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Read Picking Up Attributes From Today Chapter 94 – Making An Escape, Double

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Chapter 94: Making An Escape, Double-Legged Flying Dragons

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

After a round of Heavenly Fire Meteor, the area within a radius of a few kilometers turned into a sea of fire, and all the Bloodthirsty Iron-Crystal Ants in the area were reduced to ashes.




Meng Lei’s wealth value jumped furiously. In a short instant, it had already increased dramatically by 10 million gold coins! However, Meng Lei wasn’t satisfied with this. His gaze swept across the ants outside the sea of fire as he continued to cast spells.

“Eighth-Grade Spell, Toppling Mountains And Quaking Earth!”


To the east of the sea of fire, the ground suddenly rose into the air. One end of it rose higher while the other end dipped, forming a 90-degrees steep slope that sent all the Bloodthirsty Iron-Crystal Ants on it into the sea of fire, which burned them into ashes.

Meng Lei then appeared in the north. With another round of Toppling Mountains And Quaking Earth, countless Bloodthirsty Iron-Crystal Ants were burned to death again.

After that, he went to the west, the south…

Meng Lei went a full circle around the sea of fire and sent all the ants in the surroundings into the sea of fire, causing the area within a radius of 10 kilometers to become a totally ant-free zone.

“Oh my dragon G.o.d!”

“T-that’s the power of a Great Ninth-Grade Magician?”

“How terrifying! How terrifying, indeed!”

All the soldiers on top of the city walls were so astounded that they could hardly speak. They watched in stupefaction the figure in the sky and the ants running about in disorder as they fled for their lives, unable to speak for a long period of time.

“Is a Great Ninth-Grade Magician supposed to be that terrifying?”

Marquis Gould’s grip on the large sword in his hand tightened, and the light in his eyes flashed a little. The look in his eyes was rather turbulent. As a powerful Ninth-Grade Warrior, he knew very well how fearsome a Great Ninth-Grade Magician was.

An erupting Great Ninth-Grade Magician’s might was something that Warriors of the same grade, like him, could never compare to. In particular, when Great Ninth-Grade Magicians cast first-cla.s.s spells, it could be said to be capable of destroying the earth.

However… Was there any other Great Ninth-Grade Magician like Meng Lei?

Hw possessed unbelievably quick spellcasting, rich and abundant magic power reserves, and plentiful spiritual power. Even Great Magicians versed in Dragon-Language Magic shouldn’t be as much of a mutant as him!

“That’s straight up a G.o.dd.a.m.n freak!”

Marquis Gould couldn’t help but shake his head. However, what perplexed him the most was how Meng Lei didn’t stop even after he had driven back the ant tide. Instead, he followed after them relentlessly, the picture of someone ruthlessly pursuing those down on their luck, and even looked as though he was terribly afraid that the downtrodden ants would escape.

What was he trying to do? Annihilate the entire ant tide?

That was also something that the other soldiers didn’t understand. It was just a pity that they would never receive the answer to their questions.

“Fire Meteor Shower!”

“Exploding Fireball!”

“Flame Inferno!”

“Overturning Heaven And Earth!”

Meng Lei continued to blast spells wantonly and indiscriminately. Amidst the endless explosions, countless Bloodthirsty Iron-Crystal Ants died tragically.

Toward the end, even the ants were close to tears from his pursuit. They actually started to dig tunnels, intending to head underground and escape, which threw Meng Lei into a panic.

Are you fleeing? If I let you flee, where am I supposed to find 1 billion gold coins?!

“Earth’s Wra—”

“That’s enough, brat!” Ol’ Amos honestly couldn’t bring himself to watch any further. “The ant tide is already starting to recede. There’s no need to continue slaughtering them.”

“This isn’t enough yet! Far from it!”

Meng Lei shook his head repeatedly and blasted another round of Earthquake down at them. The ground within a radius of a few kilometers was as though a pot of congee, squeezing together, colliding against each other, deforming, and compressing together…

Amid waves of tragic cries, another large number of Bloodthirsty Iron-Crystal Ants that had just crawled underground died. Spurts of blood sprayed out from underground, forming an incredibly b.l.o.o.d.y scene.

“Even I’m somewhat sympathizing with those Bloodthirsty Iron-Crystal Ants now.” A corner of Ol’ Amos’ lips spasmed as he said, “They really can’t get any unluckier than this to have run into a freak like you. Look at how many Bloodthirsty Iron-Crystal Ants you alone have killed.”

