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Read Physician’s Odyssey Chapter 273 – Twist and Turns

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It was easy to climb the mountain, but getting down was tough. Not to mention that Miao Yugen was gravely injured, which made Su Tao ponder on a solution for a long time. In the end, he got Liu Jianwei to get a few branches and tied them together to make a wooden frame with vines before having the two mercenaries carry Miao Yugen down.

In order to intimidate the mercenaries, Su Tao jabbed their napes, which made the two of them feel their heads stiffen. Thus, they couldn’t move their heads and looked at Su Tao with fear and respect.

“Do you know who I am?” Hans spat out the gra.s.s stuffed in his mouth as he raged.

“I know who you are.” Su Tao calmly replied, “The President of Cambell Pharmaceutical Company, Hans.”

His reply made Hans briefly stunned. He never expected that Su Tao would know him. All of a sudden, he felt uneasy in his heart. Did these people come to murder me?

“What do you want? Let me go, and I will give you money.” Hans tried his best to maintain composure as he spoke out in a soft tone.

“Nothing! Just shut your trap from now on.” Su Tao responded. Jiang Qinghan had done her fair share of research on Hans, and he was the one that set up so many underground research facilities in the nation.

Fate was too much of a coincidence for him to meet Hans in Sichuan Province. But it was a pity that Hans still hadn’t figured out his ident.i.ty. Otherwise, the latter surely wouldn’t be able to maintain such composure.

Back in Hanzhou City, the that he encountered, Tian Ya, was also dispatched by Hans. After that, he even took a bullet in Qiongjin’s hospital while protecting Jiang Qinghan because of Hans as well.

Every injustice had its perpetrator and every debt its debtor. Su Tao long had the intention to find Hans. Although this was their first meeting, he could tell that this was a cruel and cold-blooded person from looking at how he treated Miao Yugen. He was a demon that disregarded the lives of others.

However, Hans still wanted to try and talk things out with Su Tao. He felt that since Su Tao knew about his ident.i.ty, the latter should know the consequences of offending him. If they came with an objective, then they’re just after money.

But just when he was about to speak, Su Tao jabbed his jaw. Hans’ eyes went wide, and no matter how he tried to talk, no voice could come out of his mouth.

Although Su Tao was filled with hatred for Hans, he still wanted to send the latter down the mountains to have him undergo the judgment of the law. After all, he’s a foreigner and had a special ident.i.ty. From Sire Shui, he knew that this fellow even had some connection with the military.

He wasn’t afraid of killing, but he had his own ambitions and future. If he dirtied his hands with Hans, it would leave a stain on his resumé. Therefore, it wasn’t wise for him to stain his resumé for a demon.

Despite it being harder for them to go down the mountain, their pace was much faster. Although Fan Lihua had gone down the mountain, she stayed at the entrance out of worry for Su Tao’s party.

When Su Tao appeared, he waved his hand towards Fan Lihua. “Go get Second Uncle.”

When Miao Zhongtian came, he locked his brows together when he saw Miao Yugen lying on the wooden frame. Miao Yugen was a cancer in the village and worked in the Jintian Village’s Stone Factory. Due to his underhanded means, he received importance and built his own villa soon after to flaunt his wealth around. He had also been spreading words around that he would soon replace Miao Zhongtian as the Village Chief.

“What’s going on?” Miao Zhongtian asked in puzzlement.

“This foreigner heavily injured Miao Yugen, and he would have probably been killed if it wasn’t for us interfering in time.” Su Tao explained as he continued, “Find a place for the three of them, they’re the culprits!”

However, Miao Zhongtian was a little blank, since those three were foreigners. Thus, he was a little fearful and asked, “Where should we keep them?”

After a brief pondering, Su Tao coldly glanced at Hans. “The pigsty.” People like him were worse than beasts, so being kept in the pigsty was suitable for them.

Practically every single household in the Miao Village had a pigsty. Thus, they briefly searched before finding a quiet pigsty. Liu Jianwei then lashed out a kick and sent the three of them in. Since Hans and the two mercenaries lost their center of gravity, they face planted to the ground with their faces covered in pig s.h.i.+t.

Since Miao Yugen still required treatment, Su Tao got Fan Lihua to watch over the three of them and he went to treat Miao Yugen.

Although Miao Village was inaccessible, the news soon spread to the town. When Xuan w.a.n.gjun heard that Hans was tied up after he tried to kill Miao Yugen, he was startled.

He didn’t want to believe it. How could the president of a big company do something like that? Some conmen disguised themselves as foreign investors, so he had personally looked into Hans.

He immediately brought some people with him and rushed to Miao Village. When he saw Hans and his men being kept in the pigsty with gra.s.s stuffed in their mouths, he immediately flew into a rage. “Save them!”

Although Fan Lihua wanted to stop them, Xuan w.a.n.gjun was, after all, a successful official. Thus, he had prestige in the local community, in addition to the police officers that came with him. In the end, she could only seek help from Miao Zhongtian.

When Xuan w.a.n.gjun freed Hans, he couldn’t help furrowing his brows, since the smell was too unbearable.

