough to completely astonish anyone. Now, he can lift up the five thousand jin black cauldron in one breath. Everyone was stunned and speechless.

“This isn’t his limit yet! More!” s.h.i.+ Yunfeg trembled with unimaginable levels of excitement.


The final time of lifting a cauldron, the little guy lifted the clan’s heaviest cauldron right above his head. That was a eight thousand jin cauldron with a terrifying Hou engraved on it.

The group of people were all incredibly shocked. This age with this type of G.o.dly strength, they had never heard of it before!

“Child, when you grow up, if you don’t kill a genuine Archaic Descendent — A True Hou, or in other words an actual Deity that the first natives wors.h.i.+ped, then you will be letting me down!” s.h.i.+ Linghu turned around and shouted.


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