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Chapter 305: Angel’s Heart, A t.i.tan King

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Meng Lei couldn’t figure out the golden little tree’s origins, but his opinion was highly similar to Dodola’s—the ordinary-looking little tree definitely had a terrifying ident.i.ty and a background beyond one’s imagination!

He had to take care of it properly. If done well, he might just gain a supreme treasure in the future!

At once, Meng Lei tossed all the G.o.ds and demons’ dead bodies that he had previously taken to the little golden tree. The little fellow took them all and cleanly devoured all of them.

It was just a shame that the little golden tree’s newly-sprouted bud merely grew a little and didn’t change much.

“This is really tough!”

Meng Lei sighed emotionally. Then, he left the Tower of Time. Given the golden little tree’s voracious appet.i.te, he would need to look for even more G.o.ds and demons’ dead bodies to feed it with.

Meng Lei felt a pressing need to know what kind of powerful life form the little golden tree would grow into after it really began to mature!


The 10,000-meters-wide waterfall continued to crash into the pool. The scenery in the surroundings hadn’t changed much, but the pool’s master had already left the world forever.

Meng Lei reached the area above the pool, spread his divine cognition into the surroundings, and scanned through all the treasures at the bottom of the pool that the Magical Beast G.o.d had acc.u.mulated over the years.

There were 126 lesser deity-level G.o.ds and demons’ dead bodies; 154 mid-tier and low-tier divine weapons; 138 lesser deity divine cores; and innumerable other treasures like Divinity Crystals and so on.

“As expected of the Magical Beast G.o.d, the biggest beneficiary of the war between the G.o.ds and demons back then! It’s so rich!”

Meng Lei was incredibly emotional as he gazed at all the treasures. Innumerable G.o.ds and demons had fallen during the war. Their dead bodies, divine cores, riches… The greater half of it had all gone to the Magical Beast G.o.d. Who was the biggest beneficiary, if not it?

It was just that all the treasures were going to Meng Lei now instead!

“System, collect all the Laws of Nature Origin Crystals and Divinity Crystals!”


His Wealth instantly spiked by 2,000,000 Divinity Crystals and reached an astonishing total of 8,500,000 Divinity Crystals, giving Meng Lei a huge windfall.

Then, Meng Lei also threw the 126 G.o.ds and demons’ dead bodies to the little golden tree for it to devour.

Next up were the divine cores and the divine weapons.

“As of now, I have a total of 171 divine weapons and 176 divine cores. It’s just a shame that they are all low-tier and mid-tier divine weapons and lesser deity divine cores, so they are of no use to me.”

After taking inventory of his earnings, Meng Lei continued to ransack G.o.ds-Demons Continent for treasures. Although the Magical Beast G.o.d had already ransacked it before, it wasn’t the master of the existential plane, so there were a lot of things that it wouldn’t have noticed at all. Thus, there were still a lot of things for Meng Lei to go through.

And the truth was indeed so!

After a few days of ransacking, Meng Lei found another few dozens of G.o.ds and demons dead bodies, a few dozen divine weapons, a few dozen divine cores, and other incomplete G.o.ds and demons remains.

As usual, he gave the G.o.ds and demons dead bodies to the little golden tree.

After doing all these, Meng Lei’s itinerary in G.o.ds-Demons Continent had also basically come to an end. However, he didn’t leave in a hurry—there was still one last thing he needed to do.

“According to the Magical Beast G.o.d’s memories, its three other divine incarnations aren’t on this existential plane. Rather, they’ve already left for other existential planes.”

That’s right, other existential planes!

G.o.ds-Demons Continent wasn’t the Magical Beast G.o.d’s only power of faith domain. Not only did it have other power of faith domains, but it even had a few—as many as three, in fact!

Using its memories as a guide, Meng Lei came to the teleportation magic circle leading to the first existential plane. However, Meng Lei was disappointed to find that the magic circle had failed to activate.

He knew that the Magical Beast G.o.d must have already destroyed the other end of the teleportation magic circle, causing it to become unable to function.

“That guy sure acts fast!”


Meng Lei subsequently also tested the other teleportation magic circles, but they had all been sabotaged. A resigned Meng Lei could only give up on searching for the Magical Beast G.o.d.

“It’s time to leave!”

Meng Lei summoned the 28 divine beast subordinates and said, “Listen up, the Magical Beast G.o.d is already dead. Its faith in G.o.ds-Demons Continent should also have dissolved.”

