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Read Physician’s Odyssey Chapter 707 – Too Vicious, Too Satisfying

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Chapter 707 – Too Vicious, Too Satisfying

Su Tao actually did not like to eat buffet. As someone who knows how to maintain his health, he knows the principle behind only filling 70% of your stomach. Even if he doesn’t lack money, there’s a feeling of being slaughtered by the restaurant for your money if you do not get your money’s worth in such a high-end restaurant.

“Mr. Su, the steamed sea urchins here taste great, and the ingredients were all exported from Hokkaido, j.a.pan. They’re all fresh, and you guys should give it a try!” A delicate-looking lady helped Su Tao and Ling Yu to take two portions of food.

This lady came from Aqua Cloud Stream. Ever since Su Tao signed the contract with Liu Ruochen, many physicians of the Aqua Cloud Stream joined the Three Flavour Hall, and most of them were females. This lady is the most outstanding among the group that came from the Aqua Cloud Stream, and her name is Chen Rui. She had gone through layers of selection, which she rose above everyone else and successfully joined the Three Flavour Hall’s branch in Beijing.

After that lady left, Su Tao b.u.mped Ling Yu and smiled, “Physician Chen seems to be throwing flirtatious glances at you!”

“Stop joking around!” Ling Yu has a thin face, and he was afraid of Su Tao joking around on this topic the most. He immediately lowered his head as he focused on the sea urchins.

Su Tao couldn’t help laughing as it felt satisfying to tease an honest lad. However, he wasn’t spouting rubbish as he had noticed that aside from Chen Rui, everyone else from the Aqua Cloud Stream seems to be sneaking peeks at Ling Yu occasionally.

It can’t be helped with Ling Yu’s tender appearance. He might not be tall, but he fits the bills of a young idol. Among a group of girls, he’s definitely akin to Xuanzang who had entered the Kingdom of Women.

“Oh, I told a friend of mine to establish a fan club for you. She will contact you at a later time, so you have to be prepared.” Su Tao took advantage of the situation and told Ling Yu about what he had discussed with Kim Jung-yeon.

Ling Yu was at a loss as he looked at Su Tao and smiled bitterly, “I’m not photogenic!”

Putting on a stern expression, Su Tao replied, “This is part of the job. In this current era, we have to follow the trend if we want to promote TCM. We must know how to promote ourselves so that more people can come in contact with TCM through us. This is to change the old-fas.h.i.+oned image of the past. As part of the new faces of TCM, we have to make ourselves seem lively.”

Ling Yu was briefly stunned before he fell into thoughts and ultimately nodded his head, “I’ll listen to you!”

“Now that’s what I like about you, that obedient personality of yours!” Su Tao patted on Ling Yu’s shoulder. The latter also gave Su Tao a smile as he knew that Su Tao had treated him as a family, and this is why he would take such an intimate action.

“When do you intend to start with the Chinese medicine factory?” Ling Yu asked in a concerned tone.

The Three Flavour Hall won’t hide any big events from Ling Yu. In Su Tao’s framework, Ling Yu is one of the important strategic partners, like Xia Yu and Liu Jianwei.

“We’re planning to start at the end of this month!” Su Tao replied frankly as he spoke out his difficulty, “Although we’ve already obtained the initial funds, we still need to hire the workers. But it won’t be a problem. As long as we offer a generous salary, many talents will definitely come to us.”

Nodding his head, Ling Yu smiled, “I’ve sorted out some prescriptions when I was free, and I’ll send them to you. You can use them as reference.”

Listening to those words, Su Tao was stunned as he never expected that Ling Yu had already made the preparation work. His face turned solemnly as he instructed, “You must learn how to relax. You might still be young, but you have to take care of your health. Not only must you become a successful physician, but you must also become an outstanding manager.”

However, Ling Yu shook his head and smiled, “But I don’t have any ambitions, and I only want to be an ordinary physician.”

Su Tao did not continue any further as he knew that Ling Yu was influenced by the Medical Dao Sect to seek nothing, and this is why he did not have much ambition. Hence, Su Tao did not continue to force him.

At the same time, Su Tao sighed inwardly as Ling Yu’s mentality was also an att.i.tude. If Su Tao reaches his seventies or eighties, he might be able to learn such a mentality. However, he was still young, so he couldn’t clear his mind from desires.

All of a sudden, a commotion sounded out as Su Tao turned his head over. He saw Chen Rui, who delivered sea urchins earlier, wearing a deeply worried expression. Standing before her was a tall woman with thick makeup as she constantly shook her clothes.

“Do you know how much my clothes cost?” The woman examined Chen Rui. She did not notice anything branded on her as she grumbled, “If I had known this earlier, I wouldn’t have come to this low-cla.s.sed restaurant to encounter such low-cla.s.sed people.”

Standing beside her was a man who seemed to be in his mid-thirties. He wore a black-framed spectacle as he spoke out, “Forget about it, this lady did not do it on purpose. Didn’t you also fail to avoid it?”

