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Read Physician’s Odyssey Chapter 328 – The excitement of being a robber

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Read WebNovel Physician’s Odyssey Chapter 328 – The excitement of being a robber

After a streak of seven to eight plus.h.i.+es, Shui Junzhuo’s forehead was covered in sweat.

With more people gathering over, a young lady who was seventeen or eighteen pulled the corner of Shui Junzhui’s clothes and took out a dozen token. “Big Sister, can you get your boyfriend to help me with a plush?”

Standing beside that young lady was a boy that looked roughly the same age as her. The two of them should be high schoolers. The boy subconsciously rubbed the acne on his cheek as he turned his head over. It was embarra.s.sing having his own girlfriend seeking help from someone else, but there was nothing he could do. He had spent nearly fifty tokens, but he couldn’t get anything. If he left his girlfriend in disappointment after the last dozen tokens, it wouldn’t be a problem being embarra.s.sed, since he would have spent his entire allowance for the week without getting anything.

“Alright, I’ll help you!” Shui Junzhuo smiled with her brows curving, showing her dimples.

After that, she b.u.mped Su Tao with her arm, which the latter could only sigh and play along.

The two of them were still in that intimate posture. Shui Junzhuo could feel that Su Tao’s every embrace was getting tighter. However, her heart was calm with all her focus on the joystick. Under Su Tao’s guidance, Shui Junzhuo felt as if the claw machine was part of her, and the claw would move to where she wanted and accurately landed down to grab ahold of the plush.

As the machine swayed a little, the spectators exclaimed. They were worried about failure. That was even more so for the lady, and her heart climbed to her throat.

But when the green light lit up, everyone felt relieved as a Baymax plush dropped out.

The lady went over and hugged onto it and Shui Junzhuo returned the remaining tokens. “We were pretty lucky!”

“Thank you, Big Brother and Big Sister!” The boy standing behind the lady thanked.

When he finished speaking, the crowd came forth and wanted to get Shui Junzhuo’s help.

“Wait a minute!” A man walked out of the crowd with a dark expression. After examining Su Tao, his face was covered in rage when he saw the pile of plus.h.i.+es. Waving his hand, he said, “That claw machine was broken a few days ago, and it’s out of service. Go play in another arcade!”

“Broken? Did you purposely come up with that excuse since an expert has appeared?!” Someone ridiculed from the crowd.

“Play if you want, or you can get lost!” A green-haired man standing behind the first man charged forth and threw a kick towards the one that just spoke.

The one that ridiculed was kicked a dozen meters out. He knew that he had encountered a ruthless person. That person did not dare to continue speaking, so he could only pat his b.u.t.t and leave.

“Brother, that claw machine is out of service, so I’m sorry but I have to ask for those plus.h.i.+es back.” The one that came forth was the security manager in the arcade. He had immediately rushed over when he heard that a claw machine expert was around.

The claw machine had always been a sham, and it brought a stable income to their arcade. However, they did not expect that an incident would occur today.

Although the costs of those plus.h.i.+es weren’t high, they’re operating under small capital. The reason why the arcade could last so long was due to them sticking to the rules by punis.h.i.+ng any cheat players that came.

In his eyes, Su Tao was a cheat, and the rules in the arcade were useless against him.

Someone had already asked Su Tao for help earlier, and if he didn’t control the situation in time, there would be more people trying to gain benefits.

“We’ve used it for a long time, and you’re going to take out bounty back with a word? Aren’t you being a little too oppressive?” Su Tao questioned with his brows locked together.

Shui Junzhuo’s head was lowered. She did not look at that man; however, her emotions were also suppressed in her heart.

She was unlike the females of the other families. She wasn’t arrogant and bossy; she was pure like distilled water. This was her first time coming to the arcade, and she had no experience in how to deal with this incident.

“Brother, how about this? We’ll pay you for how much you spent on the claw machine, but you can’t take those plus.h.i.+es away!” The man inwardly commented about how Su Tao was looking like a scholar but having a domineering tone. But since they’re in the service industry, he had to persuade before using force. Hence, he was trying to talk Su Tao down, and if the latter wasn’t tactful, then he could resort to force!

“We came to the arcade to enjoy it! It doesn’t matter how much we spend, but your appearance has made me unhappy, and that’s your fault!” Glancing at the man, Su Tao continued, “How about this? ¥10 for a plus.h.i.+e, and we’ll buy them all. What do you think?”

“No! We’re an arcade, not a plus.h.i.+e store!” That man impatiently waved his hand and threatened, “Cut the nonsense. If any more nonsense comes from your mouth, then we’ll have to convince you with force!”

A few youths standing behind that man cracked their knuckles.

“Can’t help encountering a bunch of dirtbags!” Su Tao stood before Shui Junzhuo and protected her behind him.