Meng Lei didn’t have the leisure to pay any attention to the old man. He continued to pursue the ants, but the area that the ant tide covered was simply too big, and they burrowed underground in large batches. How many could a lone person like him kill?

Even after hurrying the whole way, a large number of Bloodthirsty Iron-Crystal Ants still managed to burrow underground, vanishing without leaving a trace of themselves behind. For a moment there, the ground was as bare as it could get, leaving behind only a place in total mess and disorder.

“They fled pretty quickly, huh?”

Meng Lei finally stopped. He fell onto his bottom on the magic carpet and panted heavily. The system could replenish his magic power and spiritual power, but it couldn’t replenish his expended energy.

He was terribly worn out!

“What a brutal fellow you are!”

Ol’ Amos shook his head, not quite knowing what to say anymore. The great ant tide army made up of countless ants had been defeated and routed by Meng Lei just like that. On top of suffering countless casualties, they hadn’t been able to even reach the Great Dragon Blood Wall’s edges. Just how freaking unlucky were they?

In the history of beast tides, when had they ever been in such a sorry state?

“Ol’ President,” said Meng Lei, who hadn’t had enough yet. He looked in the direction of Magical Beast Forest and asked, “Do you think the ant tide will return?”

“Yes, they will!”

Ol’ Amos nodded slowly. “The ant tide had taken only a day to surge out of Magical Beast Forest this time. They are moving on a grand, unprecedented scale.

“I believe they’ll make a comeback for sure.

“By that time, it won’t be as simple as these few Bloodthirsty Iron-Crystal Ants anymore. The scale will definitely become even bigger, and they’ll engulf an even wider area!”

“The scale will become even bigger?”

Meng Lei’s eyes lit up.

“Of course!” Ol’ Amos said solemnly, “The ant tide just now didn’t even cover 25 kilometers. It’s evidently just a small wave of stragglers and wandering soldiers that doesn’t even make up 1% of the total count in the ant tide.”

“These are just stragglers and wandering soldiers?”

Meng Lei’s eyes shone even brighter.

“Which of those large-scale ant tides in history didn’t overrun the heavens and earth and stretched for several thousand kilometers?” Ol’ Amos’ voice was deep and grave. “Endless and boundless, and engulfing the mountains and wilderness, just like the great ocean. Even the sight could throw one into absolute despair.”

“They’ll be even more of them on an even bigger scale that’s even more fearsome?”

Meng Lei’s eyes were burning hot.

“Yes!” Ol’ Amos nodded slightly. Then, he suddenly felt like something wasn’t quite right, and he yelled furiously, “You brat, do you wish for the ant tide to return that much?!”

“Yes, of course… Cough, no, of course!” Meng Lei shook his head incessantly and vigorously. “The ant tide is b.l.o.o.d.y and cruel. They take away countless lives and are the nightmare of all living things. Of course I don’t wish for them to return.”

Ol’ Amos snorted. “Hmph! At least you still have a bit of conscience in you.”

At that moment, a clear and loud cry suddenly traveled over from the far distance. It sounded like a dragon roar or a lion’s roar, yet also like an eagle’s cry…

It was crystal clear, loud, and sonorous, and traveled right into one’s spirit!


Meng Lei turned and looked over to see a large, dark ma.s.s of clouds that shrouded an area of several hundred kilometers coming toward them in the sky a far distance away.

However, just how sharp was Meng Lei’s sight? That was no dark cloud—they were clearly numerous… big birds!

Well, they could tentatively be called big birds for now because they had Colossal Dragon wings, a vulture’s body, and a lion’s head. They had razor-sharp claws and teeth and looked like a combination of a Colossal Dragon, a vulture, and a lion.

Each of them was more than 10 meters tall, their wings spanned over 20 meters, and there were more than 100,000 of them.

Their momentum was even more fearsome than the ant tide just now!


Meng Lei was stunned.

“That’s the Flying Dragon Troops!” Ol’ Amos twisted his beard and said with a smile, “The Flying Dragon Troops are Fire Dragon Kingdom’s top elite troops. They have 100,000 Double-Legged Flying Dragons and are usually garrisoned at Flying Dragon Valley. They are only mobilized during wartimes.”

“100,000… Double-Legged Flying Dragons?”


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