Hearing the man’s words, the woman felt even more indignance as she glared at Chen Rui and roared, “You have to pay for cleaning my clothes!”

The woman had diverted her rage onto Chen Rui, which left the man beside her smiling bitterly.

It was a coincidence as that woman was Gu Yang, and the man was naturally Shu Haonan. The two of them were receiving Shu Haonan’s relatives today, so they chose this family restaurant. When they were taking food earlier, Chen Rui had accidentally dirtied Gu Yang’s clothes when she was taking soup, which resulted in this conflict.

Initially, Gu Yang wanted to go to a high-cla.s.sed restaurant to buy Shu Haonan’s relatives a meal. However, Shu Haonan understood his relatives well, and they’re not familiar with that sort of environment. Hence, he decided to come to this middle-cla.s.sed buffet restaurant.

Gu Yang was furious because Shu Haonan had rejected her suggestion and vented out her anger at this moment.

“I pay for the cleaning!” Chen Rui immediately apologised and continued, “How much does it cost? I’ll pay you!”

“You seem pretty well-doing despite your pathetic clothes.” Gu Yang glanced at Chen Rui in disdain as she continued, “This s.h.i.+rt is a limited edition that I bought this year. If you pay attention to Paris’ fas.h.i.+on, you should know which designer designed this s.h.i.+rt. The original price was USD$80,000, and to ensure no damages in the was.h.i.+ng process, it has to be mailed overseas. I’ll take USD$5,000 for the cleaning fees, it’s not too much, is it?”

Chen Rui was instantly dumbfounded. USD$5,000 would be equivalent to ¥30,000. She only receives ¥10,000 a month as a salary, so it was a huge amount for her.

“Forget about it.” Shu Haonan sighed as she persuaded his fiancee.

Gu Yang threw her temper because of Shu Haonan, so when she heard his words, she took it a step further and mocked, “It’s fine if you can’t take out so much money. I’ll allow you to pay in installments. You can pay me ¥3,000 a month, and you’ll be able to finish paying it in ten months.”

Chen Rui never expected that she would encounter this incident coming to eat buffet. Her eyes turned red as she tried her best to hold her tears back.

“No need ten months! I’ll give it to you right now. USD$5,000? I have it on me, and I can give it to you now.” Seeing that his employee was in trouble, Su Tao was instantly furious as he opened up his wallet and took out the dollars he bought with him in his trip to j.a.pan.

Gu Yang never expected that someone would stand out for Chen Rui as she glanced at Su Tao and asked, “You’re sticking out for her?”

“She’s my employee, and we’re having an employee gathering today. Since there’s a problem, I naturally have to help out as her employer.” Su Tao smiled.

“Mr. Su!” Chen Rui felt wronged.

Turning to Chen Rui, Su Tao smiled, “Stand behind me. I’ll handle this matter!”

Letting out a snicker, Gu Yang swept a glance at Su Tao unhappily, “Since you’re willing to pay for the cleaning fees, then I’ll forget about it. In the future, watch your dog eyes when you bring your employees out and don’t provoke someone you shouldn’t.”

Su Tao smiled as he waited for Gu Yang to take the money before he took the pot of soup beside him and poured it down from Gu Yang’s head.

Gu Yang was instantly frozen by Su Tao’s actions, and everyone else was dumbfounded as well.

But that wasn’t the end as Su Tao took the condiments and wanted to pour it at Su Tao. At this moment, Shu Haonan was the first to recover as he pulled Gu Yang to the side to dodge it.

“You! You dare to humiliate me?” Gu Yang’s eyes gushed out with flames as she howled, “Haonan, you have to teach him a lesson for me!”

Su Tao sighed in pity that he couldn’t pour the condiments on Gu Yang. Furthermore, he could tell from Shu Haonan’s actions that he had practiced martial arts, and it won’t be easy to handle him.

“Generally speaking, the price will be the same regardless if there’s a small or large stain on the s.h.i.+rt.” Su Tao took out another USD$100 from his wallet and added, “Oh, right. I dirtied your body as well, and USD$100 should be enough for you to take the most expensive shower. I suggest that not only do you have to wash your body, but you have to wash your foul mouth as well!”

Too vicious!

Gu Yang’s body trembled as she had never suffered such humiliation since young.

It was too satisfying!

The employees of the Three Flavour Hall clapped their Su Tao. To work under such an employer, everyone was willing to go it their all for him.

Pus.h.i.+ng Shu Haonan, the brim of Gu Yang’s eyes turned red as she barked, “Are you still a man? If you are, then stand out for me!”

Shu Haonan looked at Su Tao in alertness as he spoke out, “Lad, you’re too vicious. If you’re willing to apologise now, I’m willing to let it pa.s.s. After all, she was also in the wrong on this matter.”

“I’m sorry, but I won’t apologise to her.” Su Tao shrugged as he continued, “If you want to stick out for this wretch, then come!”

Shu Haonan’s face turned grim as he undid the top two b.u.t.tons of his s.h.i.+rt and moved his muscles. His eyes turned cold as well, it was as if he had turned into a completely different person.


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