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Read Physician’s Odyssey Chapter 347 – Bai Fan’s vicious move

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Read WebNovel Physician’s Odyssey Chapter 347 – Bai Fan’s vicious move

The Three Flavour Hall branch in He City came with a dorm for its employees, which had undergone simple renovations and was fitted with simple furniture such as a television, table, chairs, and two beds. They even provide 24/7 hot water, individual bathrooms, and even a canteen along with two cleaners responsible for the upkeep of hygiene.

Although they did not hire many people, this branch already had an initial scale.

Chu Huilin was the manager of this branch, and after Cai Yan leaves, he would be responsible for the operation in this branch. He was satisfied with what Cai Yan has done so far, and despite the worries he had in the beginning, he was now filled with confidence for the future.

As a disciple of the Great Compa.s.sion Gate, Chu Huilin possessed extraordinary medical skills. In the past, he only lacked a platform for him to display his ambition, which he was now granted one in Three Flavour Hall’s branch in He City.

Before operations officially began, Su Tao chatted with Chu Huilin for a long time, mainly to undo the knot in the latter’s heart. It was unavoidable for Chu Huilin to feel that Su Tao’s arrangements of having Zhao Jian here were to supervise him.

Hence, Su Tao explained his plans to Chu Huilin.

Zhao Jian would hold an important position in his branching system as a vanguard. For new upcoming branches, Zhao Jian would be responsible for the early-stage work. Hence, Zhao Jian was stationed in this branch to get used to the process of a new branch, and after he was experienced enough, Su Tao would allow Zhao Jian to make his way in the world.

As for this branch in He City, Su Tao intended to hand over the management to Chu Huilin. But after this branch was on the right track, Chu Huilin would still have to return to Hanzhou City to groom branch managers. In Su Tao’s plan, he intended for at least a hundred branches throughout the country, which also meant that Chu Huilin had to train a hundred branch managers.

In the beginning, Chu Huilin only wanted to be a good doctor, but after hearing Su Tao’s plans for the future, he could feel his blood boiling. However, he spoke his concern, “But I’m afraid that I won’t be up to the task.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled, “Humans aren’t too different, it only lies in the fact if he can grasp the opportunity well. Old Chu, I know you’re a smart person, and you’re also the first veteran with me. I believe that you can make an accomplishment in the Three Flavour Hall.”

After a brief pondering, Chu Huilin nodded his head, “Alright, I’ll give it a try. But if you feel that I’m not up to the task, I can withdraw anytime. I don’t have any great ambition, and I just want to do my duty as a physician.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “Don’t bother lying to me. I know that your ambition isn’t any smaller than mine.”

Chu Huilin chuckled as his double chin trembled. Su Tao had seen through his heart, and how many men were willing to be ordinary their entire lives?

After he separated from Chu Huilin, he was stopped by Cai Yan and she smiled. “You’re looking more like a boss now!”

“Oh? Why would you say that? Lady Boss!” Su Tao took the advantage to get a cheap tease in.

“Who’s… boss…” Cai Yan rolled her eyes and continued, “A boss would know how to do ideological work. You managed to see through Chu Huilin’s uneasiness and gave him a brainwas.h.i.+ng session, which you’ve done a pretty good job at it. Truth be told, I was also worried about him.”

While pinching Cai Yan’s cheeks, Su Tao knew that she had given her all in this branch. She wasn’t after any reward, and she just wanted to help him wholeheartedly.

Having her cheeks pinched by Su Tao, Cai Yan felt her heart racing as she rolled her eyes. “Stop messing around! It won’t look good if someone sees this!”

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao smiled. “Alright, I’ll respect you.”

Cai Yan’s prestige in this branch was even greater than Su Tao’s, and only someone with prestige could order others to get things done and receive respect.

When Su Tao was brought to his dorm, he felt that it wasn’t any different from the other employees except for the pink beddings, which made Su Tao feel weird. He guessed that Cai Yan must have set it up to her own liking.

As Su Tao laid on the bed, he felt as if he was lying in a sea of cotton and gently patted at the empty area beside him with a smile. “Why don’t you lie down as well?”

“Forget it. I’m not interested.” Cai Yan smiled as she closed the door. Through the door, her voice resounded, “Rest early. It will be a long day tomorrow.”

It had been two days since Su Tao slept, and he was also reaching his limit. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t allow Cai Yan to leave.

But the moment he closed his eyes, his mind was completely filled with Cai Yan’s voluptuous figure.

Roughly 5 in the morning, Su Tao woke up and he went to wash up before arriving at the hall.

The first glimmer of light shone through the horizon and the employees had already started their work, preparing to launch their business at 7.

