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Read Physician’s Odyssey Chapter 847 – Encountering a Scumbag

Physician’s Odyssey is a web novel produced by 烟斗老哥, Smoking Pipe Bro.
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Read WebNovel Physician’s Odyssey Chapter 847 – Encountering a Scumbag

Chapter 847 – Encountering a Sc.u.mbag

“Offending a gentleman is better than offending a nasty person.” After Shao Wentao left the office, Yue Zun comforted Su Tao, “Politics exist everywhere. Although most of the National Healers are well-respected, there were some bad eggs as well.”

“It’s fine. I’m not that petty to be bothered by it.” Su Tao smiled as he nodded his head.

“It’s actually fine to let him see it. Even if he wants to take the contribution for himself, it’s fine with me. At the very least, I will be able to get rid of this tedious task.” Yue Zun smiled.

However, Su Tao was in disagreement as he shook his head, “Martial Uncle, you have a good nature. I can’t agree with someone like him who harbors ill motives.”

Yue Zun was satisfied with Su Tao’s righteousness as he sighed. He felt that Su Tao was a little too unsophisticated. Based on how Su Tao was rude to Shao Wentao, Yue Zun knew that Shao Wentao would definitely take revenge against Su Tao for that.

When Shao Wentao returned to his office, his face was dark when he thought of how Su Tao had offended him. Not only did Yue Zun look down on him, but even a youngster who had just joined the National Healer Team was also looking down on him?

It made him even more determined to replace Yu Youqing as the leader of the National Healer Team. When the entire National Healer Team falls into his hand, it would be easy for him to get rid of Su Tao.

After all, it was easy for him to suppress someone as the leader. He only had to find an excuse to boycott Su Tao. At that time, Su Tao would only have his t.i.tle as a National Healer without any task. Shao Wentao was sure that Su Tao would resign with someone of his pride.

Shao Wentao took in a deep breath. He had already gotten rid of Sun Changle, and he just had to get rid of Yue Zun next.

But he had something against Sun Changle, and he had nothing against Yue Zun. Yue Zun had always been a righteous and honest person ever since he joined the National Healer Team.

However, he had already spread out the net. He was just waiting for the right opportunity to close the net now.

After Su Tao and Yue Zun had their lunch together, they went on separate ways since Yue Zun had to attend a university lecture.

Now that he was free, Su Tao suddenly thought of Su Mu’s request and gave her a call.

As a National Healer, only people would wait for Su Tao and never the other way around. Su Mu understood this well and immediately contacted her relative before taking leave from work. She drove over to fetch Su Tao before going to the hospital that her relative stays at.

They arrived in a famous hospital, albeit to the fact that it wasn’t the best around. When they pa.s.sed through the outpatient department, they saw how paddlers were selling the queue tickets for specialists. Despite knowing that they would be slaughtered for their money, those patients still bought from them.

When they arrived at the inpatient department, Su Tao saw a young woman lying on the bed when he entered. Judging from her appearance, she shared an uncanny resemblance to Su Mu. However, she looked more delicate in her appearance. She might seem ill, but she could also be considered a beauty.

There was a young man in her mid-twenties sitting on the bedside slicing an apple. When he saw Su Mu coming in, he immediately got up on his feet, “Big Sister, you’re here?”

“She’s my sister, not yours!” The lady on the sickbed glared at the youth.

As the youth knitted his brows, he squeezed out a smile, “Xinxin, is there a problem for me to call her sister since we’re friends?”

As the lady sighed, she flipped around and faced the wall.

“Dai Liang, we’ll take care of Xinxin. You can go and get busy.” Su Mu sighed. Dai Liang was a cla.s.smate of her cousin, Tian Xinxin. He was currently pursuing her, but her cousin didn’t seem too interested in him.

After Dai Liang left, Su Mu turned to Tian Xinxin, “This is a famous divine physician, Su Tao. Haven’t you been complaining that you’re aching all over? I brought him over to take a look at you.”

“Su Tao?” Tian Xinxin turned around and started examining Su Tao, “Seeing him in person is more handsome than photos.”

Su Tao was surprised that this lady knew about him. But then again, it was nothing surprising with the current developed internet. He had been on the headlines several times last year, so it wasn’t surprising that Tian Xinxin knew about him.

When she saw that her cousin had brought Su Tao over, Tian Xinxin immediately sat up, “My entire body has been aching recently. The doctor performed a full body examination, but he couldn’t find any problem with me. But I’m not feeling well for some reason. You’re a divine physician, so can you tell what’s wrong with me?”

Su Mu shook her head with a bitter smile as she stood by the side, which Su Tao took a glance at her. Su Mu had previously told him that she suspects that Tian Xinxin was feigning ill. She had done a medical examination in the hospital, but nothing was found.

Su Tao waved his hand to Su Mu, signaling for them to speak outside.

Su Mu was feeling uneasy. She felt that Su Tao managed to tell that Tian Xinxin was feigning ill and wasted his time. So he was going to reprimand her outside.

