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Chapter 420: Gray Substance, Primordial World Body

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

What was an origin divine body?

And what was the origin?

There were ten major basic laws of nature in the universe—metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, light, dark, and ice.

The ten basic laws of nature corresponded to their respective laws of nature powers, which were also known as the “ten major Powers of Origin”. This was what the word “origin” meant in this case.

Origin divine bodies were divine bodies manifested from Power of Origin. For example, a thunder-origin divine body was a divine body manifested from thunder-elemental Power of Origin.

Similarly, wood-origin divine bodies were divine bodies manifested from wood-elemental Power of Origin. This was the same for fire-origin divine bodies, light-origin divine bodies, dark-origin divine bodies, and so on.

This was what an origin divine body was.

During the last half a month where Meng Lei had been going around the ten Divine Realms and plundering vast amounts of riches, he had also successfully plundered the ten major types of origin divine bodies along the way.

This had originally purely just been Meng Lei’s obsessive-compulsive disorder at play and was something that he had done in pa.s.sing while he was at it. However, in the instant that he a.s.similated the last type of divine body he was missing—the dark-origin divine body—into himself, something completely out of Meng Lei’s expectations happened.

Although the nine preexisting types of Power of Origin inside Meng Lei’s body had combined with one another and come together to jointly form Meng Lei’s body, the way they were combined was just like a house’s cement, steel beams, tiles, and concrete—they were simply grouped together and a.s.sembled using a special method with nothing beyond that.

The nine types of Power of Origin had combined with one another, yet were clearly separated and remained independent of one another, each of them keeping to themselves. They were akin to nine men and women sleeping on the same bed. Although they were on close and intimate terms, they nevertheless remained as nine individuals.

However, in the instant Meng Lei a.s.similated the dark-elemental Power of Origin, the nine types of Power of Origin that had originally been clearly separated and existed independent of one another had actually bizarrely fused together, much like snow melting in hot water, candles flowing into lava or sodium hydroxide into hydrochloric acid…

The nine, no, ten types of Power of Origin swiftly fused together to form an ordinary-looking, simple, and unadorned gray substance.

The golden metal-elemental Power of Origin was rapidly vanishing.

The green wood-elemental Power of Origin was also rapidly vanishing, as was the blue water-elemental Power of Origin.

All ten differently-colored types of Power of Origin were rapidly disappearing while more and more of the ordinary-looking, simple, and unadorned gray substance was forming at high speed!

The ten types of Power of Origin were disappearing while a new substance formed and increased in quant.i.ty. This waxing and waning of substances formed a strange and peculiar sight in Meng Lei’s body.

“Why is this happening?” Meng Lei looked absolutely stupefied. “The ten types of Power of Origin… Have actually fused into an all-new type of gray substance? What the heck is this?”

As time went by, the ten types of Power of Origin rapidly decreased while the simple and unadorned gray substance swiftly increased.

Roughly half an hour later…

The ten colors representing the ten types of Power of Origin were completely gone, and in their place was instead the gray substance.

“My ten origin divine bodies… are gone?” Meng Lei was lost for words. “They’ve… become a gray divine body instead?

“What the h.e.l.l!

“F*ck! What the h.e.l.l are they doing!? What the f*ck is this!?”

Meng Lei couldn’t help but swear.


Suddenly, roiling soundwaves erupted and spread into the surroundings, followed by a low, dull explosion. The void in front of him was instantly destroyed and turned into a black hole.


Meng Lei was rather stunned. He muttered, “What’s going on?”

Why had the void suddenly been destroyed for no reason?

Meng Lei took a couple of quick looks around him, but there was no one around except him. In other words, he was the one that had caused the destruction of the void and the formation of the black hole just now.

“What did I do?” muttered Meng Lei as he scratched his head. Then, he frowned and cursed again, “What the f*ck!”


Soundwaves from his curses erupted into the surroundings again, forming a black hole in front of him once more. The whole expanse of s.p.a.ce had been destroyed.