When Zhao Jian saw Su Tao, he happily said, “Master, Senior Dou’s name is mighty! Someone started queuing an hour ago, and it’s a long queue now!”

Glancing through the window, Su Tao could see a huge bunch of people outside with a rough estimation of at least two to three hundred.

At this moment, Cai Yan also came and she said with concern on her face, “There are so many people, and I’m afraid that Senior Dou might be drained if all of them come looking for him.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled and comforted, “Old Dou isn’t weak. Don’t worry about it. It won’t be a problem even if another hundred is added to the queue.”

Having so many customers at their grand opening left all the employees in excitement.

At this moment, they felt that all their hard work had been paid off, and everyone was hopeful for the future. Even the depression they felt from the Medicine King Hall’s constant obstruction had dissipated.

As Zhao Jian came over, he whispered, “I’ve just glanced at the Medicine King Hall earlier, and they didn’t even have a single queue. We will definitely win this battle!”

Nodding his head, Su Tao gave a thumbs up and replied, “Not bad. If we really had a great start, get Big Sister Cai to give everyone a red packet.”

Zhao Jian rejoiced as he immediately shared this news with the other employees.

Although the Three Flavour Hall has yet to open, the queue outside continued to increase.

Although there’s a saying that there must be something wrong if things were unusual. But with Su Tao included, they were basked in an optimistic ambiance.

When it’s three quarters reaching 7 a.m., Zhao Jian lit the firecracker by the door, as the first patient entered the hall when the firecracker finished. However, that patient did not head to Dou Fanggang’s consultation room, but went to the medicinal counter and asked, “Two taels of licorice root!”

Soon after, the second and third customers also entered. However, they also headed straight for the counter as well.

“I want ¥10 worth of wolfberry!”

“¥15 worth of ca.s.sia seed!”

No one that came in went to look for Dou Fanggang, but all of them went to the counter and bought common herbs.

Su Tao immediately came to the window and saw the queue continue to increase.

His face sank as the popularity in the Three Flavour Hall was a false front. These customers were just a bunch of actors. Although they seem to be buying stuff, it was actually the mastermind’s attempt to disgust him.

Not far away, Bai Fan was donned in his suit and was looking at this bustling scene with a cold smile hanging on his lips.

“Senior Brother, the plan is progressing well.” Seeing Bai Fan’s good mood, Luo Ran also became complacent. “This move is simply dope! They surely didn’t expect that their compet.i.tor would pay money to give them popularity.”

Those actors were arranged by Luo Ran, and he paid each of them ¥100 to buy herbs that cost ¥15. So to create this scene today, they spent over ¥70,000.

Although ¥70,000 was an enormous sum for ordinary people, it was nothing for the Medicine King Valley.

Bai Fan had the calculation by his heart. With so many actors standing by the gate, Dou Fanggang’s consultation would go down the drain. For Dou Fanggang to make his appearance, it’s definitely far more than ¥70,000.

Thus, the patients that wanted to look for Dou Fanggang would be blocked outside the door, and the Three Flavour Hall couldn’t possibly refuse their customers.

The customers didn’t cause a commotion in the store, and they only wanted to buy herbs. As a business, how could you refuse your customers?

It was a cheap move from Bai Fan.

After all, hiring actors to put up a front was common to create a bustling scene in your new store.

But there had never once been a compet.i.tor that would spend money to buy popularity for his compet.i.tor.

Then again, it was an ingenious and flawless tactic.

Patting Luo Ran’s shoulder, Bai Fan praised, “You’ve done well in this matter. Let them act more natural when they’re buying herbs. Don’t have them all throw the herbs away the moment they step out; it’s a waste! Get someone to collect them and sell them in the Medicine King Hall. That way, we can earn from the difference in price.”

Snapping his finger, Luo Ran raised his thumb. “Senior Brother, you’re right!”

Bai Fan was cunning. He didn’t care about the herbs, he only wanted to disgust Su Tao.

By now, the Three Flavour Hall had seen through this scheme and was caught by surprise.

Su Tao furrowed his brows together and felt depressed in his heart. The stocks were well prepared this time, and there wouldn’t be any lack of stock even if more people came. However, he felt apologetic for Dou Fanggang, since the latter was an influential figure of his time.

“Master, I’ve just gone to take a look. Any regular customers were persuaded away by those people, and many of them went to the Medicine King Hall. Although their popularity is nothing compared to us, they’re running their business normally!” Zhao Jian immediately came to report after he probed the situation.

“The Medicine King Hall is too vicious.” Cai Yan’s expression turned grave as she continued, “We have to change this situation, or our opening will be a failure!”

To attract customers, their common herbs were all on sale at a lower price. So despite the bustling business, the profit was pitiful.


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