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Chapter 1322: Catnip

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Cats ate fish, and dogs ate meat. The origin of this phrase was unknown. Nevertheless, it had an influence on humans. To many, it seemed that cats loved to eat fish and that they should eat fish.

In fact, this was the opposite of what the domestic cat’s ancestors had eaten. The wild cats that lived in the deserts in the Middle East… Where could they find fish to eat? Desert wildcats fed on small mammals, small reptiles, and birds. Their diet did not include fish.

It was very dangerous to eat fish, both for people and for cats. Numerous cats had had their throats poked by fish bones that they’d swallowed. Fish with sharp bones and tough skins were especially unsuitable for eating. It was alright to eat fish occasionally, although, for the Exotic Shorthair, which could easily develop kidney stones, it was much better to avoid fish. This was because the treatment of stones may require surgery. It could bring about unnecessary worry for people, both in terms of the cat’s safety and the cost.

After listening to Zhang Zian’s reminders and explanations, Zhou Jiena and w.a.n.g Yan were somewhat frightened. They’d almost done their cat in.

After the formalities were completed, he gave them a booklet on pet feeding for novices. It contained a summary of all the mistakes and misconceptions that novices made or had. He’d had to update it quite often as time had pa.s.sed. This booklet was extremely popular amongst his customers, and they praised him highly for it.

The two sisters excitedly and nervously left with a cat carrier. In it was the Exotic Shorthair.

They’d sealed the deal. As he saw small amounts of money entering his accounts, Zhang Zian was happy. After all, even though the trip to Egypt had been fully sponsored, he’d still spent quite a bit from his own pocket. For example, all those gifts that he’d bought. He’d also had to use his own money to buy Nekhbet, the drone, as well.

For Binhai University, scientific research items that were not used for a long time were very troublesome because there were not many applications for wilderness explorations from the university. Most of the research work can be done within the city. Even if there are professors who apply for a grant to head to the outdoors, they will definitely ask for funds to buy new equipment. They will certainly not want to use these second-hand goods. Who knows, if there is any problem with them?

Therefore, the usual practice of the University is to sell these used items at low prices to at least cover the cost of purchasing them.

However, Zhang Zian has no similar concerns about whether the item has problems. He has been responsible for operating the drone and knew that its performance is very reliable. It had even withstood the extreme environment of the desert, which makes it much stronger than toy drones that are common in the market. For him, this drone is brand new, not a second-hand.

He has been thinking about this for a while and finally decided to buy it through his relations.h.i.+p with Wei Kang. His purchase includes backup batteries and various lenses. Although it is already discounted, it is still expensive and blew a hole in his pocket.

As for why he bought a drone… It is because it plays a big role whilst he was in the desert. That counts as a teammate for him. Perhaps he can also use it in the future. Even if such an opportunity does not occur, he can still take it out and play it from time to time.

As the sun rose, the number of customers in the store gradually increased. Fans of Famous heard the news that it is back and came to take photos with it.

Zhang Zian handed over the store to the staff to look after and ran to the beach. He played the voice of s.h.i.+hua and at the same time, caught some rare aquarium creatures to bring back to the shop.

Time flies. it was now evening.

The staff cleaned up and left.

It was early summer and there were more people walking and running about at night. In the distance, there was faint music coming from people dancing at the town square. Old uncles and aunties sat around and fan themselves whilst complaining about daily life. Of course, there were also young people who came out and walk their dogs after work.

After the staff left, Zhang Zian pulled down the shutter door and ended the day’s business.

He returned to the second floor where the kitchen is and made himself a bowl of noodles. He added a few green vegetables, made two poached eggs, sprinkled with chopped green onion and finished it with a few drops of sesame oil. It was a nice piping hot dish that can easily wipe one’s appet.i.te.

Whilst they were in Egypt, they always ate foods with Egyptian characteristics. This means that the food is either sweet or greasy or sweet and greasy. In the desert, they often had food that were reheated, which are rather dry. Either those or they have dehydrated dry food. He ate that food until he felt really uncomfortable and had long missed the taste of authentic, common and affordable Chinese food.

So today, he didn’t order takeaway but indeed, specially made himself some noodles to relief himself. After eating, he was sweating profusely.

He opened the window on the second floor. he did not rush to clean up the tableware but stood by the window to enjoy the cold breeze.

Vladimir has not returned yet. In the future, when there are more and more mosquitoes, it will be a problem getting in and out of the window. He can’t always keep the window open. During the day it is fine, but come nighttime, the mosquitoes will fly everywhere.

Pet stores attract mosquitoes because of the many cats and dogs, as well as cat and dog excrement.

For the common person, if mosquitoes enter their house, they would deal with it with mosquito sprays or mosquito coils. Unfortunately, these two things will not only poison the mosquitoes but also cause cat poisoning.

When filming in the winter, the makeup artist of the “War Dog” crew had a hairless cat at home and also liked to apply makeup for the hairless cat. At that time, Zhang Zian reminded her not to use mosquito coils, especially not in an enclosed indoor environment. It may not poison the mosquitoes but will definitely poison the cat. Thus, the solution is to plant some catnip indoors, which can both repel mosquitoes naturally and make cats obsessed with the taste of catnip.

Of course, not all cats are obsessed with catnip. It can only be said that many cats can’t pull themselves away from it when they smell catnip.

He stood by the window and thought of the mosquitoes whilst thinking about Vladimir, and then thought of the catnip whilst thinking about the mosquitoes. Now, he thought of the source of the mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes have always liked to gather in places where trees are rich in gra.s.s and water. The place with the most in the vicinity is obviously the green land next to them. The gra.s.s is long and unmanned. Summer and autumn will be the largest source of mosquitoes for their area.

This morning, when he followed the fat boy and the neighbors to the green area, he noticed that the mosquitoes there were rampant. Fortunately, he had already been tested in Egypt.

The overwhelming number of mosquitoes they faced there are powerful and they had experienced that in Egypt. Now, back home, facing an army of mosquitoes here, even for Fina and Old Time Tea, is nothing much already.

That green area was the base for the stray cats, so the stray cats are certainly miserable.

So… Should he plant some catnip over there?

Outdoors, one or two pots would not work. If he wanted to plant, he had to plant it on a large scale.

It was not difficult to plant catnip. It would only get tough later in the process. They could buy more flower pots and move them once the catnip was planted. Then they wouldn’t need to worry that even the pot would be stolen by thieves.

However, it should be possible to ask the stray cats to help out and guard them.

The specific details can be slowly thought out. In order to prevent mosquitoes from entering, he once again covered the window. As long as Vladimir pushes it with his paws, he will be able to enter. As for whether thieves can easily enter, that was not within his scope of consideration.

Downstairs, he randomly discovered that Fina was not in its usual position, but was instead sitting on a display case.

“You just had a lot of food for dinner. Shouldn’t you rest now and try to digest your food?” he asked rather pa.s.sive-aggressively.

Fina glanced at him unhappily. “Do I have to read between the lines?”


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