“What the f*ck!!!”

Meng Lei’s eyes widened big and round. However, the moment the expletive left his mouth, the void in front of him broke into bits and pieces again…

“What the f*ck!!!”


“What the f*ck! F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!”

“Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!”

The Dark G.o.ddess was pretty much having a mental breakdown at this point. Why was it so hard for her to just stay in the shrine and cultivate?

She wasn’t even going to talk about how someone had captured her for no reason anymore. And so be it even if they did, right? But the thing was, the fellow that had captured her was simply too terrifying, especially because the aura he gave off was actually constantly becoming stronger and stronger, ultimately reaching a horrifying extent.

The Dark G.o.ddess swore that in comparison to that guy, even the Nature G.o.ddess herself was no different from a light bulb in front of the blazing sun—there was no comparability between the two at all!

This was especially when even the void itself was destroyed with just a casual shout from that fellow. This frightened the living daylights out of the Dark G.o.ddess. She could clearly sense the incredibly fearsome might contained in every word that Meng Lei uttered—it was so powerful that it could almost crush even her divine spirit into pieces!

Just who exactly is that guy?

The Dark G.o.ddess was filled with fear and trepidation, so she swiftly retreated away from Meng Lei while his attention wasn’t on her.

She didn’t dare to linger any longer. Otherwise, she would be dead before she knew it.





Meng Lei continuously tested his newly-gained “Verbal Attack” skill like an idiot. He didn’t expect that even a random shout of his would contain such fearsome might now!

The void was destroyed, causing black holes to form!

The mountains collapsed and turned into dust!

How frightening!

This was simply too frightening!

Even Meng Lei himself was shocked!

After his initial astoundment, however, Meng Lei gradually realized that he hadn’t actually gained a fearsome new “Verbal Attack” skill. Rather, it was because… His current body was too powerful!

That’s right, his body!

His current body that was formed from the mysterious gray substance was simply too powerful. Meng Lei couldn’t give a concrete judgment as to how powerful it was, either. However, he had a feeling that he could easily poke even the three Juggernauts dead with just one finger if they were to stand before him again!

On top of that, Meng Lei also felt like he had an unusual sense of control over the void around him. This sense of control was just like the sense of control that he had gained when he a.s.similated Heaven’s Vault Continent’s Heart of The Existential Plane and became its master.

But the problem was—Meng Lei clearly hadn’t a.s.similated the Thunderbolt Divine Realm’s Chief G.o.d divine core yet, so why would he develop such a sense of control?

Meng Lei couldn’t explain it, either, but he simply did possess such a sense of control over the void around him. He didn’t need its Heart of The Existential Plane nor a Chief G.o.d divine core, and neither did he need to cast G.o.d’s Domain, yet he was simply able to control the area, regardless.


Meng Lei suddenly threw a punch. Strong, surging energy blasts exploded into the surroundings, instantly traveling dozens of light-years into the distance. In the blink of an eye, the whole area had been reduced to nothing. The dimension itself had been destroyed, the mountains had been destroyed, and billions of lives… had also been destroyed.

Every material substance in the area, be it tangible or intangible, powerful or weak, in liquid form or solid form… All of them had been destroyed and disappeared!

What was the most frightening was that even the supreme laws of nature chains and the power of supreme laws of nature enveloping the area seemed to also have… disappeared along with them?

“I-is it supposed to be this fearsome?” Even Meng Lei himself was shocked. “What exactly happened to me? What is this gray substance?”

The moment he wondered about that, Meng Lei couldn’t help but glance at the system’s stats interface—and he was stunned the moment he did.

Host: Meng Lei

Race: Primordial World1 Human

Wealth: 512 Supreme Divinity Crystals

Physical Body Const.i.tution: Primordial World Body

Spirit: Supreme Juggernaut

Laws of Nature: Time (100%), Destruction (100%), Life (100%), Spatial (100%), Death (100%)

“Primordial World Human!? Primordial World Body!?”


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