Shui Junzhuo was briefly stunned before she smiled. “You be careful!” She knew that Su Tao was skilled, and that these hoodlums were just talking arrogantly because of their numbers; they wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to Su Tao!

“f.u.c.k, you dare to insult me?!” Pointing his finger over, the man raged, “Brothers, beat them to death!”

However, a cry suddenly echoed out and the green-haired hoodlum was sent flying. He crashed into a wall before slumping down, unconscious.

Sweeping a glance over, Su Tao sighed. It looks like the story of a hero saving the chick would not be taking place today. Ah Jun immediately rushed over when he noticed the situation. How could those hoodlums be a match for the latter? Hence, Ah Jun easily handed their to them.

The leader felt a chill down his spine with cold sweat covering his forehead. From Ah Jun’s skills, he could tell that the latter wasn’t someone he could provoke, and he had b.u.mped into steel today.

Capture the leader before capturing the goons. Before the leader could even react, he was already on the wall with his neck grabbed by Ah Jun.

Turning his head back, Ah Jun said, “I’ll clean up this place. You take Missy with you first.”

Hearing those words, Su Tao helplessly smiled. Truth be told, he felt a little hateful for Ah Jun’s appearance. If it wasn’t for him, he would be able to win more points in Shui Junzhuo’s heart by now.

“Let’s go, what a joy killer. There’s no point in us staying any longer.” Su Tao helplessly said to Shui Junzhuo.

“Alright, but I want to take all these plus.h.i.+es away!” Shui Junzhuo’s gaze lingered on the plus.h.i.+es.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao came to the counter and knocked his finger on the desk. “Give me a big bag!”

The female cas.h.i.+er retrieved two big bags with her hands trembling and handed them over. Looking at her reaction, Su Tao wryly smiled. Was he that terrifying?

After packing all the plus.h.i.+es, Su Tao recalled that couple from before. He retrieved the Baymax plus.h.i.+e and gave it to them before leaving with Shui Junzhuo.

“How are you feeling?” Su Tao smiled.

“Pretty good!” Shui Junzhuo’s hands were heavy as she continued, “There’s an excitement of being a robber! The boss of the arcade must be a tyrant.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “Rob the rich to help the poor and uphold justice, not to mention learning how to operate the claw machine. It seems that today’s pretty fruitful!”

All of a sudden, Shui Junzhuo stopped and gave a deep look at Su Tao, then sighed with a smile, “Why do I feel that there are always interesting events whenever I’m together with you. I feel that you’re a natural-born troublemaker.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” Su Tao patiently explained, “There is too much unfairness in the world, and if it was someone else in our shoes, they might cower before it. But whenever I encounter any unfairness, I will want to uphold justice, which gave you the misconception that I’m a troublemaker!”

“You’re pretty eloquent to even put logic into your words.” Shui Junzhuo smiled as she took a deep breath.

“In fact, I’m not the one causing trouble, but trouble tends to find me!” Su Tao sighed, “If it was someone else in our shoes, like that high school couple as an example, their reward might be confiscated with the reason that the arcade gave. Those two are young, and they’re powerless to fight back. Hence, they would let this matter go and accept the outcome. Although it seems to be a peaceful settlement, it is actually unfair to them.”

Shui Junzhuo smiled. “After listening to your words, I now know there are all sorts of incidents around you.”

“Don’t think that I’m a troublemaker!” Su Tao showed a self-ridiculing smile as he continued, “I merely have the courage to fight evil!”

“How blissful it is to be able to live according to your heart like you.” Shui Junzhuo finally understood what made her feel attracted to Su Tao. While the were used to accept wrongful reasons, Su Tao dared to speak up and face it. It was an extremely valuable intrinsic quality.

Perhaps this was also the reason why her grandfather would gather information about Su Tao and have them periodically reported to him. It’s not a blessing from the heavens if someone was living a colorful life, but it was mostly related to their character. If the same incident took place with someone else, they might take a different approach to face the problem. However, it was such a small decision that determined the final outcome.

After they bought some snacks on the roadside, Ah Jun drove over roughly half an hour later and took the bags of plus.h.i.+es from Shui Junzhuo and Su Tao.

“Uncle Jun, how did it go?” Shui Junzhuo asked with concern.

“The boss of the arcade came down and gave a sincere apology. That arcade was bigger than I’ve imagined, since they actually knew about my ident.i.ty. I’m afraid that this arcade must be related to the Cao Family, so I decided not to pursue this matter.” Ah Jun answered.

Although Ah Jun simplified the matter, was it really that simple?

This matter has already blown up and even the boss of the arcade was alerted and had to give an apology for a claw machine.

That indirectly spoke for the Cao Family’s strength in this city.


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