After vomiting out two mouthfuls of foul liquid, the effect of Su Tao’s jab had worn off and he roared, “You plebs dare to do this to me. I will surely make all of you pay the price for it!”

“Mr. Hans, please calm down. Perhaps this was just a misunderstanding.” Xuan w.a.n.gjun immediately comforted.

“Misunderstanding?” Hans was still covered in the foul stench of pig s.h.i.+t as he roared, “Someone tried to kill me here!”

Xuan w.a.n.gjun sighed with his brows remaining locked. If they received Hans’ investment, Zhanxian County would rise. But it had all been ruined now.

Whether it was Hans trying to kill Miao Yugen or if it was someone trying to kill Hans, they were all unbelievable stories, since there wasn’t a motive.

Firstly, Miao Yugen was obedient towards Hans, and Hans wouldn’t make a move at the former unless he had gone mad. On the other hand, Hans wore full tactical equipment up the mountain with bodyguards. So it was also unrealistic that someone tried to kill him.

Waving his hand, Xuan w.a.n.gjun asked, “Where’s Miao Zhongtian? Get him to come out. I need an explanation.”

After a brief moment, Miao Zhongtian appeared and he looked at Hans, who was released from the pigsty, then asked, “What’s going on? Why is the murderer released?”

Xuan w.a.n.gjun was briefly stunned before he said, “Old Miao, you have to take responsibility for your words. Why did you say that Hans is a murderer? He’s a n.o.ble guest of the county, and he’s going to invest in a medicine factory. It’s an investment worth over hundreds of millions, so don’t cause trouble here.”

Letting out a cold sneer, Miao Zhongtian replied, “Mr. Xuan, he might be a rich foreigner, but that doesn’t mean that he can lay his hands on someone of Miao Village. Miao Yugen might not have a good reputation, but he’s still someone of my Miao Village. So don’t try to cover for the outsider.”

His words instantly angered Xuan w.a.n.gjun. Miao Zhongtian was a thorn, to begin with. Otherwise, Miao Village wouldn’t be so undeveloped when compared to the other villages.

Waving his hand, Xuan w.a.n.gjun asked, “Where’s Miao Yugen? I want to see him and understand the situation.”

“Follow me.” Miao Zhongtian did not give any good facial expressions to Xuan w.a.n.gjun. Although Xuan w.a.n.gjun was a prestigious official, Miao Zhongtian knew that the reason why he could become rich was all due to his shady dealings. As a righteous person, Miao Zhongtian wouldn’t lower himself to do those things. Thus, he suffered the suppression from Xuan w.a.n.gjun’s party.

Miao Yugen wasn’t sent back home, but was in Miao Zhongtian’s house. He had only briefly regained his consciousness before he fell unconscious.

When Xuan w.a.n.gjun looked at Miao Yugen, he was simply speechless. The latter was terribly beaten up to the point that his entire face had deformed. If he didn’t know that this person was Miao Yugen, he might have mistaken him for someone else.

Standing beside Miao Yugen was a young man with silver needles in his hand, performing acupuncture.

When Miao Zhongtian waved his hand towards Xuan w.a.n.gjun, the two of them left the house.

Looking at Hans, Xuan w.a.n.gjun sighed, “Mr. Hans, may I ask how Miao Yugen was injured?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Hans did not s.h.i.+rk from the responsibility. “I admit that I was the one that injured him, since we had a verbal argument. I’m willing to take responsibility and pay for his medical fees. However, I hope that those few who were rude to me can be found, since I want them to pay the price.”

His logic was simple. Since he was the one injuring others, all he had to do was pay the medical fees. However, he couldn’t swallow the humiliation of being tied up in a pigsty.

Although Miao Yugen was in grave condition, he wasn’t dead. Money could even order ghosts around, so Hans felt that this situation was still within his control.

However, Xuan w.a.n.gjun was a little unhappy. Hans was too arrogant. He had beaten someone to this state just because they had a verbal argument?

Looking at Xuan w.a.n.gjun’s facial expression, Hans could tell what was he thinking and said, “Mr. Xuan, as long as you deal with this issue for me, I will immediately invest in a medicine factory in Baitan Town at the scale of ¥300,000,000.”

A sum of ¥300,000,000 wasn’t small, and it could be considered as an important project, even in Fushan City.

Thus, Xuan w.a.n.gjun was a little surprised. Although he knew that Miao Yugen had suffered in this accident, it was pale compared to a project of ¥300,000,000. Immediately, a smile spread out on his face. “Mr. Hans, you’re a n.o.ble guest of our Fushan City. Since you’ve suffered grievances, we will surely uphold justice for you.”

Just as Hans had guessed, these people were addicted to money. He pointed at the room. “Justice? Easy, the few people inside tried to kidnap me and threatened my personal safety. I’m requesting that you arrest them!”

“This…” Xuan w.a.n.gjun hesitated. Even if he knew that Hans was unreasonable, he had received orders not to offend Hans, so he didn’t have any ability to negotiate.

Thus, he waved his hand and gave out instructions, “Take them away and investigate them as per Mr. Hans’ instructions!”


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