The 28 divine beasts listened with bated breath.

“I have a mission for all of you—spread my faith and let the whole G.o.ds-Demons Continent bask in the light of my faith. Understand?”

“Yes, Master!”

“We’ll definitely do our best to spread Master’s faith and let Master become G.o.ds-Demons Continent’s…”

The 28 divine beast subordinates gave him their promises one after another.

Meng Lei gave them a slight nod, and then, he left.

“The matters in G.o.ds-Demons Continent have been settled. It’s time to deal with the Demon G.o.d now! Dodola, do you know where the Dragon G.o.d’s divine nation is?”

“No, I don’t,” Dodola shook its head, “Divine nations are a deity’s den, so they are extremely hidden and obscure, and those belonging to weak intermediate deities like the Dragon G.o.d are especially so. How am I supposed to know where it is?”

“Fine,” Meng Lei was rather disappointed, “What a shame. If I could find the Dragon G.o.d’s divine nation, I’ll definitely make him pay for his foolishness!”

“Don’t bother with the pointless talk anymore. If you’re that free, you might as well think of how you can make yourself stronger instead,” Dodola rolled its eyes and said, “The Colossal Dragon G.o.ds’ descension is near. Your current level of strength is far from being sufficient to handle them!”

“Don’t worry. I’m aware of that.”

Meng Lei then returned to the empire’s imperial palace and started a new round of seclusion.

“System, bring up the stats interface!”

Host: Meng Lei

Race: Human (Primeval Bloodline: Primordial Human , a.s.similated Bloodlines: G.o.ds-Slaying Rat, Divine Netherworld Phoenix, Hundred-Armed Giant, Ancient Tree of Life)

Wealth: 8.5 million Divinity Crystals

Physical Body Const.i.tution: Metal-Origin Divine Body (1%)

Spirit: Intermediate-Deity (Elementary-Grade)

Power of Divinity: 200 Divinity Crystals

Laws of Nature: Some increase

“I have 8,500,000 Divinity Crystals now. It’s too expensive to buy credit for anything. I can’t afford it at all, so there are only three functions that I can use now—Super Pickup, Super Enhancement, and Super Plunder. I’ll go one by one!”

Meng Lei took a deep breath and commanded, “System, use Super Pickup!”

The system’s icy voice rang out right away.

“Ding! Super Pickup is a chargeable function that costs 100 Divinity Crystals per use. Will you use it?”


“Ding! Dear host, please designate your target existential plane.”

“The Celestial Realm!”

Meng Lei uttered two words, “The Celestial Realm!”


His Wealth decreased by 100 Divinity Crystals right away. Ten seconds later, the system’s icy voice rang out again.

“Ding! Pickup successful. You have obtained a Sky Silver Herb.”

“A Sky Silver Herb?”

Meng Lei was taken aback. He asked, “What the heck is that?”

The system did not respond, so Meng Lei could only ask Dodola.

“The Sky Silver Herb is a common botanical life form in the Celestial Realm. Not only is it incredibly pliable, but it’s also incomparably sharp. An adult Sky Silver Herb is comparable to a half-deity.”

“Comparable to a half-deity?”

Meng Lei was sorely disappointed. He tossed it into the Tower of Time’s 95th level without much thought and continued to do pickups.

“Ding! Dear host, please designate your target existential plane.”

“The Celestial Realm!”

“Ding! Pickup successful. You have obtained an Angel’s Heart. Will you a.s.similate it?”

“Given its weak aura, it’s evidently a four-winged angel’s Angel’s Heart. Why would I a.s.similate something like that?!” Meng Lei was rather displeased. He ordered, “Continue with the pickups!”

“Ding! Dear host, please designate your target existential plane.”

“The Celestial Realm!”

“Ding! Pickup successful. You have obtained a Light t.i.tan blood essence droplet. Will you a.s.similate it?”

“A Light t.i.tan blood essence droplet?”

Meng Lei was rather disappointed. Nevertheless, he habitually took out the Light t.i.tan blood essence droplet and began to inspect it.


An incredibly fearsome pressure emanated from the Light t.i.tan blood essence droplet right away. Caught off-guard, Meng Lei was almost flattened to the ground.

Even so, Meng Lei still felt a sense of tightness in his chest, and he found it incredibly difficult to breathe. His heart couldn’t help but pound, and he felt a strong sense of suffocation.

“W-what fearsome pressure and might!

“A t.i.tan King!

“This is definitely a t.i.tan King’s blood essence!”


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