When they came out, Su Tao replied, “Your cousin is ill, and her condition is serious.”

“AH?!” Su Mu was shocked by Su Tao’s words. However, she knew that Su Tao wouldn’t be rambling because of his medical skills.

“What’s wrong with my younger sister?” Su Mu instantly became nervous with beads of sweat rolling down her nose.

“I’d like to speak to her privately.” Su Tao smiled. “The two of you might be cousins, but I have to respect her privacy.”

Su Mu nodded her head as an acknowledgment. Returning the room, Su Tao saw beside Tian Xinxin and asked, “I would like to ask you a few questions. I hope that you can answer them honestly.”

Looking at how serious Su Tao looked, Tian Xinxin nodded her head subconsciously, “Go ahead!”

“Did you experience a miscarriage a few months ago?” Su Tao looked at her.

Tian Xinxin’s face turned pale upon hearing that. It had been a few months ago, and she had been keeping it from everyone. She never expected that Su Tao would be able to see through her secret.

“That’s right!” Tian Xinxin answered Su Tao honestly. “That b.a.s.t.a.r.d was irresponsible and brought me to make an abortion…”

“Your current condition is left because the clinic wasn’t proper, and hygiene wasn’t kept to standard. Although nothing showed up on your medical examination, the abortion process had caused damages to your five viscera and six bowels.” Su Tao also did not enquire too much about Tian Xinxin’s privacy. After all, it wasn’t appropriate since it involved her love relations.h.i.+p.

“Divine Physician Su, will I die? I don’t want to die!” Tian Xinxin spoke out emotionally.

“You naturally won’t die.” Su Tao smiled. “I’ll first perform acupuncture on you before prescribing you with medicine. You just have to take them for some time to recover completely.”

“Phew! Thank you!” Tian Xinxin felt relieved as she wiped her tears with a napkin.

Just when Su Tao was about to perform acupuncture on Tian Xinxin, a commotion suddenly rang out from the entrance. A man in his thirties came in with flowers. He wore a smile on his face, “Xinxin, I’m here to visit you!”

“Get lost! I don’t want to see you anymore!” Tian Xinxin turned her head away as she started sobbing.

Looking at her, Su Tao sighed inwardly. He immediately figured out that this man was Tian Xinxin’s ex-boyfriend, who brought her to abortion.

“Xinxin, please don’t say that. I know that you love roses, so I got 99 roses for you.” The youth smiled shamelessly. “We might have broken up, but I’m still deeply in love with you. I immediately came to visit you when I heard that you fell ill.”

“Get lost!” Tian Xinxin grabbed the pillow on the bed and threw it over at the youth.

The youth dodged the pillar flying at him with an unsightly expression. In the end, he still bore the rage in his heart and took out a car key from his pocket. He smiled, “Look! I brought you a car today! You must know that it’s not easy and cheap to get a car plate in Beijing. Why don’t you forgive me? I will definitely treat you well in the future.”

“I don’t want to see you ever again! You sc.u.mbag!” Tian Xinxin was thoroughly disappointed by her ex-boyfriend.

Just when the youth wanted to continue hara.s.sing Tian Xinxin, Dai Liang came. When he saw the youth, he immediately went up and pulled the youth by the collar, “How dare you come here!”

The youth was briefly stunned when he saw Dai Liang. He seemed to have recalled who Dai Liang was and sneered, “So you’re that toat who wants to eat the swan’s meat. Do you want to take advantage to woo her now that she has already broken up with me? I’m a local in Beijing, and I have a few houses under my name. If Xinxin marries me, she won’t have any concern for the rest of her life. How can you be comparable to me? Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror?”

Furious by the insult, Dai Liang threw a jab over at the youth. However, the youth was more skillful than he had imagined. With a simple grasp, the youth pinned Dai Liang onto the ground and patted Dai Liang in the face, “Look at your pitiful looks. I can beat five of you myself! You’re lucky that I’m not coming at you, but you dare to come at me? You must be courting death!”

The youth gave an uppercut to Dai Liang’s chin, causing the latter to feel dizzy.

The youth sneered in disdain, “I’m giving you one last chance. I’ll let you off if you kneel before me right now.”

The youth was arrogant as he understood people like Tian Xinxin and Dai Liang well. They were both students who came to study in Beijing. So how can they be comparable to a local like him?

The youth was only fond of Tian Xinxin because of her temperament. He had a few girlfriends after breaking up with Tian Xinxin, but they weren’t as interesting as her. This was the reason why he came back to woo her. However, Tian Xinxin paid no attention to her, not to mention that Dai Liang even annoyed him.

“Wait! Why are you leaving so soon?” A male voice sounded out just when the youth was about to leave. It was Su Tao. He initially did not want to interfere in this matter, but he couldn’t help himself. The youth was simply too annoying.

“Oh? You can speak? And there I thought you’re mute. What’s the matter? You want to become my sandbag?” The youth smiled.

Su Tao smiled bitterly as he walked towards the youth.

The youth raised his brow and threw a kick directed at Su Tao’s chest.


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