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Read Poisoning the World The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife Chapter 299 – Getting Ambushed! (2)

Poisoning the World The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife is a Webnovel produced by Mu Dan Feng, 穆丹枫, Mu Danfeng, Mụ đan Phong.
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Chapter 299 – Getting Ambushed! (2)

Congrats! Bonus Chapter #4 released!

Q7 – What’s Number Two’s real name?

Answer : s.h.i.+tou

Because the time Ning Xuemo spent chatting with Tom was short, he only had the vocabulary of a baby and thus couldn’t understand most Chinese words.

Therefore, the little qilin was very happy to converse with it. After several times of interaction, it just gave Tom a new nickname; Tom, the big parrot.

Although Tom’s soul was that of a human, his body was still that of a beast. It was in a beast’s nature to fear the little qilin.

Thus, despite Tom’s violent temper, he unconsciously did not dare to get angry at the little qilin. In addition, his speech made no sense in Chinese, so he would not lower himself to argue with the little qilin, at most only ignoring it.

The little qilin is always bored when it had nothing to do, so it always teased Tom until it was happy. After it came to the mansion, it spent most of its time together with Tom.

“Little Apple, how do you know that I was taking a bath here?” Ning Xuemo always felt there was something strange about that.

“Earlier, Old Zhong came into Free-spirited Pavilion and said so. He also told me you would give me a ba.s.s fish to eat. Where’s the ba.s.s?” The little qilin looked at her impatiently.

Ning Xuemo’s heart abruptly sank!

Old Zhong would never have known that she was taking a bath here. So, it was unlikely that he would make the little qilin comes here at this opportune time. Yet, he wouldn’t be lying about some ba.s.s…

The image of the red-clothed evildoer flashed through her mind.

‘There’s no doubt about it, it must be that d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d!’

‘Don’t tell me that the b.a.s.t.a.r.d transformed into Old Zhong to deceive the little qilin?’

‘What is he planning to do?’

Suddenly, she jumped out of the water and grabbed her clothes. “You got duped! We are leaving now!”

Her fingers didn’t even manage to reach her clothes when a pale golden light flashed above her head. A humongous big net dropped from the sky, it covered Ning Xuemo and the little qilin as fast as lightning!

Ning Xuemo quickly reacted by immediately diving into the water, and took this opportunity to swim away from the net.

Unfortunately, the lake wasn’t very deep. As soon as her body dived to the bottom of the lake, the pale golden big net touched the water and sank into the water, continuing to trap them.

After a short moment, a thunderous splas.h.i.+ng sound reverberated and the big net was pulled out of the water. Ning Xuemo and the little qilin were like two big fish caught inside a big fish net.

“We caught it! We really caught it! She really did return home and the young qilin is also with her!” On the lakeside, two men had arrived at one point in time.

They appeared to be in their thirties and dressed in the most common clothes. However, their eyes were sharp, as if they had the eyes of a falcon and their demeanor had the dignity of one who had long been in a position of power.

They looked at Ning Xuemo and the little qilin with a glint of pleasant surprise.

One of them flipped his sleeve and the big net with Ning Xuemo and the little qilin flew to him.

Bang! The net with its occupants slammed into him.

The collision had sent him back a step. He was also puzzled. The power he used to recalled his net wasn’t that big, how could he get hit this heavily by it?

Instinctively, he started to push away the net with his hands and retreated back by another step. Suddenly, he felt there was something in his hand…

He lowered his head to look at it and saw that there was a little reddish brown ball in his palm.

‘What is this? The qilin’s internal core?’

He brought his hand closer to his face in order to examine more carefully the object. Suddenly, he heard not far away his junior brother shouting, “Senior Brother! Quick, throw it away!”

The words barely left the junior brother’ lips when a deafening explosion as loud as a cannon resounded. The man’s hand violently shook as smoke spread in front of his eyes and within the smoke, countless needles as thin as cow hair rapidly shot out.

Because of the proximity, the Senior Brother was unable to dodge the rain of attacks. He could only m.u.f.fled his groans while countless needles pierced his body.

Those needles were obviously coated with a strong poison. After the man was. .h.i.t by the needles, his body swayed as the expression on his face distorted. “It’s- It’s itching me to death!” He started to scratch his body like a madman. After he started to scratch with both hands, he suddenly let out a loud scream before falling with a bam on the ground…


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